Stillwater (Autumn)

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I know it isn’t officially Fall for a month or so yet but I usually get the urge to revisit the season around the time when my kids start getting ready to go back to school.   Used VUE here and I will be sharing at least three seasons of this scene.    I already have a nighttime render of this Autumn version that I am excited to share soon.

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9 reviews for Stillwater (Autumn)

  1. Elijah Daniels

    Quite possibly the best render of 2023! If this was a movie and I was Roger Ebert, this indubitably earns four stars! This is one of those hyper realistic ‘Hydra era’ renders where somebody could naturally mistake this as a photograph of a real location; a true Digital Blasphemy.

  2. Marius Peregrine

    I live here!! In the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma, that is. There’s a park at Sanborn Lake; I was there a few weeks ago, crouching in *that* grass under *those* trees and watching baby minnows in the shallows, sheltered from the Great Big Water by a tangle of grasses and algae. Beautiful place, beautiful day.

  3. Jill Ferris

    Gorgeous….. love the colors. thank you!

  4. Tatiana Taylor

  5. Seadragonlady

    This is going to be another fall favourite. Thanks Ryan.

  6. Cathy Warren

    Gorgeous! Since it’s my favorite season, It’s never to early for Autumn renders.

  7. Nathan Zachary

    As autumn is my favourite season, I never argue with more of these types of renders from you! This one is lovely, but there’s a good amount of pincushion distortion in the triple-screen (especially on the right side). Nevertheless, a beautiful piece!

  8. Sememmon

    My first thought when I saw this, said out loud, “Wow, that’s a render!?”

  9. Kathryn Farren

    Beautiful! Reminds me of Autumn here in Fairbanks, Alaska. Fall is one of my favorite seasons.

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