Saguaro Pass

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When I created “Saguaro Pass”  I added a ton of ground level flora to show a springtime desert in bloom.   When I rendered the hi-res version, however, it seemed that lot of this color was lost.    Before sharing the nighttime version I thought it would be fun to render a view from closer to the ground, looking up, to show all of those details.   Which version do you like best??

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9 reviews for Saguaro Pass

  1. Jeffrey Thayer

    Awesome Landscapes, love the desert views of both looking up and looking down of both setting sun and moon light landscapes awesome work my friend.

  2. Tim Porter

    Simply stunning, thank you Ryan.

  3. Galen Davis
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    I definitely like this “Looking Up” version better. I didn’t even realize how many blooms there were in the original! ^_^

  4. Robert Lanktree

    I don’t usually comment unless the render sets me back into my seat. So….yeah, did that.

  5. Eric Blanton

    It looks like where I grew up.

  6. William B
    [Plus, Lifetime]

    Beautiful. I definitely like this version better.

  7. James Tullett

    I *do* prefer this to the view from above to the earlier edition. This is really good, and you get a great impression of the terrain and of the scale of the saguaros. Thanks for doing this!

  8. David Phoebus

    Absolutely beautiful. One of my favorites so far. Amazing work!

  9. Jeanine Schlauch

    I LOVE this version – thank you for re-working it

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