A New Dawn


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113 reviews for A New Dawn

  1. Paul

    Just to reiterate, the 3840 x 1200 version isn’t centered and is still missing the right hand portion. Any chance of a fix please? I’d like to have this on my desktop but at present it’s off balance.

  2. Sean W

    The original was nice, but didn’t strike me as breathtaking. I just saw this redone version, and it is stunning! Instant desktop, no contest. The waves, the retouched clouds, all of the subtle updates really make this image stand out. Well done, Ryan!

  3. John

    3840 x 1200 still not centered but the 2560×1024 is.

  4. Travis

    Ryan, what an amazing crop. Having this new version on my dual screens makes me happy πŸ™‚ It causes a very nice offset to the whole scene and adds an even more expansive feel to it.

    Great work as usual. This is sweet!

  5. Walo

    I noticed that the zune version of this variation of A New Dawn is way too Zoomed out to make out any details of the image and also makes the image appear too dark and fuzzy(not a good combination on a small screen). I prefer the same camera placement as in the first version of A New Dawn.

  6. Walo

    I noticed that the zune version of this variation of A New Dawn is way too Zoomed out to make out any details of the image and also makes the image appear too dark and fuzzy(not a good combination on a small screen). I prefer the same camera placement as in the first version of A New Dawn.

  7. Mike

    The dual monitor widescreen version didn’t do it for me. It was a huge let down after many days of staring at the perfect beauty of the single screen version, which is truly awesome.

    The cave wall and the way the image flowed from one monitor to the other was a disappointment.

    Oh well, can’t win them all!

  8. Ryan

    I’ve posted a new dual-widescreen version this morning with the framing now matching the other multi-screen renders. Hope this one works for everyone!

  9. Collossus

    I really liked the duel screen, I understand what you are talking about Mike, but I really like how it opens up. the single screen version is great but it feels like your field of vision is restricted. I feel that the duel screen, and duel widescreen is a few moments in time later where you can truly take in the entire awesome scene.

  10. Mark A

    Leave the dude … AND give us a picklejar without him. That way everyone will be happy.

    labanimal says: “leave the dude… he adds to the perception scale!”

  11. RoYaLe

    Ryan, you said you hoped you chose the framing right for the three screen render. It was perfect.

    I now have the single screen 1280×1024 on my PC and the middle file from the triscreen render that i resized for my Blackberry. It really helps that it’s brighter and more centered around the sky. (at least for my Blackberry purposes.)

    As usual things are worth the wait.

  12. Yanthor

    I just want to say, “Wonderful, Ryan! Your art continues to amaze and awe me. This lifetime membership I purchased was an incredibly good value! Thank you so much for all your hard work.”

  13. Jay5gen

    Very well done, very panoramic. Its the kind of image that engulfs you and take you into its world. This is what dual screen was meant for… 5-STARS

  14. Matt R

    Is it just me, or does the dual-widescreen image seem a bit off? It is panned much further left than the other dualscreen images. That is, it does not include most of the right side of the cave, and has about the left third of the image is simply the black interior wall of the cave.

  15. Sheldon

    Those waves look awesome! I’ve spent my fair share of time looking at waves and those look very realistic.

    Have you ever tried doing a whitewater river scene? Sounds tough.

  16. Steve


    This is amazing. The lighting, the water, the ocean.. it’s all so well done.. I think this piece would look fantastic on my wall with a large print!

    Keep up the good work!


  17. Greg in KC


    I thought this one was amazing when it first came out… now that I put the dual screen version up on my desktop, it just takes my breath away. Two Thumbs way up!


  18. Greg

    I suppose I could play with it myself and cut off the half I don’t want…

  19. Allan

    I think the duel monitor version is awesome. This is the first time I’ve actually seen you not use the first scene as the right or left hand side of the wider version. I like the new centered look as I think it will cut down on the stretch look of the panaroma views.

  20. Phillip D

    I was wondering if you can pick one of the older triple ones that the sides are distorted (like the playmate halloween one which those walls are at an angle and cats were stretched) or any image, and re-render it again in your new Vue version so we can compare the two? I just wanted to see how much it has improved. That is ,if it is worth your time.

    However, I do see the new dawn triple looks really good.

    Thanks for the recent updates.

  21. Ali

    I like the new version, too. But make sure you screen the poster. We don’t want print-shop interns ruining this wallpaper.

