The Long Night

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As I mentioned the last time, I was working on creating a “sky effect” in Cinema4D and then got side-tracked creating the foreground in VUE.   After putting together my arctic vista I decided to create the day version first and that became “Return of the Sun“.    I can now confirm that the “sky effect” I was working on was aurora and hope you enjoy it in the night version.

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5 reviews for The Long Night

  1. Kathryn Farren

    I live in Alaska and this rendering is absolutely stunning! Thank you!

  2. Jen Helgren


  3. Jennifer Jonsson

    OK, this one’s going straight to my desktop right frick’n now. Wow!

  4. Nathan Zachary

    I almost always prefer the night or darker versions, but in this case, I really like the daytime version better. I think that the colours are more vibrant there, and the aurora seems a bit jagged here. The clouds also obfuscate things a bit for me, and I prefer the clearer portions of the sky. I like this piece, but hope that it is something that you will continue to refine. Your work, regardless of my preferences, is always wonderful; thank you for continuing to create!

  5. Cathy Warren

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Very peaceful and serene. Gorgeous!!!

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