Digital Blasphemy | 3D Wallpaper

Posted on December 8, 2022

Misty Mountains (Halo)

One of my favorite digital artists is a photographer by the name of Reuben Wu.   I first noticed him a few years back when he went viral for using drones to light up nighttime landscapes.   His work has a dreamy, otherworldly quality to it that is hard to describe but easy to recognize.   

I thought it would be fun to create a “Reuben Wu”-esque version of my “Misty Mountains” scene first as a bit of homage but also because I think something of this scale probably wouldn’t work IRL. Only in my world  😄  

Who knows though, maybe he could pull it off.   Either way I thought it would be a fun project and I hope you enjoy the result. 

My next piece should be ready fairly soon. I’m using Cinema4D for the first time!

Posted on November 30, 2022

Merry Christmas To All

Brightly colored Christmas trees are some of my favorite holiday subjects.   At the same time I also love depicting the rainbow spectrum (see “Dispersion“, “Portals“, and “Philomath“) .   This render brings the two themes together.   The title is, of course, a line borrowed from “A Night Before Christmas” and expresses my hope that everyone everywhere have a lovely December regardless of their background (or even if they celebrate the holiday).

I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful Holiday season!!

Posted on November 23, 2022

Endeavor (Night)

I’m sure many of you know that one of my favorite quotes about art is from Da Vinci, who said “Art is never finished, only abandoned”. I do enjoy circling back to older pieces from time to time.

Endeavor” from 2019 is one of my favorite planetscapes of the last few years.   Looking at it again recently I realized it deserved a proper night version for the folks who prefer darker wallpapers on their desktop.   

I rendered this on Shadowfax while Rochallor worked on my new Christmas render (coming soon!).

Posted on November 14, 2022

Shady Creek (Winter)

Here’s the winter entry in my “Shady Creek” series, based on the forest and creek that runs behind my home. It’s my refuge from the electronic world and where I go when I need to “touch grass”. Winter is certainly not everyone’s favorite time of year but I feel like the sleeping forest has a stark beauty all its own.

Here are the Summer, Night and Autumn versions. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Perhaps I will try a spring version in a few months…