Stillwater (Autumn/Night)

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The nighttime version of “Stillwater (Autumn)“.    Canvas available here!

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18 reviews for Stillwater (Autumn/Night)

  1. Christopher Kellogg

    Absolutely stunning, between the lighting and the colors – excellent work. I have a new background!

  2. John McDougald

    I like it!

  3. Jill Ferris

    my favorite of the series – beautiful

  4. MadLamb_Dezeeze

    One of my new favorites!! I also love that you continue to bring variations (day/night, seasonal) of scene. The “Fall Spectrum” series is one of the best as I can see the transition over several hours of my work day. Keep up the great work sir!!!!

  5. Craig Larsen

    Love this, Ryan! Reminds me of a neighboring town (Stillwater, MN). Stillwater isn’t exactly like the image but I’ll just pretend it is.
    : )

  6. Fasr

    I do not often review images. On this one however, I felt the need. In my opinion, this image really creates the feel of living on a lake in rural environment. I have been lucky enough to experience exactly that. This image brings back the feeling of peace reminiscent of when I can visit my lake. Thank you for the amazing render.

  7. Digital Bliss

    What an incredible rendition! The contrast of the moonlit night scene with the roaring campfire is immediately alluring.

  8. Tatiana Taylor

  9. Mike Fenney

    One of my all time favourites

  10. Jedi Hawk

    Love it! So cozy.

  11. Jay Schmidt

    Adore this!

  12. David Ferstat

    Ohh …

    Without the campfire, it would still be a beautiful and calm scene.

    WITH the fire, it’s transformed. The fire provides an immediate focus for attention, of course. But it also provides an emotional hook, as we associate fire (well, properly contained fire, anyway) with emotional warmth, intimacy and security.

    Very well done, indeed!

  13. Justin sunnybac

  14. Cathy Warren

    Absolutely stunning!!! a perfect 10!!! This render is everything an Autumn scene should look like. Even better than the day version!!!

  15. Nathan Zachary

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Though the pincushion distortion is still there on the triple-screen (like the daytime version), it is substantially less noticeable. The colours are mysterious, alluring, and vivid. Wow!

    • Ryan

      Thanks Nathan! Sorry about the distortion. They are essentially the same scene with the same camera settings so it wasn’t possible to improve that with the night version.

  16. Tim Porter

    Stunning. The previous one looked real, this night interpretation is just off the scale. 100/10

  17. Nick Tyrrell


  18. Scott Weeks

    Another great background. I’m always a fan of the wall papers you create with nature and forest themes. Thanks for all your hard work!

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