Hidden Forces


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84 reviews for Hidden Forces

  1. Marc Grondin [plusmember]

    Love this image. Wondering if you would consider making a PS4 dynamic theme for this one? Thank you for all your work.

  2. Timo

    This is easily one of my favorite wallpapers in your collection. I just wish it were easier to resize and split to fit my system (triple 1920*1080 mac, needs split images.)

  3. Ryan

    I wish I could. The watermark remains so I can easily have my work removed when people post them (without my permission) to wallbase, et al.

  4. tony

    Hi great site and great pics was wondering thug if you can get rid of digitakblasphemy.com from bottom right corner of the screen?????

  5. Ryan

    I can’t believe time has gone this quickly. As an avid fan since 2000, I again cannot compliment your work enough. Happy Birthday to your son.

  6. tinks

    … so much for the multi screen versions.

  7. John A


  8. bej

    become a member along time ago. I like seeing the new ones, especially the space and planet themes as Im’ a big sci-fi fan.

  9. Melissa

    Great work Ryan!!

    Love this one!!!

    The colors are fabulous….

  10. Chris

    Reminds me of the old greg martin renders he did several years back, truly original creativity, thanks a bunch and well worth the sub 😉

  11. Marc Kuhl

    I like the poster collection you have at Zazzle but I would like to see Gazebo or it’s sequel gazebo2k31280 as posters. Conjunction and conjunction2k31280 would also be great as posters. I’d also love to see the original “Gazebo” as a mousepad. After 4 very long years of illness the brightness of the original cheers me up a lot.

  12. Markus

    First, let me say I really love Hidden Forces. The image is strikingly beautiful.

    BUT, I am disappointed with the multi-monitor version. The content that appears on the second monitor doesn’t look (to me) like it has any connection with the rest of the image. The blue “cloud”, while beautiful, is unlike the one in the main image. As are the stars.

    Of course I realize this is one continuous image and I am not expecting what appears on one side to be replicated on the other. But to my eye, the two “sides” of this image don’t have enough in common. It looks like I have two separate images on my desktop.

  13. Jon H

    You could just take the tri-screen version and cut off the left side…

  14. Aaron

    I have recently begun using my monitor in 1024×1280 as I have to type many reports and read lengthy papers often now. It would be nice to have the wallpapers in the 3:4 resolution as well.

  15. Blaine

    I’m not a big fan of this piece either. I haven’t been able to really put my finger on it, but the attention to detail and overall content just seems to be lacking in comparison to a lot of Ryan’s recent work. Everything about it just looks sort of…fake? Don’t get me wrong either, I highly enjoy the space images in general.

    Oh well. We can’t all like all the images all the time.

  16. bSide

    Got to say that Ian was lucky to see the light near you 🙂 send my gigiu and boboo kises. My little will be 5 in march. 🙂

  17. Howler

    I absolutely love this image, especially the pulsaresque blue thing in the middle. But like some other people, I find the stars around the blue thing too brightly colored. Stars can be red, blue, white, or yellow, but this isn’t supposed to be a computer made photo. It’s a made-up image, it can be whatever you want it to be.

    So please tweak the stars. It’s got a 10 already, but that would make it 11!

  18. Scott

    I *do* remember Ian’s delivery. Gee, have I been renewing that long? 😉 I remember because we had a little boy named Timothy just 6 months earlier (who is also starting Kindergarten next week).

    Happy Belated Birthday and enjoy Kindergarten!

  19. Jon H

    And animated version of thsi would be both amazing and hypnotic!

    Please do one!!!!! 🙂

  20. Kaopattai

    would love to see a few more dragon pics!

  21. tinks

    Any chance of a dual screen version? 🙂

  22. Ryan

    Yes, I’m working on the dual and triple-screen versions now. Trying to figure out what to put on the sides…

  23. RC

    I decided to try something with the Genesis image in combination with the Hidden Forces image. A 26% opacity on the Genesis image centered on top of the vortex in this image creates quite a spectacular image. Enjoy!

  24. Walo

    I like the “Blue Glowing Thingy” (how everybody calls it) wallpaper, it’s awesome. As others said the only part that needs a little tweak is the stars. Keep it up and happy birthday for your son.

  25. Walo

    I like the “Blue Glowing Thingy” (how everybody calls it) wallpaper, it’s awesome. As others said the only part that needs a little tweak is the stars. Keep it up and happy birthday for your son.

