At World’s Edge


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This was the first in my “At World’s Edge” series which includes:

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111 reviews for At World’s Edge

  1. Marc Grondin [plusmember]

    This one is going to stick as my background for a while. Just amazing. My favorite of the series by far.

  2. Pippa [basicmember]

    Lovely autumnal colours

  3. Marco [lifer]

    Very Beautiful

  4. Meadow

    This is SUCH a awesome wallpaper! This is truly amazing! Thank you so much for making these wonderful wallpapers! They make me smile every time I see my computer! 8) Have a wonderful autumn!

  5. Geep

    Just wanted to let you know I found someone with a persona of this. Here is the link:

    As a side note, I have this as my logscreen picture and it looks fantastic. One of my favorites. 🙂

  6. Erin H

    I love this and the spring version. It creates such a feeling of peace and tranquility as if I myself am on my way to sit on the soft grass and clear my mind.

  7. Alex H

    Am I the only one who thought of Majoras Mask upon seeing this? 😛 Absolutely wonderful

  8. Reuben

    I thought this was a summer wallpaper not an autumn one, if so would we be seeing a summer one come in eventually like we did the spring version?

  9. Chris B

    How the change in seasons drastically changes the picture. This one is dreamy, peaceful & relaxing, while the winter version is harsh, dead, and has that sense of foreboding. That’s why I love your work.

  10. Chuck

    You know that “happy place” you are supposed to go to in your mind when you are stressed out? …This is very close to mine. It is very soothing. Thank you

  11. LANMan

    I absolutly love this pic, it has such a warm feeling!

  12. Vivian Ton

    My subject line says it all. This looks fantastic! I love the texture! It’s soft and calming. This is fabulous. It must have taken you so long to work on this.

    This is why I will subscribe forever. 😉

  13. Vaul

    Like the subject says, I love this one. The ‘texture’ of it looks very much like a quality painting. The colors and drama of the drop off are also excellent.

  14. RoninStorm

    Thanks for providing the 1680 x 1050 resolution for your images. I’ve been using the 1920 version and the stretch option but the native resolution version is noticeably sharper on my screen.

    At World’s Edge now looks even more awesome! 🙂

  15. Mandy

    Thank you soooo much for another beautiful scene and for more resolution options! We have alot to be thankful for here.

  16. Mike249

    Interesting note, the abbreviation is quite applicable. This piece is magnificent. Thumbs up!

  17. SnowBlown

    First I’d like to say this is a very beautiful picture. The only problem I have is that the day I found it we had snow 🙁 Most people wouldn’t consider that a big deal but I try to match my desktop to the season. Well at least I know I have a good Fall desktop for next year. Keep up the great work.

  18. Telaria

    Ryan – when I saw this for the first time, it truly took my breath away. Subscribing to your site is my Christmas gift to myself. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your work and, more importantly, for deciding all those years ago to share it with the world.

    Happy Holidays to all!!!

  19. Maneesh

    This is one of the best so far. It has a feeling of nostalgia to it.

  20. Mike

    My first thought was that it reminded me of an oil painting. Very beautiful!

  21. MDR

    .. but from a distance it seems a bit blurry. I liked the sharpness of Red and Gold which made my screen look like a painting.

  22. James

    I love how the tree and grass looks real while the sky looks like a water painting.


  23. sirabbadon

    I don’t know if it’s the software, or your ever-progessing skill, or both, but the clouds are starting to look like real clouds, and not so smoke/mist-like. Clouds, like fire, are hard stuff make look good, and this looks excellent. Great work.

  24. Mike

    Just to throw in my two cents, I have a Storm and would love to see Storm size images available from DB!

  25. Chris

    Simply beautiful.

    One note, though – I use your images as backgrounds on my PS3 – in the 1080p image, the sun is directly behind the selected icon on the XMB. Makes it hard to read the text.

    Doesn’t stop me from using it, however – this is one of my favorites.

