Shoals of Avernus

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Going back to my theme this year of re-working some of my older classics.   The original goal with this piece was simply to re-imagine “Space Vista II” from way way back in 1997 with some better texturing for the planets.   I wanted something in the foreground this time so I used Gaea to create some interesting landforms that looked alien but wouldn’t take the focus from the sky.   Lastly I added some cumulus in the distance to give the scene a little more scale.

Had to give it a new title though because I wasn’t really thinking about good names back when I first created this piece in 1996 (a year before I posted my site).   They were simply files on my hard drive back then 🙂  Hope you enjoy it!

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20 reviews for Shoals of Avernus

  1. RDC

    Wouldn’t mind seeing just the planets, by themselves, without a foreground.

  2. Mike Wiles

    This one ranks up in my top five of all your art. I truly love it!

  3. Michael North

    Your clouds on this look amazing! It’s been a while since I swapped desktops but this one is a winner!

  4. Reiner Bertlein

    very good work!!

  5. Nathan Fazakerly

    You are just killing it lately. The planetscapes are amazing.

  6. svenge

    very good but would love a version with no clouds and less atmospheric fog (more like the original)

  7. Gian Luigi

    very good work!

  8. Thomas Patten
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    I think you hit this one out of the park, I know it will soon become a favorite.

  9. Jen Helgren
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Wow! Your planetscapes are the BEST! Thanks for your wonderful work, Ryan.

  10. Kym Prasser
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Great rejig of the original

  11. Todd Rubel

    Beautiful work Ryan!


    Wow. Beautiful work. Love this one!! 😍🌌✨

  13. Cathy Warren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Beautiful!!! Great Re-render.

  14. Jeff Ogren

    BOOM! That is what I’m talking about!

  15. James Hulsmann

    Fantastic, as nearly all of you backgrounds are – but it is very apparent you using oLED and HDR when making these – I have noticed that I now (and for a while, now that I think about it) have to open them in Paint.NET and play with contract, shadow brightness, and color intensity to make them look great on my lowly SDR led-backlit but not HDR display. That’s fine, I kind of like playing around with images, but perhaps others may find your portal and think some of them look a little washed out?

  16. Tim Porter

    Love this, the clouds are stunning.

  17. Jennifer Jonsson

    I love the planet ones, day and night!! The problem is only that I like so many of them and I can only have one at a time on my screen! Unless there’s a way to rotate them. Must look into this.

  18. Mark South

    I love this one so much!

  19. Mason

    This one is amazing. It has a lot of my favorite features: alien landscapes, surreal planetscapes, night scenes, towering voluminous clouds . . .

  20. Nathan Zachary
    [Plus, Lifetime]

    Talk about an upgrade from the original! WOW, how things have changed since 1997. The clouds are outstanding, and I love the single point of vibrant colours to pull in my attention. Nice work, Ryan!

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