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97 reviews for Colorwheel

  1. Phineas [basicmember]

    Looks like the underside of the UFO in “Close Encounters..”

  2. Vaesse

    I personally prefer the landscapes, and am very partial to cool colors, especially blue. But my son loves dark colors, especially reds and blacks, and this is his favorite of your designs. I do find it looks better the bigger it is and the more detail you see.

  3. Kate

    I don’t know why, but this reminds me of the Large Hadron Collider in France. Cool.

  4. Ryan

    It looks nice on the iPad too 😉

  5. David

    Man, this looks so great on iPhone4. Love circular scenes!.

  6. Lidia

    This is one of my favorite abstracts! So generous of you to put it in the Free Gallery.

  7. Michael

    I just found this one looking for wallpaper for my new phone and love this. Great job

  8. Tyler

    How can you not love this? OMG the concept here is outrageous and executed perfectly. I’ve said it before (broken record), if Ryan just made abstracts he would still stay in business. Although I couldn’t live without the planetscapes! This will go down as one of my top images period.

  9. nickaix

    Just got an HDTV (1080p) that i also use as a monitor, and–wow–this is the wallpaper for showing it off! I had a 19″ monitor before, and on that one, this looked ok, but with the new TV, it is suddenly one of my faves! This is a wall that you need the hardware to really appreciate, I think.

  10. Daniel

    Could you perhaps make something like this, but with less colors? (I like the colors, mind you – but it doesn’t fit my desktop) Maybe something futuristic, glowing, blue.

  11. Mark

    I liked this one months ago when I saw it, couldn’t find anything better anywhere else. I joined to get this one. Fantastic! Brilliant!

  12. Ryan

    This one is my favorite by far… too bad my icons block a lot of the intricacies of this image. I registered for this one 😉


  13. Dennis

    This one reminds me of the cover art for old SF paperbacks I used to read as a kid. It brings back fond memories. It also looks really good on my widescreen monitor at work.

  14. radtke10

    I have a Gateway HDMI 1680 x 1050 screen. I want to set the perfect size backround but I am not sure what setting to use when I go to your screen sizes. Can you help me out?

    HR Radtke

    Salem, OR

    3 year member

    ps…..Is this where I should post a question or is there a “contact us” button on the home page that I missed seeing

  15. radtke10

    I have a Gateway HDMI 1680 x 1050 screen. I want to set the perfect size backround but I am not sure what setting to use when I go to your screen sizes. Can you help me out?

    HR Radtke

    Salem, OR

    3 year member

    ps…..Is this where I should post a question or is there a “contact us” button on the home page that I missed seeing

  16. Nathan

    I didn’t like this one at all when it first came out.

    Weeks later, it is still my wallpaper. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the colors are so much more vibrant on my monitor at home than they are at work. Great job 🙂

  17. Ken

    At first glance I didn’t think much of this guy but once I put it on my 22″ desktop, it was really impressive! I think it’s the particular colors and the mix. It really shows off a good monitor. Nice job!!

  18. Chris

    For me this is a renewal of why I’m a member. Awesome work. I have this on my background at home and at work. Great work and glad you’re feeling better.

  19. Alexis

    Ok, as an artist I can particularly appreciate this. I found myself thinking it needed to be grouped just like an actual artist’s color wheel, the decided I liked the random aspect a lot better. [I can get a color wheel anywhere] =P

    I’d like to see more artist-oriented wallpapers in the future; charcoals, pastels, paints and graphite sticks specifically. =)

  20. Doug

    i let my subscription end about a year or two ago, and lurk here frequently checking on what’s new. this one did it tho ryan, i resubscribed tonight. it’s a very cool piece. it actually looks somewhat like i would imagine a fragmented hard drived looked like.

  21. Steve C

    In my opinion, this is one of the best abstracts you’ve done so far.

  22. Graham

    This seems to be a love it or hate it piece but I seriously love it.

    By all means do a range of wallpapers for everyone, but keep coming back to these striking and colourful abstracts. It’s the abstracts that keep me excited to come back!

  23. Owen Clark

    I really don’t like this one, it just seems too “high art” to me, it feels pretentious. I also think this one is a little self-consious. I much prefer most of your previous abstracts which seem to follow a different ethos from which any author ego is compeltely absent.

    All your other images have a kind of in your face energy, which seems to say, “This may not be conventional or get many plaudits from critics but it looks awesome!”. I find most of your other works instantly arresting and engaging, this looks like something I would expect to see at my local art gallery, personally I think you are much better than that!

