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Creating dark and colorful planetscapes is like comfort food for me and this scene is like a bowl of chicken noodle soup.    “Arethusa” was a celestial nymph from ancient Greek mythology and I’ve taken to naming my planetscapes after them.   I created the foreground using Gaea (very fun using it to create alien forms), the planets using a mix of Cinema 4D and Lightwave, and the rendered the whole thing using VUE.   I hope you enjoy it!

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10 reviews for Arethusa

  1. Jeremy Milam

    Absolutely LOVE the colors!

  2. Digital Bliss

    I love this and I bet you Isaac Asimov would too.

  3. Richard Birnage
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]


  4. Robert Lanktree

    I always look forward to the return to the realm of space and the wait was worth is. Excellent piece!

  5. Moosehead

  6. Cynthia Gary

    As a sci-fi buff, I’ve been imagining the kind of civilization that might have developed on this moon and how your amazingly gorgeous planet affects their daily lives. Lovely work, Ryan!

  7. Nathan Zachary
    [Plus, Lifetime]

    What a lovely Friday surprise! The colours of the main planet are outstanding, and even better with the reflection in the water. Nice work, as always, and thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. Herneith
    [Lifetime Plus]

  9. Jeffrey Thayer

    Amazing, I love this one, so realistic, very beautiful, great render.

  10. Littlemom
    [Lifetime Plus]

    This is a gorgeous space planetscape. Absolutely beautiful!!!

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