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Continuing my exploration of Cinema4D’s Pyro system for creating deep space nebulae.   This time I used Redshift for the rendering but sort of wish I’d used Octane as the sim proved to be too much for my GPU.   Fortunately “Rochallor” is a 96 core CPU rendering beast 😄

This is the latest entry in a series of images that I started in 2001 using Lightwave (w/3D geometry) and continued in 2008 (using Lightwave “Hypervoxel” volumetrics).

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6 reviews for Starbirth

  1. Michael Nolhan
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Perfect render. The design is incredible, and the render composition itself is even better. This is the sort of thing that drew me in back in the early 2000’s.

  2. Darth Sync
    [Basic, Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    This is just awesome work. Love it.

  3. Bill McGovern

    Looks so closed to 3D that I find myself moving my head back and forth to see if it really is. Very nice!

  4. Terry Palmucci

  5. Peter Harcsa

    Beautiful! Deep and mystical, thanks for creating this wonderful art!

  6. Chris van Dijk

    I love it Ryan!! wow keep it up sir! 1

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