Space Vista II


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7 reviews for Space Vista II

  1. M1B0 [lifer]

    Always loved this one as my background back in the ’90’s. Would LOVE to see it updated and redone for all size monitors.

  2. Deanna

    Oh, and I would like to add to my comment below. A version for Droid, please! 😀

    Thanks again.


  3. Deanna

    This is an old favorite of mine and I currently have it up on my monitor at work. I just had a comment on it the other day.

    Please consider a widescreen version in the future and a possible update, Ryan? 🙂 The colors are so beautiful and an updated version would be amazing.


  4. DiJitiL

    This would be great updated for iPhone4 retina display.

  5. Tracy

    I agree! Love some of the older planetscapes and abstracts! Widescreen would be cool. You do good work, Ryan! Thanks!

  6. Mara


    I love these older planetscapes. The ones from 97,98 are wonderful. Could you make them for widescreens?



  7. Joe [basicmember]

    I like this one VERY MUCH. Would like to see it for MacBook Pro.

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