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90 reviews for Phraxis

  1. Romann.AV

    This has always been one of my favourite renders for monitor backgrounds. I usually have asymmetric monitor setups, so having this on one monitor and contrasting it with another more ‘mellow’ planet really puts the power of this one on display.

  2. M. Ryan

    Might we get a pickle jar version of Phraxis without the rings around it? I agree that it does look like Coruscant of the Star Wars movies.

  3. Hank

    This is an awesome render, is it rated a bit lower because of the dual monitor split? Bah! Just man up and get a third monitor, problem solved! Heheh.

  4. Biscuitz

    Just left of the rings near the center of the picture…is that a fingerprint?

    Very cool planet, though.

  5. julian

    I guess I am the exception on this one. I donΒ’t like the center art work being split up by the screens. I have only one monitor at home, but at work I have dual. I have always liked the fact that in your multiple monitors, it showed a biggerwider view. Almost like looking out a window.

  6. Eric

    I have the image on both my work computer (widescreen version) and at home (dual widescreen version) computer. Reminds me of the Borg home world but more colorful.

  7. Iain Lenno

    The picture looks great, but on a dual screen system having the planet in the middle means it is broken up by the screen edge which I find very distracting. I’d prefer it off centre as previous.

  8. Sly V.

    Its pretty cool. Its not your best planetscape but a grand piece none-the-less. I do love it when you do your planetscapes. πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work.

  9. asterismW

    As a math/science geek, I LOVE the fractals in the planet. And I was excited about the dual screen render displaying the planet across both screens (Cosmic Dawn has always been one of my favorites), but unfortunately the dual *widescreen* render doesn’t do that. Ah well, it’s still a ruling picture!

  10. Spikeydog

    I absolutely love the main planet – I find the designs on the spellbinding. I’d love to see a Pickle Jar version that is zoomed in to show more of the main planet. I’m presently using a higher-resolution version and zooming in so I see the UL moon closer to the UL corner and the planet is cropped on the right and bottom so I ultimately see more planet on screen – but for my widescreen monitor, I can’t do that.

  11. Dennis

    I am in the camp that looks at this as a world inhabited by a very advanced race of beings. Probably very into art. It also looks to me as if they may revere the circle.

    This is probably a smaller world that had no atmosphere, but they seem to have made one. I see bustling cities with billions of inhabitants.

    Bravo. Well done!

  12. Jack Bryan

    In looking back to some previous years of these great pics which I use for background (my wife loves them)I noticed that we are getting much fewer pics now than in previous years. Why?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  13. Benson

    Read through the last few posts? Ryan’s been having a tough time medically, which would wreak havoc with anyone’s work.

  14. Benson

    Well, I don’t have this on either of my multi-head setups (for one thing, I’ve gone over/under these days, instead of left/right), but I like the central composition.

    If monitors are mounted such that the gap becomes troublesome, it’s always possible to use a crop from the dual-wide, triple, or triple-wide images to redo things to taste. In fact, I’ve been known to do that already on ones with your usual composition style, just because I liked it a bit better that way.

    While I’m not a real big fan of the planet’s appearance when I think about it too much (for me, it’s not physically plausible enough to be a planet, and not different enough for me to let it go as an abstract), there’s not much that can beat the triple-screen for sheer awesomeness. There’s just something epic about it; it’s almost enough to unstack my displays for.

  15. wdino

    I disagree with Cat (“Love the image, but not the dual”) — I think a big part of the “coolness factor” of having a dual-screen setup is the fact that the two screens are not separate and independent entities but merged together. Having the main focus of the piece split across two monitors really highlights this in a way that just isn’t possible with the alternative (leaving the main focus isolated on one half). I’ve always favored the dual screen renders which have a split element.

  16. ChrisSpera

    this planetscape has the whole 5th Element thing going on!

    Very cool wallpaper. Definitely one of my favorites!

    Chris Spera

  17. Mark

    Pretty good, reminds me of the Borg homeworld. πŸ™‚

    I would love to see you do a conception of a Dyson sphere partially completed around a sun.

  18. Aeolwind

    Wasn’t sure I was too keen on the “split the planet” idea at first Ryan, but I have to admit, I dig it!

  19. Hally

    Hi Ryan

    I’ve only just noticed some of the really old pics.

    e.g. 1997, 1998

    They’re Amazing!

    But they need to be brought back.. With more available sizes.

    Lovin Your Work!

  20. Cat

    Personally the reason why I have always loved *your* dualscreens, over the many years I’ve been addicted to DB, is you *don’t* have the key element spoilt by the split in my monitors. Ever since I’ve had a dual setup, 9 times out of 10, I’ve used one of your wallpapers for this very reason. To be honest I don’t mind having elements “forced to one side” at all, as it means I can move my icons, widgets etc where they don’t spoil the artwork.

