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I created this scene as an exercise to learn shading, lighting and rendering using Cinema4D/Redshift.  It’s my first scene using this new software package.   I initially created the Earth but decided it would be more interesting to create an Earth-like alien world. For the planet texture I used a command-line version of this tool and quite a bit of photoshop to create the other needed maps for the Redshift renderer.

All-in-all it was fun exercise and I learned quite a bit. Looking forward to exploring more with Cinema4D and Redshift.

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14 reviews for Class M

  1. Matthew Matticussimuss

  2. Christian Asaban
    [Plus, Lifetime]

  3. webworx
    [Lifetime Plus]

    The depth of the render is amazing. Love it!

  4. Jeffrey Thayer

    Your Planetscapes are always the best, very nice

  5. cyberdud707

  6. Todd Clanton

    Another fantastic work of art! Your galactic images are always one of my favorites. Beautiful and subtle lighting effects. ..and that fact that you know what Class M means makes you even cooler than I already knew you were! :-). LLAP. Well done!

  7. jbtilden

    This is awesome! I always love the ones in space.

  8. Jason Pond
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Our “Big Blue Marble” beautifully illustrated! Excellent work my man!

  9. Lewis Cloud

  10. Ox

    I love it

  11. Justin Tobiason

    “Things are only impossible until they’re not.”

  12. Ron Davison


  13. William B
    [Plus, Lifetime]

    Very nice.

  14. cbncat1

    Very nice!
    Live long and prosper.

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