The Pioneer Spirit (Night)


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I had been meaning to do a night version of “The Pioneer Spirit” for a while but I got a bit sidetracked with other projects. Late last evening I was able to put everything else aside and create this much darker version.

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The Pioneer Spirit (Night) Dual

8 reviews for The Pioneer Spirit (Night)

  1. Fred [lifer]

    Make a day mode one for OS X Catalina.

  2. Fred [lifer]

    Make a day and night mode version for OS X Catalina.

  3. Sylvia [plusmember]

    You just rock! I love the feeling you give me with your paintings. On how small we really are in this universe. It’s such a majestic feeling with lots of humility at the same time. Thank you.

  4. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Really Cool I love other worldly renders, maybe some day we will reach the stars

  5. Ryan

    I would love to try rendering a “day to night sequence”. I know the new Macs to can set the wallpaper based on the time of day so it would definitely be something to explore. I probably won’t be able to render that many hi-res images until I get Rochallor built though.

  6. Beni [lifer]

    So lonely yet warming and cozy, reminds me of the igloo in Perseverance.

    Now I really want to see how the full day-sunset-twilight-night-twilight-sunrise-day cycle looks like on this planet 🙂

    Plus, the landscape here is too black for my taste, I want a dark background but still see details.

    I tried simple linear blending, using ImageMagick:

    composite -blend 99×00% pioneerspirit1uhd.jpg pioneerspiritnight1uhd.jpg pioneerspirit-blended99x00.jpg

    composite -blend 90×05% pioneerspirit1uhd.jpg pioneerspiritnight1uhd.jpg pioneerspirit-blended90x05.jpg

    composite -blend 80×10% pioneerspirit1uhd.jpg pioneerspiritnight1uhd.jpg pioneerspirit-blended80x10.jpg

    composite -blend 70×20% pioneerspirit1uhd.jpg pioneerspiritnight1uhd.jpg pioneerspirit-blended70x20.jpg

    composite -blend 60×40% pioneerspirit1uhd.jpg pioneerspiritnight1uhd.jpg pioneerspirit-blended60x40.jpg

    composite -blend 50×60% pioneerspirit1uhd.jpg pioneerspiritnight1uhd.jpg pioneerspirit-blended50x60.jpg

    composite -blend 40×80% pioneerspirit1uhd.jpg pioneerspiritnight1uhd.jpg pioneerspirit-blended40x80.jpg

    composite -blend 25×90% pioneerspirit1uhd.jpg pioneerspiritnight1uhd.jpg pioneerspirit-blended25x90.jpg

    composite -blend 10×95% pioneerspirit1uhd.jpg pioneerspiritnight1uhd.jpg pioneerspirit-blended10x95.jpg

    composite -blend 00×99% pioneerspirit1uhd.jpg pioneerspiritnight1uhd.jpg pioneerspirit-blended00x99.jpg

    of which I quite like 40% night + 80% day, and 25%+90% (though exceeding 100% sum caused artifacts on the dome…)

    But of course that is flawed on so many levels. Any chance you will do more versions of this scene?

  7. Drew Murray [lifer]

    Is it me, or would this image not make an amazing Christmas wallpaper with some modifications?

  8. Chris [lifer]

    love it. and I love the little easter eggs of other images you throw in (like that planet!)

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