  22. Lidia

    Whoa, quite noticeable improvements. Definitely worth the extra effort. I already liked the first version, but this update looks so much better! Can’t wait to see what else you’ll do with your new Vue software!

  23. Kody

    most definately an improvement in the water and clouds. makes it look way realistic, i like it a whole lot. now what would be cool is a remake of something older with water and clouds with the new software such as endless blue. that would be an outstanding way to show off the new software, a before and after effect creation.

  24. Gilboron

    I think I like the original version better – probably because it was less realistic. I think the clouds look to vague and plain now :/

    But, of course, it’s a matter of taste.

  25. Dennis

    Ryan, have you ever thought that this type of romantic vista might be enjoyed by a couple, rather than a solitary figure?

    Just a though…

  26. D Merchant

    I love this new version – more light in the cave, the sense of mystery, other-worldliness. I think the clouds and mist add a further dimension of change to it – not only a new day, but a change in weather, a warm sun, a warm day, heating up the cold water – not only is is a new dawn, it is a new spring.

    And I agree with the other commenter, it might be nice to have a couple in the scene. It’s a new dawn not just for one person, but for the species. Though maybe it would give it the ol’ “Adam and Eve” on a new planet clichΓ©. Maybe a family? The Ryan Bliss family :-)?

    I would love to see this as a poster on Zazzle. Though I think one can edit greeting cards on Zazzle, add your own images, and thus maybe can upload A New Dawn and at least have a greeting card sized image of “A New Dawn” but would really love to get larger size – would love to put this in my office at the university.

  27. Mark

    I love this one so much, and the new waves and skies really are fantastic. I like the way the waves give the scale, in relation to the little person (which should be kept).

    It looks brilliant on my desktop, I’m really happy you came out with another one of these ‘our world, but another world’ images.

    Thank you.

  28. Markus

    I need holidays. I want to get there! πŸ˜‰

    I would like to see Circumpolar with the new cloud and water rendering system. It makes the picture much more realistic.

  29. l337h1um

    Wow, that’s actually a significant improvement. The water is much better. Along with more realistic waves, the water is less grainy too.

    I can see some compression artefacts. Why don’t you offer your images in 1920×1200 or 2560×1600 PNGs as well?

  30. Pat

    Glad you’re feeling better..take care…

    Love “New Dawn.” My daughter and granddaughter really like it too. The unusual perspective of the “watcher” in lower left in intriguing..where did he come from? Does he live inside the cave?

    Anyway, thanks again..

  31. PHillip D

    thanks for posting the new version and letting us know about the improvements….The clouds are much better!!

    Speaking of digital art, I like the person there too, it adds more personality to the scene. One thing about Poser (program in creating human figures) that I do not like are their models, for they are not glamerous to me…especially their faces and eyes , for they look like manniquinns)….I like how you portrayed the human figures on your artwork where it looks realistic without seeing faces…

    I like the waves you made, and I can imagine it looks great in animated wallpapers, I used to make animated waves in Bryce software years and years ago, but this one seems to do much better.

    I like to see your new Vue 7 in multi render sizes.

  32. Mirage

    I love the improvements that you were able to make with the newer software. The waves and the change in the clouds definitely improves the realistic feel of this piece.

    Kudo’s once again, and I again look forward to the dual screen render πŸ™‚

  33. Matt

    The new clouds and waves look great! Keep up the good work!

  34. Chris

    LOVE the water and cloud effects of the new Vue. WAY more realistic than the previous version.

  35. Justin

    amazing skills, as always.

  36. Travis

    Wow, Ryan. What an incredible new version. This image really has that ‘wow’ factor now. Previously I felt that you ‘missed the mark,’ but I must say your artistic arrow held true. BULLSEYE!

    The color gradation and waves really pop out and make this image much more unique. As many people mistakenly took my comment, I love your images like this (most of all), but they all usually have something unique about them. Before, this did not–now it is a masterpiece and will grace my desktop for days to come.

    The changes you made to this image really did add a lot more depth. As you said, the ‘flat’ feel is gone. As always, thanks for your hard and dedicated work. It’s inspiring and I greadly appreciate it.

  37. Tril

    Love it,the ripples are a big improvement! This is now a 10 for me.

  38. Turbo7

    And it just moved into my personal top ten wallpapers of all times.