  24. Ryan

    No need to apologize. I’d love for every comment to be positive but know that isn’t possible with art. Negative (but civil) comments are welcome too!

  25. JoelJensen

    This is my favorite of all your abstracts by far. It’s beautiful. I really want a poster of this one.

  26. Blaine


    I liked this artwork from the start, but I just recently purchased a new widescreen monitor that was much nicer than my previous model, and all I can say now is, holy cow. This is a fantastic piece and shows off the new hardware nicely…thanks 🙂

  27. Colin

    This abstract is very well done, particularly the combination of symmetry (the circle motif) with asymmetry (the arrangement of colors, esp. the orange). But I much prefer the nature scenes. In fact that is why I subscribed to your work. Your nature scenes are better than nature itself. Your ability to use light, and your dramatic sense of composition are outstanding. Indian Summer is a good example. I download almost all the landscapes, a couple planetary pics, and none of the abstracts. I hope to see more landscapes in 2008.

  28. Ian

    Hi Ryan,

    Here’s hoping you’re feeling better! I just wanted to chime in and say how wonderful I thought this image was (it’s living on my desktop as we speak). I generally prefer scenes to abstracts, but I thought this one was just too good to pass up. I especially like the varied use of color – simply excellent!


    – I

  29. V–Z

    As am image I really like it, though I think a bit of a cream cast to contrast the lovely jewel tones could help. I did find it a touch busy for my desktop at work, but alas I almost never get to see the desktop. It’s buried under 20 to 30 other windows 😛

    Regarding multi-screens and the lens distortion problems, I was just having a thought…. And I’ve not tried this, so I really don’t know if it’d work or not… But would it be possible to rotate the camera through 2 / 3 individual views (left center right, or left right) and then stitch them together? Maybe I’ll play with tomorrow. But I suspect the vanishing point wouldn’t line up properly… Ok, done brainstorming for the night =)

    Glad we’ve got you back, Ryan. Regained health = excellent start of the year!

  30. Pat

    You could always just take the tri-screen version and crop out the first third of it if you prefer the center of the picture to be on the left screen.

  31. Darren

    Pat: Yeah I just did that. I also use ultramon to manage my displays, and discovered I can just centre the tri-screen image on dual screens for an interesting result!

  32. Gary

    I really liked this new image, but really love the dual-screen image… WOW!!!

  33. Pete

    Personally it doesnt do much for me,a bit to sharp around the edges and that kind of stuff, but my son loves it, I look forward to 2008

  34. Jason

    Not one of my favorites of the abstracts, but it is still a great image. That said, the abstracts are by far my favorites in your gallery. Octahedron is the reason I became a member.

    Glad you’re getting better!

  35. John A

    Happy new year, Ryan! I hope you’re healthy.

    I don’t like this render much, but it seems to have been quite well received so I guess this is just my taste.

    Some amazing stuff you produced in 2007 though. I look forward to your work in 2008.

  36. Aaron

    I’d definitely like to at least try a two/three screen version of The Astronomer. Maybe you could just upload them straight to the Pickle Jar if you feel strongly that they’re not your best work?

  37. Jonathan

    I don’t know. I don’t really like this one. I find it to be bland and boring, but… I’ve not really been the type to enjoy abstracts very much.

    I didn’t even bother saving it. 🙁

    But, towards better news, glad to hear you’re feeling better!!! 😀

    Life can go on, new wallpapers yay. 🙂 haha

  38. wnmnkh

    I really like this kind of abstract.


  39. Darren

    Very nice. Definately prefer your abstracts. With the dual screens, I would much rather have the centre part of the image focused on the left rather than the right side of the image… not a big problem, but it’s been bugging me for a while.

  40. Matt

    I’m not big on the abstracts either, but this is one that I like. I don’t know if my eyes could handle a dual-screen though! haha!

    Speaking of Dual Screens, I would love if you could go with Aaron’s suggestion and add a dual-screen version of the Astronomer to the pickle-jar.

    Keep up the good work!

  41. Ajay

    One of my all time favorites,is Azula, which after seeing Azula in the members gallery is why I purchased a membership just to get my hands on it. But what I like about Azula was the different color variations you did in the pickle jar, gold, blue, green, rainbow. I would love to see the same thing done to Colorwheel.

  42. Steve

    I’d really like to see this in tri-screen. I have been checking the site almost daily to see if you made a tri-scrren version. Please, just do it.

  43. Brij

    Love the new image, reminds me a bit of all the abstracts you did in 2006, would be great to see more sci-fi looking stuff this year, keep up the great work 🙂

  44. Anne

    Love the detail on this one. What an excellent start to the year!