  26. Brandon Y

    I haven’t really been compelled to comment on a photo before but this one is just great. Hope a duel screen version is on its way sooner then later.

  27. Meri


    Happy Birthday

    I really hope that the clone wars is cool with lots of lightsabre fights.

    My son – Aidan is 7 and he loooovees Star Wars too.


    I love this wallpaper, expecially the location – off centre, really well done



  28. NautilusNT

    Excellent work as always.

    Love Infinite…..

  29. NikB

    That’s something special, Ryan. The wisps of cloud and dust together with the blue light shining out of the middle make this something I’ll be staring at for ages, to the detriment of my work!

    Happy Birthday to young Ian, too. I remember when he was born – he’s growing up so fast. My son turns 1 in a few weeks, so I still have the Star Wars years ahead of me!

  30. Dan

    At first it reminded me of coalescence, but then I compared the two and realized Hidden Forces is WAY better! I like the effect of the spiral force pulling in and all the little particles or are they stars on the outside.

  31. Terry

    Yeah I still remember you mentioning when you first expected him, cannot believe that five years has gone that quickly. Really liking the new piece – keep up the good work! T.

  32. Overdrive

    … i’m the only one who doesn’t like this one.

    I’m looking at… nothing. It’s not a galaxy, not an abstract, it’s a…ehhmmm…

    Well they can’t be all satisfactory. But after 4 ‘well, ehmm..’ works i really hope the next one will be great again.


  33. Jon H

    Looking at nothing???

    You are looking at a wormhole opening.

  34. Nate F

    There are some interesting effects and the scene is well done; however, I’m just not a huge fan of the space scenes, personally I much prefer a nature scene. I think I’d rather just take a trip a couple hours out of town with a telescope.

  35. dj

    NEVER feel obligated to meet someone else’s deadline. Art is to be developed to the satisfaction of the creator. Trying to decide if the vortex is consuming all around it or spewing everything out. Always have liked your work. This one as well.

  36. asterismW

    I love astronomy, and your space pictures are always my favorites. Every once in a while your abstracts or scenery pictures will strike a chord (even though they’re all pretty), but I’m nearly always drawn to the space images. Interestingly enough, my favorite part of this picture are the colorful little particles; I don’t know why, but they’re what really sets this image apart for me. Keep up the good work!

  37. Niki

    Wow… It’s hard to believe Ian is 5. He’s such a beautiful child. It’s fun to see little glimpses of him as he grows up.

    My little one is about to be a year and I have no idea where that year went. I’m sure you must feel the same! 😉 In an abstract sort of way it makes me step back and look at the changes in my life, in the world, and in things that I enjoy, like your work.

    Your works have grown and changed so much since I started popping into DB many years ago. Some of the old ones are still my all-time favorites, but your new images are captivating in a different way.

    Thank you for all that you’ve brought to us over the years, and sharing the bits of yourself that you have.

  38. Magnus

    One of your best!! Well worth the wait

  39. Tom F.

    Superb. Great. I like the detail. Re the spects, such is what one would expect to see re stars, etc. seen light years away. Look at a photo taken by the Hubble telescope, or any other telescope, of the universe and you’ll know what I mean. This is by far one of the best, if not the best, renditions of what we might see in the universe. I was interested in astronomy in my youth, and still am.

  40. Talestrike

    This image is incredible! One of my new top 10 favorites… any chance of an animated version of this thing?!

  41. Devon Shaw

    Ian is 5? I’m getting OLD. And so are you. 🙂

  42. Greg

    As usual.

  43. Don T

    It is your best one – just like all the rest.

  44. Ciruclon

    You’ve outdone yourself…again!

  45. Benson

    Good to see a new “blue glowing thing” wallpaper. This one’s good excellent, as usual for your space images.

    Null sweat about the estimates; I understand the difficulty and variability, and appreciate the estimates you give.

    BTW, I just might have mentioned this before 😉 , but if you had bigger renders, I guarantee I could sell a subscription. Was at Dad’s place over the weekend showing some of your pictures on a 2400×1920 (double portrait widescreen) display, and I was awestruck all over again the first time I saw the 2560×1600 version of Pride. (And a number of others too, of course.)

    This display is next to a single 1200×1920 monitor (same size) on another system, for a total of 3600×1920. We’ve set up a few wallpapers to spread across all three; the bezels account for ~150px, so we used ~3900×1920 images and slice into 3 not-quite-touching panels, and the results are truly awesome.