  39. Sly V.

    I enjoyed the new improvements. You really added validity to the picture. The new waves are particularly impressive. I must mention that I do like the clouds in the old picture better. Believe it or not there are clouds that are dreamy like that in the tropics. However over all the other improvements definitely make this piece better. Bumped the rating way up πŸ™‚

  40. Mike

    The new version is great, fantastic job as always. I can barely contain myself waiting for the multi-monitor version!

  41. meee

    so when are you going to make a version w/o the litle person?

  42. Kevin

    Amazing job Ryan I love it. Its pictures like these that keep me renewing my membership. Keep up the great work.

  43. labanimal

    leave the dude… he adds to the perception scale!

  44. Dan

    This one is awesome! Reminds me of your other one that is a cove, forget the name of it. The cave/cove is nice, and the sky is a dream. The planet in the distance is a real nice touch too! I am a huge fan of these types of wallpapers!

  45. jim

    interesting…. i had assumed it was a woman πŸ˜‰

  46. Mirage

    I’ll admit that normally I’m one of those who has preferred some of the wallpapers without the figure. For example, I prefer “Morning Glory” without the figure, same with “Gazebo”. For some reason the figure usually interfears with my own personal imagination.

    However every once in a while a piece is made where I absolutely love the fact that there’s a figure in it. “Astronomer” is one and this is definately another one.

    The colors are absolutely beautiful and yes, it does remind me of a combination of “Maya” and “Circumpolar”, but at the same time it’s a piece that’s all it’s own as well.

    Kudo’s on another job well done and I’m looking forward to the dual-screen render πŸ™‚

  47. GypsyRN

    This is just too breath taking….very,very nicely done…..

  48. Sly V.

    “‘remove the dude?’ interesting…. i had assumed it was a woman ;)”


    It’s whatever or whomever you want it to be. Let your imagination soar. For isn’t that what art is for? πŸ˜€

  49. ShaqFu

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, but for some reason, this image feels unusually stretched horizontally. Using the image as a wallpaper feels like I’m stretching a 4:3 image to 16:9, even though I’m using a widescreen monitor (other wallpapers don’t suffer from this). I feel like this could be a wonderful image, but it feels more like an almost-ran than a classic.

    It’s a wonderful concept, but I think that it needs some adjustments. If not for the odd stretched feeling it gives off, it would be a great wallpaper.

  50. Jenanne

    I don’t see why it should bother some people that some of us (and there seems to be quite a few of us) would ask for a picklejar version. I assume the reason picklejar exists is to please those who love the artwork but would love it a bit more with a minor change or two. I doubt removing the “dude” would require so much time that Ryan would have to delay his next project. We all love Ryan’s work — that’s why we’re paying members. Picklejar is a wonderful addition to already wonderful work.

  51. Jason

    Love the feel of this one, looking out from the cave gives it a cool perspective, but I could do without the person (call it a neurotic pet peave of mine, but I don’t like my wallpapers to have people in them). I anxiously await the possibility of a picklejar tri-screen version! πŸ˜‰

  52. tbielawa

    very well done Mr. Bliss πŸ™‚

  53. Corbey

    I always love the planetscapes, especially when they include a spectator, and this is exactly the type of image I joined DB to see.

    Please ignore the nitpickers and kibitzers, and express your own imagination, which is why most of us are here in the first place.

  54. Steve4

    I am 66 yrs old and new to computers so be gentle,for the life of me I can’t figure out how to download the image to my desktop,please help.


  55. Jon

    There are two ways to put the picture on your desktop. note: these instructions are for a PC with windows, not a mac.

    1) First, open up the picture you want to download in internet explorer. This picture should be big enough to fill your screen (otherwise it will look blurry on your desktop, like blowing up a photo). Place the mouse anywhere over the picture and RIGHT click on the picture. Then, scroll through the list that pops up and click on the “Set as Background” option. This is the easiest way to get the picture.

    2) The other technique for downloading the picture is a little more complicated (if you’re still uncomfortable with computers, don’t try this method. It does allow you to have a saved copy of the picture on your own personal computer though). Start the same way, by opening a large version of the picture. The difference is when you RIGHT click on the picture, select the “Save Picture As…” button. Then, find a place to save the file on your hard drive. For example, save it into “My Documents”. Later, you can open the file through “Desktop Properties”. To get to this options box, right click anywhere on the desktop and scroll down to properties. Then click on the tab entitled “Desktop”. From there, click on the bottom that says “Browse”. Find the picture on your computer, and click open. Finally, click “Okay” in the “Desktop Properties” box.