    I do adore this wallpaper though, so I guess I’ll have to see if I can find one of the other formats to adapt πŸ™‚

  21. Jay5gen

    Ahhh… a centered dual screen, thank you so much, this looks awesome. Nice to not have to recrop the tri screen for a change… lol

  22. Steve

    Also want to put in the good word for the split. I work with 2 monitors and mainly use my left. Having the actual bulk of the artwork split makes for a more aesthetically pleasing combined picture.

  23. KODY

    this is just an idea comming from a highschool student who has been in visual arts classes working with images but a way that you may be able to incorporate this planet into a vue scene is go along the lines of the thetus moon scene but use this planet, and go along with the enviroment from planitia and do a day time scene so taht you can use a simple or complex haze to put that distant/ planet like feel to the picture so that you can still see the planet but that atmosphere of the moon is causing a kind of haze that puts the planet off in the distance so that you can see it clearly but still wonder about what its like on that moon if you were standing there.

    just an idea/ please comment on the idea and if you would, if youve made your own apophysis scripts to maybe post one or two so that i can test them. We just started using apophysis in my digital arts class.

  24. P

    I love how its split now. Looks so much better then just having the original crammed on one screen.

    Good Job!

  25. Ryan

    Thanks for the comments guys. In the future I will not be so scared of splitting the main element onto two screens.

  26. Michael

    Great work!! Been wanting a change!

  27. Nick

    This is definitely one of the best dual screen works you’ve done! Hope you’re feeling well πŸ™‚

  28. Travis

    I dig this image, especially the dual screen one. It looks like an uber-death star! It’s gonna kill 4 planets all at once, EEEGAD!

  29. Lawrence G

    I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and that you are in my prayers. If you are not a man of prayer, know that prayer changes people. Because of your recent illness, I took it upon myself to put you on my prayerlist. It is also my prayer that you may find salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope doesn’t offend you.

    Thanks again for your work, I truly appreciate it. I fix computers and I put one of your pictures on every computer I fix.

  30. RC

    I officially like your new 7680 wide images. They are big enough for me to break the image for my quad-screen setup without loss of quality!

  31. mslongjr

    It reminds me a little bit of Strogg and a little bit of the planets stored in V’ger’s holographic memory from ST:TMP.

    And it’s pretty.

  32. Ragnarok


    I originally posted long-winded about how this image did not tell a story and how it was not your best work ect… I must say that having it on my desktop for the last 48 hours or so has caused it to grow on me. I don’t know exactly what it is about it, but I actually like this one now. I won’t go as far as to say I love it, but I definitely will leave it up a while longer. Hopefully we can see more expansion on this fractal concept in your planetscapes in the near future!

    God Bless

  33. Jeff

    I check in every couple of days and when I saw this one I uttered one sound…oooooo. Awesome work, hope you are feeling better.

  34. Dan

    Spectacular!! This one is awesome. First thing I thought of when I saw this was asteroids floating through space hitting this planet. That’s what I see when I look at the red dots and circles. Very well done on this one! You really have these space scapes down pat.

  35. Ingo

    I really like this picture. I like it because it’s different. Personally, I don’t really think it looks much like a planet. To me it looks like some kind of foreign object in space, perhaps something alien. I’ve been looking through some of the other comments and I’ve noticed that many people associate the piece with some kind of story (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.) or tell their own story (asteroids hitting the surface) which is kind of the point of art in the first place.

    Great job! Glad you’re feeling better!

  36. drow

    my mind hasn’t decided whether its seeing a glittering ecumenopolis or a vast arcane cataclysm, but its pretty awesome regardless. thanks!

  37. Aeolwind

    I dig your space scenes man. I clicked the wrong thing so I under rated my actual opinion of this one. 9/10.

  38. Will

    This reminds me of the reman(sp?) plant they talk about in the last Star Trek movie (nemesis, I think). I like it because of that. I kind of look at it like those are mines and mining camps that are pulling something valuable out of the planet. Your abstracts and planet scapes are not my favorite of yours but this one I like.


    The only change I would make to it is to add a bit less light to the top of the planet. Or at the least make the circles on the planet a bit less bright on the top left side.

  39. Luke

    I love the fractal rings, but as someone mentioned above I think it would look better without the light in the corner.

  40. Ragnarok

    Well Ryan,

    I think it goes without saying that this is not your best work. As a planetscape grand master, this like others have mentioned does not do justice for your superior level of skill (especially in this area of design). Having said that, I believe you should picklejar this bad boy and redefine it a bit. Like another guest mentioned, it doesn’t ‘tell a story’ unfortunately. Your images always seem to have a story to tell, but I view this and say to myself, “what the hell is going on here?” I believe you were doing your experimental thing, and you always seem to take heat while learning a new software or program. I can guarantee that once you master it we will all be amazed, again… Glad you are back with it brother.

