Misty Mountains (Halo)

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One of my favorite digital artists is a photographer by the name of Reuben Wu.   I first noticed him a few years back when he went viral for using drones to light up nighttime landscapes.   His work has a dreamy, otherworldly quality to it that is hard to describe but easy to recognize.   I thought it would be fun to create a “Reuben Wu”-esque version of my “Misty Mountain” scene first as a bit of homage but also because I think something of this scale probably wouldn’t work IRL.   Who knows though, maybe he could pull it off.   Either way I thought it would be a fun project and I hope you enjoy the result. 

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13 reviews for Misty Mountains (Halo)

  1. AdDiCt

    Beautiful and brilliant!

  2. toduatt

    I’d also like without rings, preferably some lighty clouds or smth more natural.

  3. Matthew Matticussimuss


  4. Ox


  5. Tim Porter

    I love this and thank you for introducing me to the artist.

  6. Tatiana Taylor

    I love the rings! They provide the perfect amount of light and draw the eye to the mountaintop. They make me think that there’s a grand magical ritual happening up there.

  7. James Kramer

    Would love to see this without the rings in the pickle barrel.

  8. forks.09-equator

    I’m captivated by your art. This is now my theme for the winter season. I will worship the mountains for all adventure they bring. Such an image. Awesome!

  9. Oscar Chavez

    This is really a nice picture. The clarity, mist, snow, trees. Can you please make a pickle jar, without the rings?

  10. Rick Hogg

  11. Corwin Amber

    Beautiful night time image. Halo effect is incredibly nice.

  12. Cathy Warren

    I really like the dark night and white snow on the mountain it’s very striking. What I’m not sure about are the rings around the mountain…Still very undecided about them but very good job otherwise Ryan!

  13. Mark Taylor

    Brilliant concept and amazing interpretation! Thanks for introducing me to Reuben Wu.

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