Shoals of Avernus

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Going back to my theme this year of re-working some of my older classics.   The original goal with this piece was simply to re-imagine “Space Vista II” from way way back in 1997 with some better texturing for the planets.   I wanted something in the foreground this time so I used Gaea to create some interesting landforms that looked alien but wouldn’t take the focus from the sky.   Lastly I added some cumulus in the distance to give the scene a little more scale.

Had to give it a new title though because I wasn’t really thinking about good names back when I first created this piece in 1996 (a year before I posted my site).   They were simply files on my hard drive back then 🙂  Hope you enjoy it!

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20 reviews for Shoals of Avernus

  1. RDC

    Wouldn’t mind seeing just the planets, by themselves, without a foreground.

  2. Mike Wiles

    This one ranks up in my top five of all your art. I truly love it!

  3. Michael North

    Your clouds on this look amazing! It’s been a while since I swapped desktops but this one is a winner!

  4. Reiner Bertlein

    very good work!!

  5. Nathan Fazakerly

    You are just killing it lately. The planetscapes are amazing.

  6. svenge

    very good but would love a version with no clouds and less atmospheric fog (more like the original)

  7. Gian Luigi

    very good work!

  8. Thomas Patten

    I think you hit this one out of the park, I know it will soon become a favorite.

  9. Jen Helgren

    Wow! Your planetscapes are the BEST! Thanks for your wonderful work, Ryan.

  10. Kym Prasser

    Great rejig of the original

  11. Todd Rubel

    Beautiful work Ryan!


    Wow. Beautiful work. Love this one!! 😍🌌✨

  13. Cathy Warren

    Beautiful!!! Great Re-render.

  14. Jeff Ogren

    BOOM! That is what I’m talking about!

  15. James Hulsmann

    Fantastic, as nearly all of you backgrounds are – but it is very apparent you using oLED and HDR when making these – I have noticed that I now (and for a while, now that I think about it) have to open them in Paint.NET and play with contract, shadow brightness, and color intensity to make them look great on my lowly SDR led-backlit but not HDR display. That’s fine, I kind of like playing around with images, but perhaps others may find your portal and think some of them look a little washed out?

  16. Tim Porter

    Love this, the clouds are stunning.

  17. Jennifer Jonsson

    I love the planet ones, day and night!! The problem is only that I like so many of them and I can only have one at a time on my screen! Unless there’s a way to rotate them. Must look into this.

  18. Mark South

    I love this one so much!

  19. Mason

    This one is amazing. It has a lot of my favorite features: alien landscapes, surreal planetscapes, night scenes, towering voluminous clouds . . .

  20. Nathan Zachary

    Talk about an upgrade from the original! WOW, how things have changed since 1997. The clouds are outstanding, and I love the single point of vibrant colours to pull in my attention. Nice work, Ryan!

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