    On another note, this picture is excellent Ryan! The choice of colors is magnificent! Perhaps a pickle jar version with other color choices would be a good twist too? The person may seem a little out of place to some, but I think it looks fine. For the pickle jar, would you consider having the light source at an angle so it would penetrate into the cave more, maybe reflecting over the water?

  56. Jay5gen

    really sharp, and it fits the reflective state i’ve been in since this horrific election.

    Please do us dual screen chaps a favor, and when you make our version, please span it across both monitors. The whole intention of dual screen is for panaramic space to work in, and the single strong side images just don’t work. This image, spanned across two monitors will just be breathe taking. (forget about the line in the middle between the monitors… we don’t see it anymore, were used to it, so just pretend its not there)

  57. David W

    You should definitly make a Pickle Jar version without the guy like you did with moonshadow.

    btw… I love the clouds you make.

  58. AgWillow

    I really hope Ryan doesn’t waste his time churning out variations to suit everyone’s taste. DB is not a deli, Mr. Bliss is not a short-order cook, and his art shouldn’t be treated like a corned beef sandwich.

    Fix the clouds on that island! Make the planet smaller! Get rid of the person! Take out some of the red! Add some mustard to that outcropping of rock! Sheesh.

    This piece is very good as it is. I’m itching to see the dual- and triple-screen versions, and then for our favorite digital artist to resume his efforts to outdo himself with his next work.

  59. annieyouok

    THIS is the stuff. Sort of like the older stuff, but with better graphics almost. I think that it would be REALLY cool if some of the ’99 and ’98 ones could be remade into more modern graphics, especially the “posers”. I use those a lot for stuff like myspace etc.

  60. Annieyouok

    You must realize that Ryan isn’t drawing pictures for himself. Ryan is drawing pictures to please his customers, it is VITAL to Mr.Ryan’s business to have satisfied customers, just like it is vital for a rock band to have satisfied fans. Okay, when The Offspring’s “Conspiracy of One” album came out in 2000, The Offspring lost many longtime fans and gained many more new ones. Grunge wasn’t so popular anymore, and pop-punk was picking up. In order to stay with the rest of the world, The Offspring’s “Conspiracy of One” sounded very different from their other stuff, but the reason was to SATISFY more people. Well, it succeeded, I love “Conspiracy of One” and the Offspring became a much more famous, popular and generally rich band. If they just let out another “Smash”, they would have kept the original fan-base, but just like the Ramones, the fans would not be generating as much revenue for their favorite band as would everybody else. Bottom line, it is important, if Ryan wants to keep his at-home job, that his customers get what they demand.

    This kind of picture is EXACTLY what I would demand, so I am satisfied, but some others apparently aren’t…

  61. Johnnyboy!

    It’s true that artwork is never finished, only abandoned, but it should never be changed to suit the masses. It is what it is.

    What I would like to add though is a 1024×600 resolution for my netbook!


  62. Chris

    This a good pic. The coloring of the clouds is great, the clouds themselves are beautiful.

    Unfortunately, it just doesn’t do anything for me. It’s pretty, but it doesn’t have a feeling to me, it doesn’t relate – and such isn’t quite enough to land on my desktop. (Red and Gold will stay for now!)

    Keep up the great work – many people loved this one, and I’m certain you’ll continue to put out such high quality works.

  63. AgWillow

    What The Offspring did _not_ do was to go back and revise their old songs to suit new tastes or create one-offs for a fraction of their fans. Their (new) music changed to suit their audience, as does DB’s artwork change and evolve to suit its audience. No one is suggesting that it should be otherwise.

    The simple wish I trid to express was that Ryan would spend his time creating new works instead of “pickle jar” versions in an attempt to please everyone. I would not presume to tell him why he’s stayed in business so long or how he should conduct it in the future; I’m sure he already knows.

  64. ned

    It’s very nice, but I think it’s too busy. As it is I probably won’t use it, but take out the planet and it will have a place on my desktop.

  65. Maria

    I don’t often comment being more of a lurker, but I do love these types of images where a view is framed through the rocks such as Grotto, Canyon and others.

    Wonderful, thank you!

  66. Hunter

    It’s really nice. A brilliant wallpaper complete with your usual hard effort.

    The only thing that I find annoying is the cloud over that island (bottom right of the planet).

    It seems almost painted on, rather than gently fading in and out.

