Traveller (Planetside)


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30 reviews for Traveller (Planetside)

  1. Bill B. [basicmember]

    This image takes me to that spot where this person is, and we can imagine soon, we will stand in a place like this, looking to the next place we want to visit; very nice.

  2. Jim [nonmonthly]

    I get a Destiny vibe from this one. 🙂

  3. Jason

    Problem: The 3840 x 1080 (dual 16:9) screen is not formatted correctly for proper display

  4. Inquisidor

    All I can think is: Interstellar. Nice render.

  5. Richard_H

    Always love the sci-fi, space themed works.

    This one is breathtaking. It appeals so much to the innate traveler in all humans, “What’s over the horizon?”

  6. Tom


  7. Marco

    I love this wallpaper so very much! Where Ice and Lava meets somewhere, so far away in another galaxy.

    Happy Holidays Rayan 🙂

  8. Gregor

    Okay, I’m no astrophysicist or whatever, so I’m not 100% sure about the possibility of such a view… but that isn’t what all these beautiful wallpapers are about. I’m a little astonished because nobody has made an association with “Interstellar” yet… that came to my mind when I looked at the image. An absolutely great image, I love how Ryan puts the view into perspective with tiny observers!

  9. Skyweir

    The positions of the celestial bodies in the work cause me to consider the possible orbits which do not lead to destruction of the one on which the Traveller is located. Or is the Traveller one of the moons of the gas giant? A thought provoking work and well executed, Ryan! I look forward to more.

  10. Duke

    Awesome composition and I’m particularly partial to the colours used. Have already set it on my computer and my phone background.

  11. Nithilher

    Gorgeous! It really catches the magnificent scale of a gas giant when seen from one of its moons. Can’t wait to see a triple screen version with a full panorama – is there hope that there will be one?

  12. Ryan

    Would you believe I’ve never played? Still need to pick up a PS4 (or xBox One)…

  13. Ben

    Now Id like confirmation… which destiny class do you play?


  14. BeccaM

    While I like all of the themes in the work, I can’t help but think it might possibly be improved by showing just a little bit of the edge of the gas giant, to make it clear that’s what’s in the background.

  15. Hawk

    All good! Not worthy of the Pickle Jar.

  16. JS

    I love that one! Hopefully a Triple monitor version? 🙂

  17. Chris Mall

    I am constantly impressed by what you can create out of nothing but pixels and creativity. Thank you for doing what you do.

  18. Gary

    This looks fantastic on my smartphone. I have to use the Retina version to get the highest resolution, but it fits with just some minor positioning on the screen. The BIGGER the image the better!!!

  19. Bez

    This is fantastic. I love the colors, love the planet. Could do without the tiny person, but that’s just a personal preference in all of your images.

  20. PixelHead

    Love it! The depth and mix of colors in the large planet in the background is amazing. I also love the black moon/planet that has the look of magma cooling. Great job!

  21. Awesome!!

    Spacial wallpapers are definitively the bests, are so gorgeous, and the details are really cool!

  22. Jenanne

    I’d forgotten this one was on the way. Just awesome! 10++

  23. Josh

    I’m always a fan of your planetscapes, this totally deserves a spot in the gallery.

  24. Littlemom

    This is amazing. Absolutely love it.

  25. Brian J.

    So is this what the view of Jupiter would be like from Titan?

    Stunning image, Ryan! Can’t wait for the multimonitor so I can put it up!

  26. Wraithslay

    I definitely want to see this in a multiscreen! It’s amazing!

  27. Betsey

    as far as I’m concerned….it’s a completely new rendering….and yes I went back and looked….

  28. Nick

    Beautiful skyline.

  29. fenterbug

    This is probably the first piece in a year that actually made me say “WOW” as soon as I saw it. There are bits and pieces that can be seen from “Traveller”, but that’s all. This is truly a piece of its own and, IMHO, one of your best.

  30. Maarten

    Definitely deserves its own spot in the gallery

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