    My favorite request: Conjunction Part II please?

  41. chiops

    Planetscapes are not a favourite of mine, but I do like this.

    Being a trekker from way back (yeah, I don’t have a life) this reminds me of the beginning of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country during which a Klingon Moon called Praxis explodes.

    Ryan, live long and prosper!

  42. Chris

    I think what’s really important here is that Ryan is back with us! I quite like this particular piece of work, and while not necessarily one of the better ones, I do appreciate that soon after getting patched up Ryan is doing what he does best, and that is making art for us.

    Keep them coming mate πŸ™‚

  43. Matt


    I really, *really* love your space scenes and this is no exception.

    The only problem is that I really wish I hadn’t read the bit about you creating it by incorporating fractals. Now I see fractals more than cities. This is, however, my own problem. =/

    In any case, great scene as always. Thanks Ryan, and I hope your road to recovery is going more smoothly now.

  44. Matt E

    Hey Ryan.

    I hope your recovery is going well for you.

    Awesome piece of work. I look forward to each new scene that you create and bring to life.

    Well done!

  45. Terry

    Hey Ryan,

    Glad you’re getting better. I’ve always been a bigger fan of your landscapes but I like this. As a few others have said how about doing a design pickle jar where all your failed renders go, I know you might think they would distract from your final works but I’d really be interested in see the processes and ideas you explore.


  46. Chad

    I’ve been enjoying your images since ’98. Glad that you are back doing what you love. If only the rest of us could like what we do as much as you do. Keep doing what you do best!

  47. DaveL

    I respectfully diagree with whoever it was that said it did not tell a story… When I looked at this image, the first thing I saw was the planet Trantor from Asimov’s Foundation series. Or for you Star Wars types, this could easily be the planet Courazant… Bottom line, I like it Ryan, keep fighting the good fight !

  48. Scott

    two words came to mind when I saw this on the main page:



  49. Ben

    Quote: <>

    I also saw the post about it being somewhat like the Klingon Moon, Praxis, but the first thing that came to mind for me, was the planet of machines from the first Star Trek Movie, which would go along perfectly with Asimov since he helped with the first Trek movie. Go figgir! πŸ™‚

    Great work yet again Ryan! *saves and uses it now*

  50. Dan S.

    I’ve never thought of mapping one of my Apophysis renders onto another object. I like the idea. But if you didn’t use Vue for the scenery, what did you use?

  51. Jon H

    This is great! it looks like Coruscant from Star Wars!

  52. Thad

    Is that a fingerprint or multiple fingerprints off on the left side where the haze starts to fade out?

  53. John

    I definitely believe Ryan is back in the groove of things! This is the second winner in a row! I will say that I am more fond of the planet scape scenes than anything else Ryan does. Just a beautiful masterpiece! Well done. This is now my new desktop pic!

  54. SCM

    The color on the planet is really nice. I do not really like space scenes, however, this is really nice. Good work, hope you are feeling better.

  55. Scott P


  56. ppisarek

    More excelent work.

    The corona effect of the star reaching out, the not quite space haze and the variations of the reddish color of the main planet (both distinct and subtle) are really nice. But I have an issue with the rings on the planet surface. for whatever the reason they spoil the whole effect making the planet look “plastic-y” overall. In particular the indented one at the top and the sharply defined one in the forefront.

    They would not be in there if you did not want them to be an element of your composition but I think they distract. Maybe if they were less in your face?

    Just a comment but please realize they are comming from somebody that has enough artistic talent to produce a straight line if provided with an entire drafting kit. As a paid up lifetime member I have enjoyed your stuff for years and hope you continue.


  57. DHG


    An intestinal obstruction

  58. Collossus

    I really like these space and planet oriented themes, I hope you can make a few more before changing gears and going on to something different.

    P.S. are those ships or just debris in the lower right hand corner?

  59. Curtis

    This is one of the best looking planetscapes in a while. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

    I love the fractal effect on the planet itself. The contrast with the grey background.

    Thank you Ryan! You never fail to amaze us.

    I do hope everything is going well for you.

  60. Getwired

    Feels like Cosomogony, but better — more character and the planet is simply amazing. Keep it up, and glad you’re feeling good enough to crank out another g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s planetscape. Cheers!

  61. Chris

    Hey Ryan,

    This is one of the best planetscapes yet! It just looks incredible on my desktop this morning.

    One thing that I have been meaning to mention however is the large number of moons that you consistently include in a lot of your planetscapes.

