Posted on January 17, 2024

I was recently forced to switch to a new payment provider and it looks like none of the saved credit card payment info on DB 2.0 will work with the new system. This applies only to the people who signed up using their credit card (but not through PayPal, Stripe, Square, or Amazon).

If you signed up for an auto-renewing Membership using your credit card your subscription has now been reset to manual renewal and you will need to re-enter your payment info here and then set your subscription to use this new payment to avoid a disruption. You can also re-enter it after your subscription “expires”. Be sure the “Enable Auto-Renewal” option is toggled!

To make matters worse, if your credit card subscription was handled by my old DB 1.0 system it will cease to auto-renew after March 31, 2024. All yearly/monthly Memberships still being processed by my old system will be set to auto-expire on their renewal dates. To move your subscription to my new system simply sign up for a new Membership here.

I am quite upset about this disruption to my business and hope you will all understand and continue your support.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


  1. m_arakawa [Basic] says:

    Hi Ryan,
    This is Chef Mike. I renewed in February, so I’m good until then, am I not? Just checking. Please advise and thank you very much!
    M. Arakawa

  2. Thomas Metzler [Lifetime] says:

    I assume this does not affect lifetime membership, correct?

    PS: I am an octogenarian who has enjoyed your artwork for years. Unfortunately, the ravages of age have caught up: I am not so slowly going blind…but I’m hoping to enjoy your artwork for at least several more months.

    Tom in Ohio

  3. Edward Hill [Basic] says:

    Hello, Ryan.
    I entered my payment info, but it says that I don’t have active subscriptions even though I do. Should I wait until my subscription expires soon (I think it is less than two weeks away) and then re-enter it so that they don’t overlap? Thank you!


  4. Jennifer Woods [Basic] says:

    Hi Ryan,
    The credit card I have on file is good until November 2024. Since I paid for a yearly subscription that won’t expire until December 20th, 2024, I would like to wait until I get a new card in November with an expiration date that won’t be expired by the time I need to renew. Will this work okay, or do you need me to put in the current card info? I will have to update my card info again prior to that December 20th date, though.

    Just please let me know if I can wait to enter the card info or not.
    Thank you,

    1. Ryan [Lifetime Plus] says:

      I would wait until December Jennifer. Thanks for supporting my work!!

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