  26. buckwheat

    Ryan, yet another masterpiece! I have said it before, but it needs to be said again. I thank you for the work you do (what talent). It is not easy finding wallpaper for triple monitors. I would never go back to just one monitor, so I have to work with what is out there. You have solved that problem for me. Thank You.

  27. Sly V.

    This piece is pretty awesome. I must agree with Ben your foliage lately has been pretty superb. I also love the dreamy focus on this image. It still doesn’t beat my all time favorite, Cosmos but it definitely makes a stunning artwork. I am actually quite interested in what you can do with this new program in your future works of your planetscapes.

    To those who made there first comments: Be sure to stick around. Ryan loves the comments 🙂

    Happy holidays to all and their families.

  28. Brett

    1 word…


    this has taken my #1 spot 😉


  29. Stefan

    After seeing this I had to renew my subscription, I got a lifetime membership now, this is wallpaper is amazing. Perfect color, light and shadown, thanks !

    Sry for the bad english 😛 Im Brazilian.

  30. Randy

    Beautiful Ryan.

  31. John A

    Best render you’ve ever done. Absolutely beautiful.


  32. Benjamin

    I’ve noticed a few comments about how this is Ryan’s “best work ever” or something along those lines. My question is, Ryan, where do you rank this? Do you feel it ranks in the top 3? Top 5? Or is there such variety that you can’t really rank like that at all? Just curious what you think about your own work.

  33. Joss

    Hey Ryan,

    I’ve got to hand it to you, this may have been an experimental project…but it’s certainly not lacking any amazingness!

    I loaded the tri-screen version up just now and…wow…there’s not much more I can say!

    Anyway, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family!

    Good work!

    I hope you’re pleased with the outcome 🙂

  34. brhume

    I’m a long time fan of your work and this is my first post for this beautiful one.

    I like it very much.

    I think you could do a great 3840×1200 with this one.

  35. P’tit Lu

    This is exactly the kind of work that makes me happy about my lifetime membership. Great work.

  36. Roberto


    this is your best work ever, according to me.

    This is the best digital painting I’ve ever seen in my life, all my compliments.

    You usually paint very good pictures but thisis the best.

    All my compliments,


  37. Mirage

    This is an amazing piece of work Ryan, if this was just an excersize on the new/upgraded software, then I am looking forward to ALL of your future projects. The realism is amazing!

    I did want to give my input on a few previous comments (and this is just the opinion of another observer, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt).

    First, from Josh_D about how the land stops. From my point of view, that seems like the point of the piece. It is called “At World’s Edge”, it wouldn’t be the edge if it didn’t stop. I get the feeling of being on the very edge of a cliff, it makes me wonder what’s beneath the clouds, is it the ocean, or is it just nothing.

    And regarding Mike’s opinion, except that Ryan has never just done the things you listed. Looking back at his past work, realistic landscapes are in there along with the rest of them, and this new software is taking them to a whole new level. I will agree with your last point however, Ryan should definitely continue to do pieces that make him happy, whatever those pieces happen to be.

    This is one of the best and beautiful digital landscapes that I’ve seen yet.

  38. js

    I think you’ve really taken your work to the next level. Keep it up!

  39. CPinTX

    I like the sort of soft, almost surreal feel to it. Sort of dreamy.

    Also, in regards to someone’s comments about the way the pic just stops… well, I’d have to agree the most recent commentator–it IS called “At World’s Edge”.

    Coincidentally, this reminds me of a PBS travel special I recently saw about Germany. It ended with the host of the show on top of one of the German Alps. She was so high that she was *above* the clouds and obviously being on the top of the mountain, she was also “at world’s edge”. It was breath-taking.

    Thanks, Ryan!

  40. dejerdejer

    Ryan, this picture is just flat great. I spent a bit of time looking at this picture trying to find flaws. Usually with most of your creations I can find something I think is out of place or not quite right. I can’t find any with this one. If you look at the tree in some spots you look and see some floating leaves. Then, you take a closer look and you can actually make out the little twig holding those leaves on. This is excellent work, can’t wait to see whats next!