  67. Gabe

    Awesome, simply awesome! πŸ™‚ Out of curiosity are you planning a render without the figure there? I notice you seem to like them to portray scale. I personally believe that it detracts and reminds people that it is in fact a render when it’s good enough to pass up as something more than that. Just my 2 cents.

    Keep up the fabulous work! Looking forward to more great scenes! πŸ™‚

  68. R Lynn

    I’ve never posted a comment before. But I noticed some remarks (complaints?) that the color scheme on this one was similar to that used on previous images. I certainly do not want you to forego using this color scheme in the future. I for one LOVE the peaches, pinks, lavenders, and blues in these images. They are peaceful and relaxing to me, and they are always sure to find a place on my desktop!

  69. Liz

    Don’t change a thing!! The colors are gorgeous, the planet is awesome, and the framing = jaw droppingly beautiful.

    It’s going to be my new paper for my home and work comps!!

  70. Collossus

    I think it is great.

    GABE if you do not like the scale portrayed as I sometimes do you could always edit it for yourself. even a touch up in paint can do the trick and you can’t even tell the difference when you are done. of course it will only work on Grandiose schemes such as this when the person is portraid as nothing more than a shadowy figure. As for the cavern view I both like it and not. you have this huge scene that is restricted by your cavern walls, I hope the duel screen pans out a bit and shows more. other than that this one is excellent.

  71. Logical

    This is a perfect image- exactly the type I enjoy the most. I love the fantasy images, and the view from inside a cave (or looking through an arch) is a neat way to mix it up.

    Great job!

  72. Daanoz

    I like it!, especially the little guy who’s watching is a nice touch πŸ™‚

  73. Nate F

    I like it but it reminds me too much of Maya and Circumpolar

  74. Travis

    Ryan, it’s a great concept and has a nice start, but I believe you’ve missed the mark on this one. I agree with others, looks too much like Maya, Circumpolar and 2 of your other Cave Images. In addition, the color are way too subdued as the image becomes reddish towards the bottom left. I believe you should shift the planet a bit off center and change the coloring.

    Overall, I feel the image to be too reddish and sun-up/sun-down like. This piece would look better with a slightly different color contrast from the cave to the atmosphere–getting away from the reds and purples; Perhaps a darker sky?

    The potential to be a masterpiece is definitely there, but it’ll require a bit of work. I hope you’re recovering well and that you will have your strength back for the upcoming holidays. Keep up the great work!


  75. Jenanne

    Please, please, give us a picklejar version without the little figure! I love this image, but figures in your images pull me out of the scene. I feel like I’m intruding on someone else’s “new dawn.”

  76. Tinman

    Simply Awesome Ryan….. I now have this on my home PC my work PC and my Mobile Phone

    Keep it up!

  77. Sly V.

    I couldn’t disagree more with some of the previous comments. Its true that the theme is a bit similar to some other works but each piece of art has a unique feel and look to it. Maya always seemed a bit grainy and was good but this is 10 fold better than Maya. And although I do like Circumpolar better than this, Circumpolar had a wow reaction to it where as this holds more of a calm peaceful feeling. I actually wouldn’t change a thing be it color theme, planet size/position, or the figure within the image. GJ Ryan.

  78. Theo

    hey Ryan. As always, your work is stunning. My favorite pieces of yours are always beautiful combinations of planets, water, and nature-scapes (Tropical Moon, Reverie, Gazebo, etc). Tropical Moon is actually my favorite of all the works you’ve done thus far.

    What I came to comment about has nothing to do with critiquing your work. I was Hoping you might be able to change your picklejar page and the way we view the picklejar files. As of yet, the main way i can find to view the picklejar by itself is as a list of files. Unless you have a specific piece you’re looking for picklejar offshoots, this doesnt fit very well with the new layout and manuverability of the rest of your page. Is there any way you could update that to be something similar to coloris or just the “view all ” page? I know there’s a world of picklejar to explore, I just dont have the time to click every single one.

    Thanks for listening to me, and your customers as a whole. We really appreciate it. I was one of the few who spearheaded the idea of getting the page layouts/concept of a “view all” page persued, and look at how gloriously you made that turn out. To see ideas come to life is a wonderful thing. So thankyou for listening to our ideas πŸ™‚

  79. D Merchant

    A few comments:

    1. Those that say it looks like Maya or Circumpolar – you say that like it’s a bad thing :-). As an example, I like Enya’s music. I don’t care that her all her music has a certain similar quality to it, I can’t get enough of it. True, I have a wide variety of music on my iPod, so if I tire of Enya or not in the mood, I can switch. Same here. For those of us who like Maya and Circumpolar type images, having another in that “genre” is great. Rest assured, Ryan will create other types of images as well as these.

