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I’ve had this image floating around in my mind for quite a while now but didn’t really have a good way to realize it until I learned more about Cinema4D’s Pyro system, which I used to simulate the steam vents.    I also used C4D to create the planet background but I used Gaea and VUE for the foreground.   The title, as with many of my planetscapes, comes from Greek mythology.   Pallas was the daughter of Triton and granddaughter of Poseidon.

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10 reviews for Pallas

  1. csway

    new plus member here love the space themes the most but nature is also top notch…my eyes cant tell the difference between regular and lossless but i might aswell go with lossless anyway lol

  2. Dick Proenneke

  3. Julie Juracich

    I think this one looks amazing, and I love the colors!

  4. Eric Liscinsky
    [Donor, Lifetime]

    GREAT render! I agree with others, there should be more variance in the “venting”. Maybe some “shorter or taller” than others denoting strength/pressure of the venting.
    Loving the blue!!!

  5. Thomas Geldeard

    Liking the blue vibe here. Maybe a different version with 4/5 steams could go in the pickle jar.

  6. Nathan Zachary
    [Plus, Lifetime]

    Sorry for the double post, but I just noticed that the “non-watermarked” versions still seem to have a watermark (reference: 7680×1440).

    • Ryan

      Apologies! I still use the old process for creating the multiscreen masters and it applies a watermark that I have to remember to remove before uploading to the server.

      I’ve uploaded new versions and the they should be watermark-free 🙂

  7. Nathan Zachary
    [Plus, Lifetime]

    I enjoy this space scene, but something about the specific blue colours of the ice formations seems strange to me. I can’t quite tell if it’s related to the hue, the saturation, or something else entirely. All in, though, another thought-provoking and fascinating world that you’ve created!

  8. Christopher Spera

    This is GREAT! Love the space themes and planetscapes you do. This one, I think needs more velocity on the steam coming out of the vents. It currently looks like all of them are simply wafting out, and I don’t know that all of them would (with as many of them as there are). Wouldn’t 1 or 2 be geiser like??

  9. Timothy Sullivan
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Reminds me of the final scene of the 1985 movie “The Quiet Earth.”

  10. Cathy Warren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    I love the Blue and white colors in this render and love the steam vents and the ice, it gives this the right very cold (brrr) vibe. And I love the rings around the planet, but the planet itself has a very one dimensional flat look to it, so I’m giving this a 3.5-4 star rating. But I also totally get where you were going with this render. Can’t wait for the next one. :).

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