    I actually think that it would add to your planetscapes if you did tone down the large number of moons. Other examples I can think of besides this newest image are Cosmogony and Cosmic Dawn.

    A few less moons would add to the realism and help you take these plantscapes to an even higher level!

    Plantescapes are my favorite, so once again thanks for your excellent work!

  62. Ryan

    Wow, that’s kind of freaky!

  63. John

    That’s the coolest looking planet I’ve ever seen.

    What are the ships & debris the one guy is talking about? I don’t see anything in the lower right hand corner. Could they be Dorito crumbs? Maybe I’m blind.

  64. Slash

    Ryan, it’s images like this that made me a life time subscriber. I’ve always loved your planetscapes, keep up the great work!

  65. BACoyote

    Am I the only one that is reminded of Coruscant from the Star Wars universe? Awesome render, I can’t wait for the triple-widescreen version.

  66. Matthew

    You’re not the only one. It reminds me of Corsucant or also Trantor from Asimov’s Foundation Series. I don’t know about the rings but the planet itsself is neat.

  67. Kody

    completely cool, i think this is the next gen of your work. it would be awesome to do some renderes of some older work using this technique such as using the colors of planitia in a new color pallete and using that as a texture for the planet in it.

  68. Ryan

    My son, Ian, also thought it looked like Coruscant. But then he’s a major Star Wars geek (for a five year old).

  69. Tardis


  70. Patrick

    this reminds me of Star Wars as well. Excellent job!

  71. Patrick

    The large circle on the planet looks like its a hole in the atmosphere. I don’t know if that was inteneded or not, but its a nice effect. Serval people in my office area have already commented on the wallpaper and all were thumbs ups.

  72. Tim

    This is a really magnificent space scene,:) I can tell you used apophysis for the planet circles and overlayed an image on top of the sphere.8)

    My only gripe is that from far the image looks astonishing but up close

    I can’t help but feel the planet surface is too 2-dimensional. And I’m not sure what story your trying to tell.

    Other than that it is a fabulous new image and cant wait for the next one!

  73. Sean W

    What a fascinating concept; a planet consumed by or composed of fractal flames. This new piece is gorgeous! I hope you are doing well, and continue to recover as needed.

    Again, well done on this new piece! Perfect 10!

  74. Tinman

    This is defo one of your best… very Star Wars Coruscant esque which is no bad thing!

    keep up the experiments!

  75. Randall

    Another fantastic image! Thank you so much!

  76. Kenny J

    This is very nice. It has a ‘wow’ effect while remaining peaceful or subtle. I hope this means your recovery is moving along. Take care and I look forward to seeing how you blend this new tool in future creative projects.

  77. RC

    I always enjoy your space renders more than most of the others! Great job with a new, spectacular one – I think one of the best you’ve made.

    Look forward to the giant 4800 pixel wide triplescreen so I can convert it for my odd display sizes.

  78. Justin

    love it, you’re doing a great job.

  79. Jenanne

    Ryan, it’s great to have you back! You certainly haven’t lost your touch. I love this one — it’s replacing Harbinger as my wallpaper. Thank you!

  80. John

    The sun in the top-left corner is WAY to bright!

  81. Paul

    This image is strikingly beautiful – I love it!

  82. Lidia

    That’s a very interesting looking planet. I really like this image, except for the light at the top left corner, which is a bit too bright. Could there be a version without that light there on the corner?

  83. Trystan

    Can we have a pickle jar version(s) of the ideas you scrapped? πŸ™‚

    Looks great though, keep up the good work!

  84. Heather

    Hey! I love all of your designs but I was wondering if any of the sizes would fit the blackberry storm?

  85. Kevin

    I have much enjoyed many of your planetscape art, however this one disappointed me. It reminded me of someone who is just getting started in digital art, not someone who has experience with it. In a sense I am just saying that I know you could have done much better. I’ve seen it.

  86. Loren

    Don’t get me wrong, I love your landscapes and more “terrestrial” images, but these space images like this one really shows your talent. I set it as my background on a very large screen and people who walk in immediately comment on it! Images like these make my day! Keep up the good work! I love it!

  87. John A

    Looks to me like you took planetscapes Cosmogony and Crucible as a base, added some rings and applied the Axiomatic abstract to the planet’s surface.

    I don’t like this, but the rest of your new images are really top notch.

  88. Hawk

    I like it muy mucho!

    Keep up the good work!

  89. Kris

    Unfortunately I do not like this new image very much, like was mentioned before the planet looks fake / plasticy, and I dont much care for the rings on the moon. However I did like your last piece very much.

  90. TheDrooper

    When I saw this image, my first thought was that the planet surface looks like particle tracks from bubble chamber experiments.

    Ryan, good to have you back!

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