Tropic of Aquarius (Night)

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I wasn’t planning on doing a night version of “Tropic of Aquarius” but I received many requests for one.   Fair enough!   They are always fun to create and I know lots of people prefer darker wallpapers.   For a night scene like this (where the planet in the background is lit from above) you will have to believe that the foreground sunlight is being eclipsed by another moon in this system 😉

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10 reviews for Tropic of Aquarius (Night)

  1. Nathan Fazakerly

    One of my favorites. Even better than the day version — the dark mode is easier on the eyes. The day one is awesome too though.

  2. Tatiana Taylor

  3. Tim Porter

    I love both of these wallpapers. You really have nailed the clouds. If you do fancy dabbling anymore with this wonderful image I would like to see the removal of the trees and replaced with… well you choose.

  4. Mason

    Thanks for doing a night version! I also set this as my wallpaper. The night walls are much easier on the eyes during the night hours. The clouds look just as voluminous and amazing in this version.

  5. Rebecca Morn
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Thank you!!!!! I know, I was one of those who requested the nighttime version. It’s now my new desktop background. (And yes, I need the dark backgrounds because my eyes are old and can’t take the bright stuff, as pretty as it is.)

  6. Seadragonlady
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Just perfect for as break from the Holiday rush. Seasons Greeting to you and your family from across the ‘pond’.

  7. Ruby Kulikowska

    I love this!

  8. Mark Burgess

    Simply awesome, thank you!

  9. Robert Caldwell

    Oh yes, this went on my desktop immediately

  10. James Tullett

    Just for a moment, I saw the lights on the companion planet move…
    Love the glow from the other planet’s atmosphere.

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