Badlands (Night)


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I know some folks always prefer darker scenes for their desktop (myself included) so I thought it wise to create a nighttime version of “Badlands”. Created and rendered on my Bucephalus workstation during breaks from working on a new Holiday piece on Shadowfax.
Have I mentioned that I would love to replace Bucephalus with something new??

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Badlands (Night) Dual

8 reviews for Badlands (Night)

  1. Tyler [lifer]

    But the “little dude” is so unobtrusive! At least to me..

  2. Jenanne [liferplus]

    Beautiful! I love the color of the planet rising behind the hills. Could we have a pickle jar version without the little dude, though?

  3. Eric [liferplus]

    What no lossless version? I don’t see any link for it.

  4. Tarot [basicmember]

    Great render. Everything is smooth. Looks like a mountain made of obsidian glowing in some purplish sunset.

  5. Patrick [lifer]

    Awesome scene! Will there be a 21:9 render?

  6. Luiz Marques [liferplus]

    I noticed that the multiscreen has a lot more fog than the single (even in the shared part)… Obviously this is a matter of opinion, but the amount of fog in the single screen version looks nicer to me.

  7. D. C. Sessions [lifer]

    You nailed the moonlight (that must be a *very* crowded sky!)

    Reminds me of camping on the rim of one of the Grand Canyon’s side canyons on a full-moon night with the moon rising above the hills to the east.

    For context, that was 1966 and still remembered vividly. Great work, Ryan.

  8. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Now this night version is even better, it looks so inviting, a place you’d never get tired of exploring, Awesome

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