  41. Gilboron

    I’m kind of having a mixed opinion on this one. There’s something off about the tree, and it’s not one of those images that immediately evokes something inspirational from me – unusual for your work.

    Maybe it’s too much realism. Maybe that is making the picture uncanny.

    It’s not something I can put my finger on…

  42. Amanda

    This is a very beautiful image, Ryan. I love the landscapes – they are my favorites. This one is going straight to the desktop. Thank you for the wonderful artwork – it lets my mind wander after a long busy day at work. I can’t wait for a new holiday/winter piece.

  43. Paul

    I like this one, but I think there’s a little too much bloom to the point where everything seems almost murky. Not a game breaker by any means, though.

  44. Jay

    I have always had a concern that paying for a site like this would be a waste of money. This pic is yet another reason why that ideal was smashed to pieces. There is always something about them that makes me smile. Happy Thanksgiving Ryan, this truly was a gift!

  45. Gord

    Hey Ryan,

    Love the background, and I’ve already got it as my desktop – however the 2560 by 1024 isn’t quite 2560 pixels wide – it’s about 30 pixels short, I think…! It’s making it repeat on my windows desktop… thought you’d like to know 🙂


  46. Ryan

    Note sure how that happened. Sorry! I’ve posted a file with the proper pixels.

  47. Eryn Faith

    A great wall paper with the weather turning so bleak and rainy. Thanks Ryan I look forward to the winter ones for next year 🙂

  48. Deatherage

    I Love it, my favorite scene in a long time! (and that’s saying something)

  49. hads

    Hi Ryan,

    Fantastic work as usual.

    The other day I was playing with KDE4 which doesn’t support an image spanned over multiple screens.

    I needed to split the dual widescreen files to fit my (1680×1050) monitors. For anyone else that may want to split files themselves I used this command;

    for i in *; do convert -crop 50%x100% $i ../split/$i; done



    P.S. I’d agree, don’t stress too much about the lower resolutions people can definitely use the scale function.

  50. Benjamin

    I love your recent work with foliage. The grass in this image is superb, and the tree is amazing!

    Another thing that caught my eye about this image was the clouds. Usually I find your clouds a bit too sharp and crisp, rather than soft and misty. This, however, really looks good. Props Ryan!

  51. Scot

    this is amazing! At a first glance it looks like a painting with that hazy sky in the background. I Love it! 🙂

  52. Jamie N.


    And probably the most realistic-looking image you’ve ever made.

  53. robk64

    The aspect ratio for your 1920 x 1200 images worked fine on my vintage 2007 MacBook Pro 15″, but additional options are always welcome. I’m not really sure what the benefit would be using one over the other, as file sizes between the two resolutions show no consistent advantage.

    The bottom line is that folks asked for it, and you delivered.


  54. Travis

    Incredibly well done, Ryan. I agree with other folks, the foliage is amazing and this entire image just has a dream-like quality to it. I could just fall into that bed of clouds…

  55. Are

    You’re really outdone yourself this time. This is absolutely beautiful, and in my opinion the most realistic outdoor scene I’ve ever seen. A definite top score. Great work!

  56. Rob


    This is the first post i’ve made on here in years, I just had to say HOW GOOD IS THIS???

    It’s so smooth and the colours are awesome. I’d love to see a light blue sky at night version. Awesome~!

    Excellent work Ryan

  57. Lily

    Beautiful, Ryan! I really love the landscapes with trees and this is the best one ever! Thanks again for a beautiful job.

  58. thebrix

    It reminded me of a painting which, at first, I couldn’t place. A quick image search found it:

    And some other Friedrich images, such as “The Wanderer Above the Mists”

  59. ned

    I also really love this one. And thanks so much for including 1440×900! It’s so often overlooked.

