The Gulf of Dreams

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Shortly after sharing “Proxima” with you all I got to work adapting the Cinema4D skills I’d learned there to creating a galaxy.   It took a quite a bit of experimentation to come up with something I liked but, again, I learned a great deal about Cinema4D in the process.   Since this software costs me over $1,200 per year I feel like learning to use it properly is a major priority for me 😄

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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8 reviews for The Gulf of Dreams

  1. Nathan Zachary
    [Plus, Lifetime]

    Captivating scene! Any chance of a Pickle Jar version without the figure?

  2. Tatiana Taylor

  3. David Ferstat

    Yes, I know that it’s a galaxy. But the first time I saw it, I immediately thought of the wormhole in Deep Space Nine. 🙂

  4. Dewald Pretorius

    I always wondered what kind of stuff Darth Vader liked doing in his spare time.

  5. Jedi Hawk

    Wow! I’d love to look up at night and have a view like that.

  6. Meathead
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Love it… Looks like it could be a scene from Ahsoka and Baylan Skoll.

  7. Mark South

    Really nice! I love it!

  8. Melchior

    Very nice, I like, so I grabbed it.

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