High Country (Spring)

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Soon after creating “High Country (Winter)” I knew I wanted to try to render the scene in springtime.   Unfortunately I didn’t foresee what a technical challenge that would be.   VUE fought me every step of the way, even on my powerful Rochallor workstation.   I fought through it though and managed to banish Winter from the high country.   I hope you enjoy it and that spring comes soon where you live.

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12 reviews for High Country (Spring)

  1. Tatiana Taylor

    I love the heather colors! And the mist is a great touch; it gives a nice depth of field between the foreground and background.

  2. Tim Porter

    I love this. The heather in the foreground is a geat touch. You can almost smell this scene. Beautiful.

  3. Scott Harvvvvvvvvey

    Beautiful as usual Ryan!

  4. Eric Stell

    Reminds me a lot of my home state of Colorado. This captures the spirit of the Rocky Mountains. Brilliant work

  5. Doug Orwig

    Another masterpiece!
    I would like to see winter and autumn versions of this as well.
    Keep up the excellent work!

    • Ryan

      Thanks Doug! Here is the winter version. Not sure there will be an Autumn version though as these types of trees don’t change color 🙂

  6. Cynthia Gary

    This is very fine work, Ryan. The signs of spring in the foreground are a welcome sight after such a gray winter.

  7. Steve Weiner

    Beautiful! Thank you.

  8. Kamal Gathani

    Top work Ryan. Well done indeed for persisting. Your efforts paid off!

  9. Kevin McClain

    Man this is incredible! The realism of this scene is one of your best yet. I think the textures and the coloring make this as close to a real picture as possible. Excellent work Ryan!

  10. Nathan Zachary

    Though I’m really sad that winter is so short nowadays, I can’t deny how pretty this rendition is. Wonderful work, Ryan.

  11. Timothy Sullivan

    This is nothing short of absolutely gorgeous.

  12. Cathy Warren

    This one is really beautiful. Looking at this further it could even be an early Summer render :). I love trees and mountains so this one really hits it out of the park for me. Great job Ryan. It was worth all the struggles you had making it!!!

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