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Back to learning how to use Cinema4D here.   I have a specific astronomical scene in mind but I have to figure out how to model it first.   This colorful scene is a stepping stone towards that goal and I thought it looked nice enough to add to my abstract gallery.

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12 reviews for Proxima

  1. Marius Peregrine

    Eww… The color combination. At any resolution smaller than full single-screen size, the playful golds and pale blues don’t show, nor does the depth-of-field effect. What’s left looks like a cross-section through diseased lung tissue; more like meat than beads or stardust. I’ll have to pass on this one…

  2. Jason Parker

    This is gorgeous. I have always adored your abstracts.

  3. Romeo Popescu

    Absolutely love Proxima. These abstracts are why I chose to support Ryan.

  4. Tatiana Taylor

  5. Jennifer Jonsson

    I do beadwork and this reminds me of when my cat suddenly tears across my table chasing a fly or something and all my beads fly up into the air. There’s this moment of “Oh wow, look at that” before the “GRAYSON GODDAMMIT!!”

  6. Geoff Allison

    The abstract ones are some of my favourites – really well done!!

  7. David Watson

    I really like these abstract ones you make. Hit another ball out of the park! Perfect! On another note, I wish you had more mobile phone options. The ones you offer don’t fit iPhone screens well.

  8. Cynthia Gary

    The colors are very appealing, and I like the sense of a splash of liquid moving through space.

  9. Robert de Forest

    I like this one a lot, though I can’t put my finger on why. I usually don’t find the abstracts appealing but there’s always an exception, isn’t there. 🙂 I look forward to finding out what comes next in this process.

  10. Richard Birnage

    Lends itself to many colour variations – Lovely!

  11. Tim Thompson

    I love the fact that some are in focus and some are out of focus. The varying colours are cool as well.

  12. Jeff Kroll

    Love it. Can we see other color combos?

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