Merry Christmas To All

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Brightly colored Christmas trees are some of my favorite holiday subjects.   At the same time I also love depicting the rainbow spectrum (see “Dispersion“, “Portals“, and “Philomath“) .   This render brings the two themes together.   The title is, of course, a line borrowed from “A Night Before Christmas” and expresses my hope that everyone everywhere have a lovely December regardless of their background (or even if they celebrate the holiday).

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25 reviews for Merry Christmas To All

  1. Kenneth Degel
    [Lifetime Plus]

  2. Jesse Mattson

    Imagine being unable to see a variety of colors together without thinking it’s a political message. Worse, even if it is a message, imagine having a problem with supporting LGBTQ etc. rights. Dogshit humans. Great render, but fuck haters.

  3. John DiPinto

    The Gay Pride symbol never even occurred to me when I looked at this, and after reading the disgruntled comments, I still see it for exactly what it is: a colorful and very beautiful Christmas tree display. Sometimes a rainbow is a rainbow, and if it implies a spectrum in a symbolic way, how does that not fit in with Christmas? Everyone can have an opinion, I suppose, but I’m extremely tired of seeing complaints about “wokeness” where it doesn’t exist. Bravo Ryan! Happy 2023!

  4. Tom Thomas

    Here for the holiday spirit not more in your face wokeness, hope to see something more Christmas focused

  5. Lilly O’Handley

    I look forward to the new holiday DBs sooooooo much. I love this one so much. The sparkles in the snow. The glowing reflectionat the base of the trees. The vivid colors on the dark background. Like all art, look at it and let your heart decide what you see. I see peace and love. Thank you so much for all you do.

  6. Mark Taylor
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    I love everything about this one! Personally for me, I view the rainbow more generically as a sign of peace and acceptance of others; quite fitting for the season! 🙂

  7. mrcrook80

    I’m with some of the others. The craft is on-point but not a fan of the political message. I’m sure there is an audience for this but pride month is in June, I just wanna celebrate Christmas.

  8. Rick Hogg

    Very nice I love it. Thanks and Merry Christmas

  9. earl moore
    [Lifetime Plus]

    I wish I could rate this 6 stars! Well done.

  10. Kevin Matthies

    What caught my eye the most on this was the trees’ illumination against the snow covered floor and shadows. Well done!

  11. Dick Proenneke

    Love it! Would also love to see variants with a single tree, and each variant is one of the colors! I like to color match my wallpapers lol.

  12. Gian Luigi

    Merry Christmas!!!

  13. Todd Clanton

    Well done….on so many levels. It works for many festive wallpapers, not just Christmas. I would have this up just to celebrate winter. Regardless of any petty issues with perceived political associations – this is yet another beautiful piece of artwork. Besides, my Christmas trees have never been all just white lights, or just red & green. Bah. Boring! This piece is wintery, multi-colored, and brilliant – in celebration of this festive, bright season. This is a cumulative representation of all the many childhood colors that brilliantly created my Christmases since childhood: Christmas trees, paper chains, gift wrap, etc. Not to mention the quality and detail of the image: light effects and detail, shadows, and the overall wintery mood. Once again, as with ALL of your artwork…..well done!

  14. Sally Watts
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Another great one. Thanks Ryan.

  15. Tatiana Taylor

  16. Brian Jones
    [Lifetime Plus]


    This is my new all-time Christmas fave!! I absolutely LOVE all the colors!! Especially great are the details of the sparkles in the snow, and even how all the shadows are thrown in various colors too!! And I know I’m totally using a lot of exclamation points in this review but I MEAN EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM THIS JUST EVOKES SOOOOO MUCH JOY!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ Thank you for this spectacularly lovely gift of beauty, and I wish you and yours a warm, happy, and blessed holiday season!!!

  18. Jacob Klein
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Great render, great name, great message. Keep up the good work.

  19. Cathy Warren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and yours Ryan. Christmas is my favorite time of year. And I always look forward to your Christmas Renders, but honestly I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I totally get where your coming from and I also love the colors in Rainbows, I’m just not sure if it fits with Christmas. Anyways thank you for all the beautiful renders you create.

  20. Marian Justiss

    I love your wallpapers and the Christmas ones have been part of my Christmas season for many, many years. I’m disappointed with this one because of the political message. I would also not be supportive of Red, White and Blue theme even though I’m very patriotic. I’m also supportive of Ukraine, but wouldn’t be supportive of Yellow/Blue Ukraine flag theme. I do appreciate you doing the wallpaper early so people who do like it can enjoy it all season. This will be the first time in twenty years that I won’t be using your newest Christmas wallpaper as my desktop picture, but thankfully there are many wonderful ones from past years to choose from. Maybe next year you can create one that celebrates Christmas without a political message.

  21. Elena Woontner

    Just fantastic!

  22. Glenn Stammen

    Greetings Ryan, I’m having problems downloading the 2560×1400 version of your beautiful Christmas render. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

    • Ryan

      Try it now Glenn. Thanks for the heads up!

  23. Doug Bowman

  24. George Mayhew

    This is so beautiful. I love the reflection on the snow.

  25. Justin sunnybac

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