    Now the biggest renders you’re doing are 2560×1600 = 4 Mpx and 4800×1200 = 6 Mpx, and I’m asking for an additional 3840×1920 = 7.4 Mpx, and maybe also 5120×1600 and/or 3200×2560 = 8 MPx. That level of extra processing would probably slow your output somewhat, unless you got a second computer to crank out large renders of the last project, while you work on the next one with your main workstation. One possibility, if you can put a specific target you’d need to bring a second system online, is to set up a donation fund towards that goal. I know I’d put in at least $100 towards it, just on the anticipation that I will be getting a rocking huge display setup sometime, and want lots of awesome wallpaper ready then.

    Here’s a possible structure:

    Donations are accepted for up to (say) 30 days, to a stated goal. As soon as the goal is reached, you take the cash, buy a new machine, and start cranking huge wallpapers. If the time limit expires first, you refund everyone’s money, and carry on as-is.

    Seems a fair way of doing things, and it’d give those of us who’d kill for huge versions of your wallpaper a more ethical (and useful) option than in fact killing. And if I’m the only one, I guess I’d find out and be sadder, but no worse off fiscally, in 30 days.

  46. Michael

    I so can’t wait for the dual widescreen of this one. I love your blue glowing thingy wallpapers. I can’t get enough. This ranks up there with my favorites, the original blue maya, flouresence and tropical moon.

  47. darkuncle

    I’ve been a big fan of your space art in particular for the last 7-8 years now, and this one definitely gets my vote as your best work yet in that genre. Simply gorgeous!

    (kudos on Ian’s 5th bday; my oldest just turned 5 in June and is very excited about kindergarten next month. :))

  48. Matt Klem

    Another awesome piece. Keep up the good work and say Happy BD to your little guy!

  49. Ben

    Kindergarten already! I do remember when you announced his arrival, it is amazing how time flys! He looks like and awesome little dude!

  50. MacMage

    WOW – You knocked this one out of the ball park! I perfect 10 from this judge 🙂

    I LOVE IT, but I guess you have figured that out by now.



  51. Myles

    This is an AWESOME wallpaper… It very much reminds me of the scene from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 when a ship comes through the worm hole.

    This would look AWESOME as an animated wallpaper…HINT HINT…

  52. b0bb1ns

    A stunning picture – the epic scale is superb.

    The only negative for me is that the surrounding stars/galaxies look a bit like hundreds and thousands with them all being in different colours. I’d be interested to see how it looks with contrasting blue or white stars or something.

  53. Travis

    Love how you incorporated red-shift/blue-shift stars in this image. And great way to show a galaxy being formed.

    The depth of this image is amazing.

  54. Travis

    Oops, I meant to say:

    If you happen to do another version of this image, could you do it with the stars in a more bluish hue? I think the multi-color feel may make it a bit too noisy surrounding the galaxy.

    Other than that, stunning.

  55. Gabe

    Have to say, I like it. The whole thing is a bit dark perhaps in that it’s more black space than I’m used to having on a desktop wallpaper. I’d love to see more space or nebula work of a similar nature (but let the cat lose by doing more than a singular central point in space). 😉

    Overall I like the effect, but won’t keep it as a wallpaper for long. Good job!

    – Gabe

  56. Jon H

    It’s Awesome, what else can I say?

  57. SLS

    Love this one! Like a lot of others, it seems, I’m a big fan of blue backgrounds! I also really like the multicolored stars. I wouldn’t change anything about this piece of art – it’s beautiful.

  58. Sean W

    I actually said “Wow” out loud when I saw this one fullscreen. Amazing, Ryan, truly amazing.

    As for your son Ian, his taste in movies is fantastic! “Empire Strikes Back” is (very) arguably the best of all of the Star Wars movies. A very Happy Birthday to him! 🙂

  59. RSA

    What ever the big blue blob in the center of the render is…….is really freaking awesome! But the little “star bits” seem too brightly colored and maybe a little cartoony; almost like a high resolution image straight from NASA, and ‘Mario Galaxies’ layered over top of it.

    To everyone that wishes to see ALL renders released at the same time…think of this. If Ryan does go and tweak the star bits again, and re-renders it its a lot of saved time, rather then render everything, then find out the general consensus is that something should be changed. For us Dual and Triple screen guys, the single screen renders are like test renders.