  45. JD_CRUZ

    Looks good Ryan. I’m looking forward to the 2008 images.

  46. Mirage

    Like some other’s here, I’m usually not one that cares for abstracts (I think they’re good, yes, but as to what I put on my desktop I gravitate more towards the scenery or the planetscapes), but I definately do like this one. It captures the eye.

    I will agree with others, however, that there are definately some pickle jar opportunies with this one that it would be interesting if they were explored (different color patterns, etc…).

    Glad you’re feeling better and it’s good to have you back 🙂

  47. Alethias

    I like the interesting mix of symmetry(in the circular pattern) with non-symmetry in the way the different colored concentric wedges are interspersed. Looks very good on my crappy monitor at work; I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks on a good quality monitor at home.

  48. Steve S

    I always like it when you do abstracts like this(Divisor / Circular Logic). I wonder how it would look like with 1 or two colors (deep blue, green/brown etc).

  49. Bill

    Reminds me of a microprocessor. Not square but very similar.

  50. dafaolta

    It sort of reminds me of the Universe being defragged. Very cool! Glad you’re back.


  51. mforce

    Mmmmm.. love how the color comes together overall. There’s some synaesthesia going on here, as if I can taste its cybernetic yet organic beauty. Like an image of a mathematical formula or an astronomy-related equation, it is fragmented yet so full of layers of pure synergy … and … again … of almost *breathing* color.. especially at 1920 ;D Would love to see some Picklejar experiments with this one. ~m

  52. Ahren

    One of the best abstracts youve done!

  53. DarkLadyWo

    This is a beautifully rich image. Thank you!

  54. mark

    Great to see you back to health and great to see some new work.

    I like the idea but I feel that it could have some more vibrant colours.

    This is the kind of idea that could end up with quite a few efforts in the picklejar with many of them being really good.

  55. Michelle

    I like it. This is one that grows on you, and yes the thumbnail doesn’t do it justice.

  56. Blank

    Mr. Bliss has rendered some impressive abstracts over the years. Sadly, this is not one of them. I wish he would do more, as he noted when he stated his “abstract gallery was somewhat limited last year.” With luck, his original, iridescent creations will return in 2008.

  57. Steve

    I’m not one that usually likes the abstracts, but this was one of the first that I jumped the chance to set it as my wallpaper. Some of the previous comments say it’s too dark, but I feel like brighter colors would make it harder to use as a wallpaper. The darker colors still allow icons and such on a desktop to show through. Keep up the great work! I hope this is only a preview of what 2008 will have to bring!

  58. dpal

    Glad to have you back… Like a few have said already, the thumbnail did not do this one justice at all. I couldn’t set it as my wallpaper fast enough.

    Keep up the good work, and I am looking forward to a great 2008!

  59. Dan

    Wow this is some really awesome work! I must say this is some of your best work lately! Not that other recent ones aren’t great! 🙂 It’s like your time off only enhanced your thoughts and development on the next wallpaper. This WP looks great on my widescreen laptop and it will be up there awhile! Thanks! 2008 is already starting out awesome for DB!

  60. Eamonn

    Truly beautiful! This looks even more awesome in ChromaDepth! So glad you are on the mend Ryan.

  61. Jamie N.

    yes, this is very “arty” and very abstract.

    don’t know which part of your brain it came from but it is awesome! 🙂

  62. Terry

    Hi Ryan,

    Firstly want to say its good to have you back & I hope you and your family had a nice christmas and new years. Quite like this, i’m not an Abstract fan but I understand how it allows you to explore new things, I like the orange area in the top left corner the vivid colours are cool.

    Given you a 7 for it!

  63. woodstock

    Interesting design…very sci-fi/portal-ish. It’s probably just personal preference but I found myself wishing for bolder colors.

  64. Joel

    I must say I love the abstracts and this is an interesting piece. At first glance, it reminds me of a more colorful “Circular Logic”. I’d suggest some picklejar versions with some different color families. Nice work and keep it up. I’m glad your feeling better and getting back to the art!

  65. Michelle

    Since not a few people are saying they’d like bolder colors, I just wanted to voice that I think the colors for this are just right as it is. Since they’re darker it does make it easier for the icons to stand out. All that said, I think some pickle jar options with other colors would be great!

  66. Tim


    I think the colors are perfect. I like the illumination from the upper left. Looks like an actual construct. Good job and welcome back!


  67. Bill

    … an application for Mac called iPulse (with the default skin/jacket).