  60. Ryan

    Thanks for all the great comments folks. I’m glad many of you seem to enjoy the image!Just wanted to mention that, once again, I was tempted to add a human to this image but decided against it this time. Instead I left the seat open for the viewer.As for the extra widescreen resolutions, it seemed to me that there might be a significant number of folks out there who were deciding not to sign up because their preferred resolution was not available. I just wanted to remove this barrier.

  61. Frank S

    Hello and Good Morning, I love all your work, and this latest wallpaper is magnificent. Just another piece of work to add in the “Greatest” category.

    I was hoping/asking to please, please do a Holiday/Winter wallpaper. If you weren’t thinking about doing one.

    Thanks so much,

    Happy Holidays..

  62. Rob

    For me, this is one of your best images yet. Just beautiful!

  63. Ari

    This image has a soft quality that makes it look particularly inviting – I just want to sit under that tree. Good one Ryan!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


  64. Cerviperus

    Beautiful work, Ryan. If a dual-screen version follows, this will become the new background on my work PC. I love these types of images for use there. That way, I get a sort of calming aspect in my hectic days! Right now, it’s set to “Untouched” for that same reason. Wonderful picture, as always.

    Have a good holiday!

  65. adoY (proud member of DB!)


    Your scenery images keeps getting better and better! Everytime i see a new one, i am stunned! ‘At World’s Edge’ for example has really beautiful colors!

    You are *really* good at this, maybe you should publish them on a website! 🙂

    Best wishes from Holland!

  66. Daanoz

    Recently quite some mobiles have been released on the pda wvga resolution (800×480).

    For example:

    – HTC Touch HD

    – Sony Ericson Xperia

    – Nokia N800

    Anyways, my guess is that there will be more phones in the future supporting it.

    Cheers Daanoz

  67. Getwired

    I love it!! Thanks a bunch, and have a great Thanksgiving with your family, Ryan.

  68. Laura

    Thanks for the 1680 res. I’ve always done just what you said (used the larger WS res and scaled down) and it’s always worked great, but it will be nice to have an exact match, too. 🙂

  69. Evan

    Thank you for the new 1680×1050 resolution it is a perfect fit for my screens!

    As always, fantastic work. I’m always amazed at the rate at which you can generate so many quality works.


  70. Nick

    This is it! I love it. Thanks for making my Thanksgiving week that much better 🙂

  71. Kris

    Hey Ryan, first I wanted to say thanks for adding the 1440/900 resolution. And I want to say I like this image a lot, I really do get a sense of it being the edge of the world, and im afraid of heights >.> But this picture is great. Im glad you opted out of adding a human to this picture, I think it would of cheapened the moment.

  72. LorettaYeo

    Hi Ryan –

    This is really nice, sort of on the lines of Maxfield Parish. Thank you!

    I appreciate the fact that you offer so many resolutions, but I really hate for you to have to spend a lot of time filling every possible request, at the expense of your creativity. Might it not be easier to just limit your additional renderings to the various aspect ratios?

    I currently use five versions, three of which require simple modifications. For beautiful artwork, it’s worth a few moments of my time to resize as needed.

    I use the 320 x 240 (4:3) and 240 x 320 (3:4) as-is for my Motorola Q9c and Zune respectively.

    Both my desktop monitor and laptop are at what are by today’s standards “low” resolutions, but Windows has no problem reducing them as follows:

    1024 x 768 (4:3) – I use 1600 x 1200 (PNG)

    1366 x 768 (16:9) – I use 1920 x 1080 (HDTV)

    (..and if I ever upgrade my monitors, I already have the higher resolution, heh-heh.)

    My oddball is a neat little 9-year-old Sony Picturebook with sort of half a monitor:

    1024 x 480 (32:15) – I use whatever double screen or wide screen is available, crop as needed, and paste the db legend. With ThumbsPlus Pro from Cerious Software, I have a custom aspect ratio of 512:240 saved, so I just slide the mask left-right or up-down to trim the edges.