    Also Ryan, I know you said you were going to be posting some Triple Wide Screen renders, at 5760 x 1200 or even larger if I remember. Are these up anywhere yet? I haven’t been able to track them down on the site if they’re posted already.

  60. Pitypot

    I like the overall darkness. I also like the multi colored stars. Very nice.

  61. Patrick

    I love your space ones and this image is no exception. I hope you do a dual screen so Im not just looking at the same image on both screens ^_^ Great work.

  62. Signalfire

    Ryan… I remain in awe of your work.

    On a personal side note, I remember you getting married (I was married the same year, too) and the joy in you when Ian came into the world just a couple years later. I am proud to have been a subscriber since 2000.

    Congrats, for all of it!

  63. Joe

    Just WOW,

    Beyond that…words fail.

  64. Geoff

    This is beautiful. I cannot wait to get a poster of this. As many others have said already… “Wow”.

    For those of you mentioning the multicolored stars… stars are multicolored. Red, Blue, Yellow, White…

  65. DaveShaw

    … as usual.

    And many happy returns to Ian.


  66. Levis

    This is a great piece of work and I have been waiting for something like this. Thank You!

  67. Matt V.

    LOVE this new one. Nice job, Ryan!

  68. AR

    Combine this one with “The Overseer” behind the big planet or somewhere?

  69. Scott

    One of your best. Instant smash hit.

  70. Shane

    I think this is one of my top space pieces you’ve done. The only critique i have is the colors on the stars seems a little garish. You do such a good job of blending the colors with the ripples and the stars seem to provide too much of a contrast. It could be my monitor too, but those are my two cents.

  71. Tarkan2467

    People at work are going to gawk at my desktop for the rest of the week. YAY!

  72. Hidden For

    I realy liked this one.

    Thank you very much.

    Bob Davis

  73. eman

  74. Jason

    Images like this are the reason I keep coming back. Bravo…..Bravo…….Bravo

  75. MG

    This would look really cool as an animation! I love Singluarity’s animation (My Current Dreamscene on my Vista Machine)

    Another Ace, well done!!


  76. Curtis

    This is absolutely stunning work. When i heard you were going back to the planetscape images i was very excited. Those have always been some of your best work.

    This does not disappoint.

    Gorgeous. 🙂

  77. Maryann

    He’s a beautiful boy, Ryan and Jess. No doubt a tribute to his great parents. Happy BD!!

  78. Daniel

    This is a awesome piece of work ryan… One of the best to date…

    and happy bday to your little dude Ian.. 🙂

    Cheers man

  79. Colleen Sn

    Happy Birthday Ian!

    I remember when your Dad announced your coming.

    Five years have gone soooooo fast. Have a wonderful first day at school. It is going to be a wonderful exciting year for you. Enjoy the best is yet to come.

    Best wishes,


  80. Phillip D

    I really love this….It looks so wonderful on my desktop.. I have two screens so hopefully you will have one that size soon.

    Nice family you have. Spend as much time as you can for they only be little for a short while. I have six kids and they are growing up ..sometimes I regret that I did not spend as much time as I should while they were little.

    I have been a member of your site off and on for past three or so years..and your art just gets better and better…I can imagine how good you will be doing in upcoming years compare from today.

    – Phillip

  81. Abby

    First off – GORGEOUS!!!!

    Happy Birthday to Ian. I remember still using just the free site when he was born. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  82. Michael

    I love this peice, it reminds me of mabey when the universe was created.

  83. Anderson

    This is definitely one of the best you’ve done. As for timing, and especially “(so you aren’t constantly checking the site and being disappointed if nothing new is there)”, RSS is a goodness.

    What happened to 1680×1050 renders? I have a machine I’d love to use your wallpapers on, but that is its native resolution, and I see no such resolutions in your last several images. Is it ‘obsolete’? I would like to believe (a) 1680×1050 isn’t as obsolete as 1280×1024, and (b) your work will only get better, and this latter is certainly supported by your more recent projects.

    I second Benson’s proposal, and would also kick in $100+ to help fund the secondary big render machine, also in the expectation that when I cover a wall in my living room with display panels I have some Worthy Wallpaper [TM] with which to grace it.

    Cheers, and a big Happy 5 to Ian!


  84. Mark

    This one is just amazing…I would totally buy a poster of this one…so…you should put this on your zazzle….hint hint.

    Nice work again man!

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