Stillwater (Winter)

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I’ve done Autumn and Summer versions of “Stillwater” so I’m sure some of you were anticipating the Winter scene.     I’ve found there’s a pretty short window of time when people are receptive to Winter scenes though so I decided to wait until November to add this one to my gallery.    Oddly enough though I worked on this piece back in August when I needed one more Winter scene for my 2024 Calendar.

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11 reviews for Stillwater (Winter)

  1. Tim Edwards

  2. George Mayhew

    I like that you said “I’ve found there’s a pretty short window of time when people are receptive to Winter scenes”. I’m usually receptive in September when we are in the 90s! This is so peaceful. The quiet of winter is perhaps my favorite outdoor experience.

  3. Tatiana Taylor

  4. Bart Noordervliet
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Love this one! Beautiful colors and a peaceful mood. It’s like a oil painting!

  5. Jay Schmidt

    Makes me think of the track “Cold Out There” by Jon Hopkins. If you haven’t heard that album, definitely check it out! Might inspire new wallpapers. 🙂

  6. Corwin Amber

    Wonderful relaxing winter scene. Now I just hope you make a night version with the dark clouds would be wonderful.

  7. Mark South

    A really nice background! Great work!

  8. Darren Bruno

    Looks great! I would technically call this a late autumn snowfall since there are so many leaves on the trees! Either way, a very serene setting. If a night version of this snowy version were possible, I’d love that as I tend to use darker backgrounds.

  9. Jill Menning

    I love the calm in this, from the muted colors and the softness of the reflections. It feels like a painting.

  10. Cathy Warren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    This on is kind of meh for me, it’s only my opinion but I feel there’s not enough snow in this one even though you have the snow falling, it doesn’t look like enough on the ground or trees. and I feel like it’s to daylightish for a winter scene as well. I think a night winter scene would look even better, with more snow 🙂

  11. John jlavin

    Really nice! Like that it still has some fall leaves on the trees and gives you the sense of the transition from fall to winter, which is exactly where we are right now where I live. Great timing on dropping the render as well

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