Project Rochallor!

May 2020

Here he is!!

In 2015 my Members were kind enough to donate the funds to build my dream workstation, Shadowfax. Four years later that machine has paid huge dividends, but I am still doing a lot of work on Bucephalus which is almost 9 years old (!). Project Rochallor aims to replace Bucephalus with a decent backup workstation.

I will still use Bucaphalus to render older images at higher resolutions and create multiscreen versions of older projects that don’t have them. A new workstation would allow me to work on two “Shadowfax Level” projects at once. Right now the secondary projects I can work on are limited by the aging hardware on Bucephalus.


  • 2 AMD EPYC 7402 CPUS (24 cores each, 96 logical CPUS)
  • 256 GB RAM
  • RTX 2080TI GPU
  • Enthoo 719 Case

Passmark Scores (May 2020)