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69 reviews for Starbirth

  1. Josh

    I tried downloading the 2560×1600 lossless version, and I get maybe the first 1/5th of the image (384k or so) and that’s it. Tried with both Chrome and Safari, same results. Perhaps the file got corrupted somehow?

    Anyway, I really like this image and I’d love to add it to my wallpaper rotation, just waiting for the lossless version.



    Hi there firstoff i am new to the world of the net and computer and i’m 49 jrs old fullon sci-fi freak SO when i came across your planetscapes i signed up for life(you just proved that a male is capable of having multibale orgasms).I don’t want to be forward but when can we expect more of your amazing planetscapes?

  3. Kelsey

    Still one of my all-time favourites.

  4. Gibbons

    The best part of these pictures is that sometimes, you can’t tell they’re pictures. Great work. Lets get some more “Dark” ones soon.

  5. J Perridew

    It’s just amazing where we’ve come in the short span of 8 years since I originally subscribed to your art work. I’ve also started to understand a lot more about your work since taking an Astronomy class, there’s some pretty clever stuff going on in here. I love displaying it all so that my kiddo can see it too, he’s four – it really gets his imagination working! Great stuff, please keep it up!

  6. Bel

    I just signed up for a life time membership and I have been downloading your images for my widescreen at home and smaller monitor at work. Your work is stunning and I love this one. It is on my monitor at work and my colleagues are impressed.

  7. alexM

    I think this one is cool, but some of the ones that I really love are when you show a nice scene like in conjunction or sunspire day/night. A nice creative structure is always nice to see. Hopefully we can see one of those in the near future.

  8. Maryannn


    I’m sure others have said it, and that I am “come lately”, but I feel this is REALLY exceptional. The first impression I had – and still have – was that I was seeing a magnificent reimagining of the Old Masters. I was literally awestruck. There is an incredibly fine, and accutely tuned-in, sense of the majestic, the possibly mythical nature of the world around us. So well done. I really think you have moved to the next level…

    Your admirer,


  9. Smithy

    Wow man your really making some insane stuff this year the last 3 has been incredible work, Star birth is just incredible man this ones insane… just wow!!!…… all i can say is Well done man and keep it up…


  10. eric

    Hey, I really like this picture you have done, however I was thinking it could be just a tad better if you had some stars appearing in front of the cloud as well. This would make it appear like it was really in space (where there would be stars appearing behind, inside, and in front of the cloud). It looks less real when you just see a tiny patch of stars in only a few spots of the image as if the cloud was just superimposed on a starfield. If possible maybe you could render a new one? 🙂 All and all great work man!

  11. Ryan

    Thanks for the suggestion Eric. I had thought to add more stars to the mix, but due to how Hypervoxels work (the volumetric system which creates the clouds) I can’t add more light sources and still maintain the look I tried to create. That’s the technical answer. The short answer is that I tried and it didn’t look right.Thanks for the feedback though!

  12. Mirage

    Absolutely beautiful and so… in ‘depth’ with the 3D feel to it.

    I haven’t been at work for the past couple days, but I guarantee that as soon as I go in tomorrow morning this wallpaper is going to be going up on my dual screens.

    On a side note, my condolences to you and your family. Loosing family, no matter how much it’s expected can be hard.

  13. atlana

    it looks nice, but i can see this being a nice animated wallpaper for any AERO-supported VISTA (i.e. via Stardock’s DESKSPACE ) where the clouds/nebulae are slowly drifting.



  14. PunkinsPi

    This is a beautiful depiction of a stellar nursery… However, it feels very creepy and eerie to me. At the risk of sounding like a complete whatever, it reminds me of a star trek: tng episode. The one where Troi is receiving dreams from another ship on the opposite side of a rift (I think a dyson’s rift, could be wrong). In her dreams she goes floating towards this light searching for the source of this voice saying “Eyes in the dark… One moon circles” That episode creeped me out but it is one of my favorites. So in similar respects, I love this eerie, yet beautiful piece.

  15. Sean W

    I just realized something. When I first saw this, I was struck at how familiar it looked to me for some reason, and I realized why: it looks very similar to a nebula in the Xbox game Mass Effect. There’s a giant space station that’s central to the game’s plot that is situated in a dark pinkish/purplish nebula. The similarity isn’t 100% dead-on, but Starbirth is close enough to remind me of it. While they did a phenomenal job of doing a 3-D nebula in the game, Starbirth trumps it.

    A fantastic piece, Ryan; keep ’em coming!

  16. Cliff Edge

    Holy crap. I wish I had a dual or triple screen set up just for this picture. I love the way the clouds on the sides came out in those two versions.

    Great job!

  17. Silver

    I have to say I wasn’t really a fan of this render before I got it on my dual screens at home. All I have to say is WOW … great render .. the clouds are much more visible with the extra space .. looks great 🙂

  18. Kathumpa

    This reminds me of the Creepy sky from the old Dracula movies. It’s great, but Creepy.

  19. Dryst

    Also patiently waiting for the dual-screen version… I really like it.

  20. Jeff

    Fantastic contrast between the gas at the center and the clouds that haven’t yet been pulled close enough to glow. I anxiously await a dual-screen version for my workstation.

    Also, Tomster, I see the dragon too!

  21. Adi

    I like the choice of Dark Matter.. It brings out the isolation of space very nicely

  22. Ben

    The Dualscreen one is nice. However, it would be great if you did some occasionally where the ‘main’ thing was on the left side of the screen.


  23. Ryan

    Ben: I generally pick one side for the focus and stick with it. If you like you can take the triple-screen version and crop it so the focus is on the screen of your choosing.

  24. Tim

    Excellent choice to use dark matter on the sides!

    Good job!

  25. asterismW

    The dual-screen picture is nice, but I prefer it when there’s something to look at on both screens, rather than one screen with a great picture, and one that’s relatively uninteresting. That’s why instead of using the dual-screen version of “Maya”, I took the middle and right split files of the tri-screen version and Photoshopped them together (cropping would have worked too). The RHS of the tri-screen was much more interesting than the LHS of the dual-screen.

    Also, to Ben: With the dual-screen wallpapers, I too prefer the main image on the left, so I usually download and mirror the image.

  26. R. Mozil

    This image stimulates several critical questions about the philosophy of creationism. Nevertheless, the work draws my eye to the center of another creation, taking me into a dimension far beyond the realism of our world.

  27. celmendo

    I gave the regular version an 8 because the star was just too bright for me.

    It seems you pulled back a little from the perspective on the dual/triple versions and the star became just right. I cropped to fit my desktop size and flipped it and have a perfect 10 desktop. It’s mesmerizing.

    Thanks Ryan!

  28. Brad

    I think it’s a fantastic image in general. The problem I have with this and others like it is the center star is much, much too bright. It makes looking at it on my desktop

  29. Scott

    I just wanted to say this is a truly beautiful background, combining some of my favorite color combinations.

    I have always loved your spaces-scape’s and this one is by far my personal favorite one with its soft nature and relaxing demeanor.

    Congratulations on your much needed and deserved vacation as well as on the new rendering rig, and thank you for sharing such a lovely background with us yet again.

  30. celmendo

    Very Nice. I agree that the center is a little too bright but I can fix that myself. Lovely.

  31. LTomBerry

    I agree that this is just fine as a background without a foreground. When a star is born there aren’t any planets around it yet. I figure a the event would look something like this. Regardless, this one is just awesome.

  32. Jeremy

    Love this one!

  33. brailsmt

    I’m patiently waiting the dual widescreen version…

    Or maybe not so patiently…

  34. Matt

    You said that it would be easy 2D, But I really appreciate the 3D aspect of it. I think it really adds something to it…

    Aces in my book

  35. Graham

    The link to this picture (at the top of the members section) is pointing to the wrong picture.

    Great image though.

  36. anthony

    Love it. Just like it is. No planet, people or spaceships. Thanks for another great one. Now for that dualscreen….

  37. Mercury

    I always enjoy your ‘space’-scapes, and I think this is one of, if not THE, best one yet. No complaints from this end.

  38. Lizi

    I’m so happy for another space scape…. and a blue one at that!!!

    So peaceful and beautiful… thanks for the great image!

    I’m glad you and your wife had a nice vacation. 🙂

  39. Anne

    I love this one, but I really miss that fantastical element you had with your previous planetscapes. This one is great, but I love the surreal-ness of digital art, rather than something that looks too close to reality. this looks slightly like an actual telescope photograph. Digital art that border between the realistic and the improbable are the most stunning pieces.

    But that’s just me! Wonderful job as usual, this will go on my desktop till the next!

  40. Daniel

    I think it’s got to look much better this way, using the 3D techniques. To me it looks much like photos from the Hubble. You wouldn’t have the same realism if you’d gone at it 2D

  41. Cylar

    I like this one.

    Glad you had a good time on your vacation. Maybe we’ll see some Maya and undersea inspired pieces in the near future? I always enjoyed your undersea work, but have not seen as much of it lately.

  42. Howler8

    I really, really like this. You got the bluish light off the dust cloud just right. But one thing; the dust cloud, when you look in at the edges, looks kind of blurry; maybe you could make it sharper? Thanks. It really like it though (gave it a ten)!

  43. Josh

    Please give us a Shoals encore. I must have it. Please.

  44. ACE

    Love it!!! Beautiful composition.

  45. Tarkan2467

    Just wow.

  46. Greg

    I’ve always liked the space scenes, thanks for another great one!

  47. Pat

    You seem to have gained a lot experience w/ clouds since your last endeavor, (Moonshadow). Lookin’ good!

  48. Jason A

    Always love your space scenes, and this one is awesome.

  49. Fumo

    Wow… seems very simple at first glance, but the detail is amazing. One of my new favorites!

  50. Phantom

    I love the depth that the 3D brings this piece, looks more like a real Nasa Photo this way

  51. Cliff Edge

    I’ve been a member here for nearly two years and this is by far one of the most impressive images to date.

    Keep up the good work!

  52. Cumbria

    Desktopped. Shame I have to run any applications… Looking forward to seeing what the multiscreen turns out like.

  53. Pathfinder

    Greate work.

    Would like to have that one animated for use as a dreamscene.

  54. Patty

    Amazing!! Really outstanding!! Makes me feel like I’m out really in space!! Looks like a shot from Hubble, so realistic looking!! Thank you!

  55. Mark

    Wow! That holiday did you good! This is breathtaking, thank you.

  56. Overdrive

    Nice background, but i’m missing something (a planet?) what could be the main ‘subject’ of starbirth. Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite beautiful.. but according to me it’s not finished. It’s somehow like astronomer without the foreground.


  57. Michelle

    I love almost all your space/star type wallpapers, and this is no exception!

  58. Sean W.

    This is a serene piece, very gorgeous. Well done, Ryan, and welcome back!

  59. Scott P

    It’s always nice to see an update of an old favorite, and your nebula-type images have always been my favorites!

  60. Tomster

    It reminds me of several Hubble images I’ve seen, but higher quality! My mind almost sees a dragon with outstretched wings on the top of the screen…great work!

  61. Jonathan L

    This background’s what I’ve been waiting for! I love your space backgrounds, and… wow, this one is just spectacular. 😀

    Great job!!!



    Oh and, it’s great that you enjoyed your vacation — it sounds like it was thrilling, and I hope you were feeling well enough to enjoy, well… the time without the kids. 😉

  62. Getwired

    I love how the nebula has depth and structure. VERY cool. Excellent work — this one will be on my desktop for a while I think.

    For your next space-oriented image, how ’bout a closeup of a star, something like a re-make of ‘Stellar’ but using new techniques, and put a close-orbiting planet in front of it, I dunno… I watched ‘Sunshine’ recently, and that’s a cool movie — would love to see your take on an image of the sun or something, using your new workstation and apps.

    Great job on this one!

  63. Aesir

    This is exactly what I was hoping for. I love the simple serene images like this. A little different from the original, but still great!

    Keep it up!!!!!

  64. Equinox

    Title says it all. I like it, it’s a great idea and design, but it seems to lack a “wow factor” for me. I mean, it’s pretty, but not stunning… I suppose I’ve started to take stunning for granted with your work now!

  65. Erik

    I know it’s been a long time, but how about a spaceship in one of the space-scapes?

  66. dejerdejer

    I like this one! Looks great on a HD screen!

  67. Peter

    Very cool, you really do get the feeling of a star being born.

  68. MarkInATX

    I’m a casual astronomer and this render jumped at me as soon as I saw it. The colors are spectacular, the depth of field captivates the enormity of the scene and the coalescence of nebular dust into a young star makes a fantastic wallpaper. I’m very glad you didn’t put a planet in this scene because it would throw off the genuine nature being depicted. It reminds me a little of the Homeworld games I played years ago. Great job! Amazing what a little vacation can do for the mind.

  69. The Metal

    Man, I really wish this one was in my resolution. I love the red/blue duality thing going on here.

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