    The Picturebook has a small hard drive so I usually reduce the final image down to 1024 x 480 to save storage space.

    Anyway, for the relative steal of membership, I don’t mind “making it my own.”

    Thanks for all your great work and enjoy the holidays!

  73. Dave L

    I was looking through some of your older stuff yesterday and it occured to me that each time you started using a new tool, it allowed you to take that next step in your work. Looking at this image, I can see that this is still a true statement. Great work my friend, keep it up !

  74. Christina

    I think this may be my favorite wallpaper ever!

  75. D

    I would like to request images at this resolution please. The iPhone image looks great it just needs to be 40 pixels wider. I know its yet another resolution to render but the Storm will have a large user base that will be looking for cool images. DB can satisfy its current users and perhaps attract a few more by offering this resolution.

  76. cbw80

    i gotta say this is pretty amazing. i always look forward to new wallpapers with great anticipation and if this is a project to familiarize yourself with vue 7 then i’m looking forward to new ones that much more.

  77. Nate F

    the colours are very nicely blended

  78. Christa

    This is gorgeous!

  79. Curtis

    This is truly impressive. I love this. Thank You.

    Word’s can’t describe how relaxing this is to look at especially in this troubled world today.

    A nice work of art. Thank’s again!!

    And I hope you are doing well with your recovery from the hospital visit a while back. Take good care.

  80. Josh_D

    Ok this is a nice piece, and it’s almost perfect, except where the land stops doesn’t look real. it looks like the land was just cut there. instead, it should start to slope down and drop off more gradually unstead of just breaking off along a line.

  81. Phillip D

    awesome…I do have 1680 X 1050 screen and had it for a couple years now……so thanks for the resolution of that size up.

    I have not yet touched Vue 7, but it looks really cool.

  82. Gabe

    Diggin it dude, really diggin it! Your skill as an artist for renders never ceases to continually amaze me! Whatever you’re doing for inspiration – keep it up!

    (Oh and thank you for adding 1680×1050 resolutions… downloading your 1900×1200 collection was proving to be a bit large.) 🙂

    – Gabe

  83. Gabe

    PS – I would also add that the 1900×1200 often resized ends up with a “Pixelated” effect, and smooth or round shapes often end up distorted on the edges… often degrading the quality. (A problem in LCD monitors which are probably the majority by now.)

    So again – thanks for the new resolutions! 🙂

    – Gabe

  84. Bill S

    Just wanted to say thanks for the 1440×900 :->

    Of the two monitors/resolutions I have, your update covers them both ( other being 1680×1050 ).

  85. Keith


    Whatever new features or settings you used to render this image are fantastic! I LOVE IT!

    It reminds me of the bloom effect and high dynamic range (HDR) lighting thats used in new video games.

    If you could incorporate that into more of your works or if it was a rendering setting that could be used on some of your previous works that be incredible.

  86. Mike

    I don’t know…this one just doesn’t do anything for me. It reminds me of a painting I’d find in my grandmas house or out in Amish Country.

    This is strictly my opinion, but I think you should stick to the pieces you have been doing…glowing mushrooms, distant planets, worm holes in space, sorcerers congering up mystical glowing orbs from the deep, dragons, etc.

    All great designers hit a clunker once in a while, I feel this is your clunker.

    Don’t stop doing what makes you happy!

    Keep up the good work!

  87. celmendo

    I think it’s gorgeous but I don’t like the soft focus. Still loving it but it makes me want to squint.

  88. Jeremy

    Fantastic, love the soft focus, kind of surreal. Beautifully done and hope to see more like it!! 🙂

  89. Will


    Thanks for the new image! I also appreciate the fact that you have added 1680 X 1050. I am not sure it makes any difference as I normally used the higher (HDTV) resolutions and my OS (vista) seemed to make it look nice. In any case, I appreciate the new image and choices! Thanks again.


