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Here’s an update to an old favorite from 2000.   The original was created and rendered using a program called “World Builder”, which is now defunct. It’s been 24 years (!) and I wanted to see if I could improve the quality of the plant life and recreate the volumetric lighting using VUE.    The hardest part was matching the godrays from the original.  VUE’s engine just works differently. I think I came pretty close however and I hope you enjoy it! 

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20 reviews for Glenwood

  1. Douglas Wagoner
    [Lifetime Plus]

    One of my favorite of your older images! Thank you for the lovely update.

  2. Kym Prasser
    [Lifetime Plus]


  3. ali

    Wonderful update that brings back memories. Glenwood and Estuary were in your members gallery, and I was hoping I’d one day get to download them in high resolution. So one day I subscribed.

    Don’t worry, the new render does not need to be a “copy” of the original. You’re free to move stuff around.

  4. Jeffrey Thayer

    This is Awesome, Love this Render

  5. Anne Victory

    Love this. The original was one of my favorites and is still in my screensaver and wallpaper rotation. This is an amazing update. Thank you!

  6. ladyphoenyxx

    I love this update, looks great. The coloring though makes it look like the forest is on fire rather than early morning.

  7. Moosehead

  8. Gian Luigi

    Good work

  9. Timothy Sullivan
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

  10. Colin White

  11. corey.vezina

  12. Tatiana Taylor

  13. Michelle Best

    Wow! It is fantastic. I have the older one and this one is definitely a fantastic update. Love it!


    Absolutely fantastic, Ryan! The original Glenwood was probably the first wallpaper I downloaded from the site, and continues to be my absolute favorite. Thanks for updating it! Are prints of this available yet?

  15. Cathy Warren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    This is beautiful Update for Glendwood!!!

  16. Jen Helgren
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Glenwood is one of my all-time favorites. Thank you so much for this update; I love it!

  17. Kevin McClain
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Stunning update on this one. I too remember the original one, in fact I’m certain I still have it in a folder somewhere, and this update is really beautiful. Great work!

  18. Dave Smith

  19. Tim Porter

    Breathtaking. Would like it even more if the stag could wander off somewhere!

  20. Nathan Zachary
    [Plus, Lifetime]

    Wow, I remember downloading this one when it came out, and I think that your new version is lovely! It won’t become my background immediately, though, because I’m enjoying winter for as long as I can. 🙂

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