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Relearning Mandelbulb3D…

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16 reviews for Quaternion

  1. Philip [plusmember]

    Nice mathematical theme! Is there a 4D version downloadable by chance…? 😉

  2. RDaneek

    Any chance of a multiscreen (particularly triple screen)?

  3. BobC

    I like both versions. If I look at (especially the gallery version) long enough, I begin to see it in different ways – it changes somehow and that makes it interesting and fun. Keep on exploring that program!

  4. Bez

    I love the rework you did on it to give it some jaggedness.

  5. Bill

    For some reason, I actually like the picklejar version better. Something about the simplicity..

  6. Devon

    Very nice and as you say minimalistic. Any thought of doing it in other colors? Red or green? White might be interesting too.

  7. Odbar

    Looking at a roll of 1.75mm blue translucent filament.

  8. JDD

    cool. calming. nice

  9. KRingg

    I absolutely love this one! The simplicity of geometry, colors, etc make it exceedingly soothing. Also, I adore your use of ultra-shallow depth-of-field. Keep it up!

  10. Brian

    There is nothing wrong with a minimalist piece. There are times when I don’t want anything too complex.

  11. Mangoman

    Sometimes, simple is better… This makes a great desktop background, especially when blue is your favorite color. Very nice. I love it!!

  12. JacobKlein

    There is too much “dissonance” created by the in-focus elements versus the out-of-focus elements. Would prefer a version that had the whole scene at a single level of focus. Thanks for the great work though!

  13. Chris B

    Looking at the small image I thought it looked like the default background when you buy a new computer… MUCH better when actually put on as a background though!

  14. