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Continuing my theme of reimagining classic projects to start 2024.   I first dreamed up the ice world of “Borealis” in 1998 and did another version in 2006.   This render is more a rework of the original version.   This time I wanted to use Gaea to add snowfall to the scene and subsurface scattering to add some light penetrating the ice structures.    My traveler also makes an appearance surveying the scene.    I hope you enjoy it regardless of the temperature where you live.

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16 reviews for Borealis

  1. Jeffrey Thayer

    I love this reimagining render, Amazing work my friend

  2. Jen Helgren

    One of the very few I just don’t like. I liked the original better, and the little dude is particularly distracting in this one. I’m not a fan of the little people in general, but this one seems to draw my eye, and not in a good way. Sorry!

  3. Thomas Geldeard

  4. Louise Waugh

  5. Kevin Matthies

    Beautiful artwork but a little bright for me. I do much of my school and work during the evening and this background would be blindingly bright. During the day it’s not an issue. Well done as usual!

  6. Bradley Eales

  7. Teri Mears

    I like it but it is way to close to reality when you have been iced in for 5 days lol.

  8. Elijah Daniels

    The impression I feel for this render is “ehh”, however, it can be saved. The main issues are the broken lighting, fog & shadow effects, and that the bump mapping actually looks worse from the 1998 version and is why too obvious. I feel the 2006 version is superior due to it having more depth and visibility than this one.

    The main issues.
    1st) The fog or haze effects are over applied and steal from the overall image.
    2nd) While most members dislike the addition of the traveler, I myself am not bothered by him. However, what does bother me about him is the fact that he sticks out because his model is NOT reacting to the lighting of the environment.
    3rd) The shadows break the composition of the render at certain spots as the fog/haze effects are being defied; this is most evident on the ice structure above the traveler.
    4th) The ice structures themselves seem too simplistic in nature, they look too “squared” and less complex when compared to the 2006 version.

    I apologize if sounded too affront in this message, but this is simply how I feel about this new addition. This render could have taken great inspiration from both “Subglacial 2013 & 2022”.

  9. Michael Jessop

    What Adam said, some translucent ice, maybe a bit of hanging mist? No characters, please.


    I like the idea, the composition and colors of this. However, I do agree with the others that something seems rough about it. I would be curious to see what it would look like if the mineral outcroppings were more translucent or crystal like, if it might look more pleasing.

  11. James Hulsmann

    Just needs a drop shadow on the character, a version without the character, and in both, the blues needs to be punched up. Other than that, very nice – maybe soften it up a little, appear a bit jaggy even when you are native or use a higher rez version for down-sampling.

  12. ali

    While I don’t mind the human figure, the textures do look a bit… early 2000s. Ice texture is hard to get right. I’m looking forward to a picklejar version.

  13. Nathan Zachary

    I agree with Dave Richert regarding the characters. To me, they generally detract from the scene. This one doesn’t speak to me, but I appreciate the work that you put into it nonetheless. As with any great artist, there will be pieces that one likes more or less than others.

  14. Simon Cummings

    It’s interesting how, unlike most of your images, this one doesn’t look remotely life-like. i’m looking at it trying to work out why – something to do with the textures?

  15. Dave Richert

    Ryan please let me be the 1st to compliment your work SINCERELY and to ALSO say sincerely your work is YOURS to do with as you choose! That being said in pictures with characters inserted would you PLEASE do an alternate or Pickle Jar with NO character? They ruin my immersion in otherwise stunning artwork! For years i have asked you and haven’t gotten so much as a single comment. No idea why. I know many people LOVE these characters- just not me lol! PLEASE consider??!! Tytyty!!!

  16. Cathy Warren

    This is a nice reworking of this one. I love the whole winter feel, and the lighting is very nice.

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