    2. I understand how someone may feel that the character in the image makes one feel like they are intruding on someone’s privacy. On the other hand, I think having a character there adds another dimension to it – it is no longer a lifeless scene, it is another world in more ways than one, another inhabited world, or one visited by other beings. Who are they? Is this a future scene – human space explorers or colonists? Or is this another sentient race? What would it be like to have been born and raised on such a planet? What types of religious imagery, mythological stories, and art would arise on such worlds?

    The character adds mysteries and philosophies that an “empty” scene would not have.

    But, of course, the “empty” scene would have its own mysteries and philosophies.

    Either way, it’s true art. I love the characters in the scenes, but I wouldn’t mind versions without the characters as well. Each tells a different story.

    3. As for composition – I love the lighting, as well as the centering of the ringed planet. Mid day scenes and mid night scenes are great, but so are sun rise and sun set scenes. Seeing that Ryan was motivated by the election, it is rather fitting and understandable that he would create this one as a new dawn (OK, some may see it as a sun set, either way the scene is appropriate as a symbol for a change in government).

    For those who prefer more daylight, or less daylight, I am sure that we can be rest assured there will be a variety of work from him in the future, and some will include landscapes that are not dawn or dusk settings.

    4. I find this image to be evocative, dynamic. For me, a scene where the sun is setting or rising is more dynamic than a night or full day scene – there is more of sense of motion, change, and dynamics. Dawn and dusk is a hovering between two worlds – between day and night.

    5. But in the end, all have their merits – day, night, dusk, or dawn, characters included or characters removed.

  80. thirteenki

    I am massively depressed. Not from the election, that was good news. Still, I am depressed. I like containmentred1920. It is my current desktop. Can you make me something dark like that picture?

    Depressed in Alaska,


  81. jmpond

    A truly beautiful, serene image. Typical of your fabulous eye for your different (better) view on our world.

  82. Jason

    Fantastic as usual. I always love the images with water. One of the best this year.

  83. Skar

    This one seems to be very familiar to me…kind of a mix between sunset cove and maya. I especially like the clouds on this one. Also keep the person I like it. =D

  84. Kris

    I like this new one, the clouds look great, but im not a big fan of people in your work. If possible id love to see a picklejar without the person.

  85. soulyouth

    beautiful, just beautiful, its images like this that remind me why only DB images get to grace my moniter’s

  86. Rich A

    The person in ‘New Dawn’ is neither gratuitous nor inappropriate. Besides the obvious function of providing scale to the work, it evokes a feeling (aided by the title) of optimism, renewal, even peace. Some of that would come through without the figure, but not as easily.

    The artist may have had other reasons for including it, but the picture wouldn’t tell the same story without it.

  87. LauraS

    I definitely feel a sense of peace when I look at this wallpaper. I can imagine myself as the person sitting on the shore looking at the sky. A true piece of art is one where someone can imagine themselves inside of it. Well done Ryan! I hope you are feeling well!

  88. MantaraY

    Just sit there and dream away, great job Ryan you did it again! Just love the gassy planet whit his rings…im 100% pos that such worlds are out there, whe will discover them in the next ten years i hope.

  89. Joe

    Great picture! This is hands-down one of my favorites.



  90. Bill

    I agree that it seems somewhat familiar. The colors are very, very similar to Circumpolar and Maya.

    It would be interesting to see a view from a planet on which the sky is NOT blue – perhaps where the air appears pale green or yellow.

  91. Kody

    this is absolutely one of the best made. the distant clouds and planet is an amazing feature especially the color of it. it makes me feel like im being sucked into the moment itself. the clouds themself i think sets the moment by how they are realisticly like that in the mornings with the sun comming up.

    Kudos ryan. keep it up.

  92. Greg

    Very nice.

  93. A big fan

    Love the image – now we just need it in dual widescreen!

  94. Mark

    THIS is why am a member of DB, these stunning, hazy, planet-type images draw me in so much. Thank for you this.

    Also, it’s very appropriate for you to release this wallpaper today. I’m not in America, but am looking forward to the future America can bring.

    Cheers Ryan!! And good luck with the new Vue!

  95. Beverly

    This is one of the best this year, in my opinion. I LOVE it!!

