Tropic of Aquarius

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Experimenting here with VUE’s new render modes for volumetrics.   It was meant to be a simple quick scene but I ended up playing around with different variations more than I expected.   I will add at least one to the Pickle Jar in the near future.  

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13 reviews for Tropic of Aquarius

  1. Tatiana Taylor

  2. Brian Jones
    [Lifetime Plus]

  3. Ruth Blue
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Oh my! Now that is a dramatic update of one of my top three faves of your works. I just LOVE it, so very well done Ryan!! Thanks so much <3

  4. Mason

    The clouds look amazing, both the clouds in the foreground and on the planet in the background. Excited for the (hopefully) inevitable nighttime version.

  5. Todd Rubel

    5 Stars I love this Great Job!

  6. Tim Porter


  7. Simon Cummings

    Getting some Lars von Trier ‘Melancholia’ vibes from this – awesome and terrifying at the same time…!

  8. James Tullett

    Love the concept & execution here. Couple of ideas for variations on a theme:-
    1) Another time of day (star-rise/set, night)
    2) Night or partial night – with the terminator visible – like a half-moon on the companion planet

  9. Rebecca Morn
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Simply gorgeous. Any chance for a nighttime version?

  10. Robert Lanktree

    Knocks you back in your seat, bold and beautiful. Well done!

  11. Steve Swartz


  12. Nathan Fazakerly


  13. Jon Gilgenbach

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