  90. Walo

    I remember having some dreams that looked like this, puts my imagination to work. This seems like a departure from your recent works and I’m glad to see some different styles once in a while. Excellent job Ryan.

  91. blizz

    I’ve been waiting for you to add 1440×900 since I got my membership. Thanks so much! Also: Great wallpaper.

  92. Thomas

    Excellent work with this render. Wonderful look and feel for the entire scene. Looks great!

  93. Roger


    I love the use of so many colors!


  94. M.


    Can’t wait for the really high rez renderings for those of us with 3840×1200 desktops!! 🙂

  95. rousseau

    Definitely an idyllic image. Straight out of a storybook. This background is going on my daughter’s profile right now. Ryan, it’s absolutely perfect for a younger admirer of your art. (Never too early to get ’em started loving your work.)

  96. NikB

    I see the new version of Vue is working well! Those clouds look much better and the whole image has that soft dreamy quality to it. Fantastic colours too – beautiful.

    Thanks also for adding new resolutions. My work PC is 1680×1050 and scaling other sizes never worked as well I thought. Now it’s no problem!

  97. l337h1um

    We can crop or resize your images ourselves. What we can’t do ourselves is eliminate compression artefacts – are you able to offer your images for download in full-size widescreen PNG as well? Pretty please? 🙂

    I know they take up a lot of space… but you could just reduce the number of resolutions on offer… the thing is we can easily resize the images ourselves, but we can’t get rid of compression artefacts.

  98. l337h1um

    Oh, and the image is great! It looks like you pulled it straight out of a kids book!

  99. Ryan

    I will be adding 2560 x 1600 PNGs shortly. I’m going to be migrating to a new server soon and would rather not have to upload them twice.That being said, I do take great pains to compress the JPGs as little as possible (usually they are around 98% quality). Image quality is very important to me.

  100. Kyle C

    This is fantastic, a great little release, simplistic in design but extremely effective, so peaceful 🙂

  101. Sunnybac

    What a beautiful place! I wish I could go there on those stressful days.

  102. Kyle C

    Thank you so much for adding the 1680×1050 resolution, I know it must be a pain in the ass to keep on resizing images to a million resolutions so I’m making sure that you know it’s time well spent in my opinion.

    Thanks again, keep up this truly astounding work of yours! 🙂

  103. Greg

    Great pic, btw, can’t wait to see what else you can do with this new software.

  104. Josh

    Awesome! Hot image!

    How about a winter night one with a nice big full moon where that sun is? 😉 Would be a wonderful addition to the collection…

  105. Blaise

    This is a great looking image. I also appreciate all the work you put into offering as many different sizes of the images as possible. Thanks so much!

  106. SynXTC

    I was just wondering if you missed this res as you usually have it on all your pics. I know I know..I really do need to step up to a new monitor…LoL Great Pic btw. 🙂

  107. Steven J.

    There does not seem to be a 1280 x 1024 version for this picture. You usually include this resolution, and I would appreciate it if you would continue to do so (and add one for this picture).

  108. awesomenes

    I agree with the other person above, a night version with a moon would certainly do very well. I almost always have dark backgrounds and that would be perfect.

  109. Truman

    So I use a 1280×1024 laptop, and the 1920×1280 resolution works great for it. Please don’t feel like you need to spend time re-sizing for people with lower-resolution monitors like myself. As long as there is a high-res one in the correct aspect ratio, people should be able to figure out which one to use. Thanks so much!

    This new image is really different. I feel like I’ve actually been there. I’m sure there are hundreds of places that look just like this, but I guess that’s the beauty of it. Everyone’s been there, but its completely unique.

  110. Eamonn

    Ryan, Simply, Perfectly. Beautiful!! I want to go there. My amen to the night view also.

  111. Reza

    This is my first comment…but I had to say something–this is simply breathtaking. Love it.

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