    Nice work! Welcome back. =]

  68. Adam S.

    If the colors were bolder, I couldn’t put it on my desktop. I like how the optical illusion works to make it look like something in the scene from Empire Strikes Back where Luke and Vader fight.

  69. Overdrive

    I’m not particularly into abstracts as well, but I appreciate this one because it’s SF-look and the well balanced color scheme. Makes a pretty nice wallpaper to look at.



  70. SA

    Very nice work Ryan 🙂

    Could we possibly get a dual screen version too please?

    Thanks 🙂

  71. Mercury

    Very cool, I’m glad to see that you still have a knack for the neo-abstract kinda stuff.

  72. Kieron

    Not what I usually go for in a wallpaper but it would look absolutely fabulous as as poster, I might have to print off or buy one (if you add it to the wallpaper shop thing.)

  73. Doctor_D

    This reminds me of either a camera lens, or something out of Ghost in the Shell.

    In either case, awesome work as usual Ryan! 🙂

  74. thorin

    Makes my eyes go in circles!

  75. Jamrep

    I definitely like how this looks. I also think this could the the basis of a very neat animated wallpaper (spining the parts [different speeds and have some spining the opposite way from others] and letting their colors interact like light filters).

  76. Noah

    A great way to start the new Digitalblasphemy year.

  77. Lidia

    This is a very neat abstract! A great start for the new year!

  78. Mike R.

    This is a nice change from the traditional “monochrome” abstracts. The colors work very well together and overall the wallpaper rests quite well on the desktop without much intrusion.

  79. jboomer72

    This one is really growing on me. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it from the beginning, but I just can’t stop looking at it. Truly mesmerizing, great work!

  80. Greg in KC


    I wasn’t sure what I thought about this one at first, but the more I look at it, the more it is growing on me. Definitely good from the abstract point of view, and great work.

    I look forward to your artistic efforts here in 2008!

    Keep it up!

    Greg in KC

  81. Tom

    Have you stop supporting dual screen displays?

  82. Kitsune

    I like this one. Very reminiscent of HAL2000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  83. celmendo

    Yea! You’re back.

    I was thinking the same thing about the colors needing more oomph on my PC at work but on my mac display it’s beautiful and just right!

  84. Michelle

    Tom, Ryan usually puts out the single screen versions first and then releases the dual screens later.

  85. Gabe

    Excellent Abstract – it has a bit of a sci-fi feel to it and would make an excellent cover to a novel. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, hope you’re doing better!

    – Gabe

  86. GMaster7

    Phenomenal! Welcome back, and I’m glad that you’re making a full recovery… Love the artwork! I really love your colorful abstracts, so this is a real pleaser – Keep up the good work!

  87. kellzilla

    I *love* this piece. My favorites are always your abstracts, and this one doesn’t disappoint at all! I love the DEPTH of it.

  88. Joe Boyer

    Ryan! I love it! Well done and well worth the wait, I am glad to see you are back in creation mode 🙂


  89. G

    Very nice work, me likes 😀

  90. Tony

    Please tell me you are planning to make a tri screen version of this, it is awesome. I am already using a cropped stretched version of the widescreen for a tri-screen.

  91. Chris

    Welcome back! Glad to know you’re feeling better. May your health continue to improve.

    For some reason, this one reminds me of Christmas. I think it’s the dominant reds and greens. It’s an awesome way to ring in the new digital blasphemy year. Thanks, Ryan.

  92. Jake

    Bring on more abstracts! They’re always my favorite. I would love a couple more versions of this with more specific color palettes, such as a warm tone colorwheel and a cool tone colorwheel. Glad to see you’re back!

  93. iMark

    The break seems to have done you good! It reminds me of a camera lens. This image is absolutely incredible, well done!!

  94. Greg

    Reminds me of the old TV test patterns though…

  95. James


    Great to see you on your digital feet again! I like the images composition, but would prefer a different array of colors in the wheel, something to brighten it up. It doesn’t feel as lively as your previous abstracts and I feel that this would be solved with a slightly brighter color selection – but do what you will as this is a nice image.

    Glad your feeling better and hope that you continue to improve.

  96. Kyle

    Looking at the thumbnail I said ‘eh’, but seeing it in fullscreen… It’s really amazing. Keep up the good work.

  97. Kyle

    Great to see you’re back and feeling better, hope you had a great Christmas!

    Anyways, I knew that when I saw the thumbnail it was PERFECT for me. I absolutely love it and hope to see more abstracts such as this.

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