    Nice work and I hope your recovery is going well!!

  96. Jon H

    As soon as I saw this I thought it was the same rocks from Maya.

    I like the planet and clods though.

  97. Ryan

    Different rocks, made using the same technique though (Zbrush).

  98. ChrisBrown

    I think this is my favorite image of 2008! My daughter will say tonight, “Wow, where’d you get that?”

    Though I love a variety, the “softer” colors like this always seem easier on my eyes on a desktop.

    I’m so glad I got the lifetime membership! Art like this is definitely worth it! Thanks, Ryan!

  99. Mikewire

    Nice work, as always. Patiently awaiting the dual screen version….

    Yes, a new dawn indeed!

  100. Jeff

    This is stunning. What are the odds of getting this on Zazzle as a poster as ‘huge’?

  101. Wilhelm

    This is evocative of several of your other planetscapes to me.

    While I appreciate the technical expertise with which you have rendered it, and it is flawless and stunning in that aspect, the subject matter is starting to feel a bit overly similar to some of your other pieces.

  102. Curtis

    First off, this is stunningly beautiful. It actually reminds me similarly too ‘Circumpolar’.

    Thank You for this!

  103. labanimal

    Ryan – Absolutely Brilliant! Looking forward to the triple monitor version!

    Something I wanted to ask. You always center your work on any given design example this is a view out from a cave of sorts, and i would assume the triple will be the extension of the interior of the cave to the left and right. Is it possible to make your designs so that it doesn’t focus specifically on the center but the entire design, left center and right?

    eg: Arctica, dispersion, and especially majesty it doesn’t just focus on the center, the entire triple screen version ads to the beauty and it doesn’t matter if you’re looking at the center, because the left and right is just as spectacular!

  104. JosephFrye

    You wouldn’t have happened to name this “A New Dawn” becuase of the elections would you?

  105. Justin H.

    yea well this just looks like a copy from others…like the lighting from the whale one and then some other one but i like it!

  106. Phillip D

    I like this one, a soft feel to it. Out of all wallpapers you created, I like the Vue ones the best.

    I just looked at the new features of Vue 7 today at e-on’s website, even though I do not have triple monitors, I do enjoy looking at your tri screen size images..in fact, it was fun to see what it looks like once you expanded it. I knew you were having trouble with the sides where it was tilted at an angle at the finished rendered scene and the issues with the clouds….I was wondering in the rendering section of Vue’s new feature page at e-on’s website, it had listed one of the new features about the Panormamic and spherical rendering…is that an issue that will solve your problem with the sides of tri screens? It is the one that says it is useful in exporting HDR images.

  107. Blaine


    Awesome wallpaper.

    I have a general question about your resolutions. My 22″ Samsung is set at 1680×1050 (native) and none of the sizes you provide seem to scale to that resolution well (2560×1600 looks better than 1920×1200, but still pretty grainy). Any thoughts on offering a 1680×1050 or does anyone have any advice for improving the image quality with a different resolution? Thanks!

  108. Overdrive

    … it looks a little like earlier planetscapes. On the contrary, if you’ll make another 50 of these, i’ll still love them! Keep ‘m coming!

    Absolutely beautiful (again)!


  109. Chuck

    This is great Ryan! The one thing I appreciate most about your work is the intangible imagery you present; especially when an unknown person is placed in the foreground. Your ideas allow the imagination to run wild; that’s one reason why I became a member. Thank you for yet another thought provoking work of art! Keep up the great work.

    How’s the recovery going? My thoughts and prayers are still going out to you and your family!

  110. Walo

    Although I agree this image’s colors seem familiar to other images. It is very effective on delivering its message. And I love this image. About the “people” in the image, I agree that it is an important part of the image as the message depends on the person there.

  111. John

    Hi Ryan,

    Excellent work.

    Blaine: I use the same resolution on my monitors. I whipped up a little .NET utility to do a smooth resize; I’ve put it up at http://devstuff.com/utils/ResizeImage.exe (if anyone’s interested in the C# source its at http://devstuff.com/utils/ResizeImage.cs.txt). Run it from a command prompt without any parameters and it will show usage.

  112. Kelsey

    Looks very similar to “Sunset Cove” (2004 Night Scenery).

  113. TheDrooper

    Very nice! This looks similar to the colorful sunsets we’ve been having for the past few months due to the eruption of Alaska’s Kasotochi volcano.


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