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Getting back into abstracts with this experiment in procedural object placement/shading using Cinema4D.    The principles expand on what I learned to create “Proxima” and, like that project, I will be creating a darker “night version” shortly.

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7 reviews for Isometer

  1. Matthew Dinslage

    I love abstracts, this is very similar to a wallpaper I am currently using. I would LOVE a pickle jar version that is different shades of grey to match my custom Linux theme.

  2. Jen Helgren

    I’m always so fond of your abstracts, Ryan; they are among my favorite renders. Hey, would you perhaps consider doing a reboot of 2010’s Quartet? It was always a favorite; I’d love to see what you’d do with it today. Thanks!

  3. Blasphemous

    I think the blur is intentional and transitions into the focussed area towards the middle. Nice abstract

  4. Tim Thompson

    I like the render, but don’t quite love it. I usually love the abstracts and computerized images like this, but as Bart said, I wish there was a bit more in focus. Hopefully a pickle jar version?

  5. Nathan Zachary

    I agree with Bart that the depth of field is too shallow, especially when looking at the multiscreen renders. I love the colours and distributions here, but very little is in focus.

  6. Bart Massart

    Really nice,but I wish more was in focus,majority of the screen is blurry now.

  7. Doug Bowman

    Wow….incredible, I love it!

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