Return of the Sun

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This one started as a night scene, trying out a new sky technique in Cinema4D.   As is usually the case when creating the sky first, I had to think of something for the foreground.    I’d been meaning to learn Gaea’s “Ice Floe” node and this seemed like the perfect time.   Then when I started putting together the foreground I decided to create a day scene first and got a little distracted with it.   The night scene is still to come but I hope you enjoy this arctic sunrise while I’m still perfecting that C4D sky technique 😄

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16 reviews for Return of the Sun

  1. Kevin O

    Beautiful renders as always! I did notice there is a rendering error in the right corner just above the watermark, you might want to check it out but otherwise stunning!

  2. Timothy Sullivan

    One of the most photorealistic pieces we’ve seen yet.

  3. Pamela Trudell

    This is a beautiful rendering. Using it on my desktop right now. I did notice some areas where the icebergs look odd, especially in the lower right corner of the image. Overall though, I love it!

  4. Louise Waugh


  5. Thierry Le Terrible

    Nice rendering, although, in my opinion, the ice surfaces need to be perfected especially on the icebergs.
    For the dual-screen image, I think that keeping the sun near the center of the scenery, just like for the triple-screen, would work better.

  6. Tim Porter

    Just love this. The berg on the left of the picture with the sun’s rays on it, just beautiful.

  7. Drew Murray

    Fantastic vita. Especially on dual displays. It feels so real.

  8. Autumn Van Kirk

    It’s giving “trans rights” and I’m here for it!

  9. Seadragonlady

    Relaxing and smoothing. Helpful for when I am in writing mode and the PC is just for decoration.

  10. Mason

    Beautiful scene, full of a sense of isolation and arctic solitude. Reminds me of the end of the novel Frankenstein, when they go out onto the ice to destroy each other. The ice here looks quite realistic also compared to borealis, even though I quite liked the surreal nature of the ice formations in that one too.

  11. ted shulties

    Beautiful concept! Reminds me of the Trinity series. There appears to be a rendering error of the ice just above the watermark, at least on the 4k version.

  12. Jeanine Schlauch

    I like this

  13. Jen Helgren

    Lovely work!

  14. Meathead

    Absolutely stunning! Straight to the desktop.

  15. Kenneth Jonsson

    Reminds me of the northern coast of Skyrim, looking out over the Sea of Ghosts.

  16. Jacob Klein

    Breathtaking colors and view!

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