Red Sky at Night

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I often get requests to “remaster” certain works from my “classic” collection.     This year I’ve been trying to address some of those requests (while still learning a new 3D software package).   Recently in my Discord a member asked that I revisit “Red Sky at Night” from 1998 and I recalled that many folks have requested the same over the years.    I thought it would be interesting to recreate it using VUE using their built in displaced ocean feature but, sadly, couldn’t get the effect I wanted.   

I then tried a terrain (like I did in the original) and it was nice but still not where I wanted to be.   Lastly I used Blender to create an ocean mesh and that gave me the look you see here.    I’ve also reddened the sky quite a bit more than the original to better fit the title. 

I hope you enjoy it.   Might share those other versions in the Pickle Jar later.   Keep the requests coming!!

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4 reviews for Red Sky at Night

  1. Patrick Girardot

    I discovered db in 1998 and I remember the original redsky (in 1024×768 I think XD).

    So many things have changed, yet your wallpapers are always great.

  2. Jen Helgren
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Sailor’s delight! Lovely one, Ryan.

  3. Jeffrey Thayer

    This is bloody Awesome, exactly like what I see as Mariner

  4. Jeanine Schlauch

    This is very cool

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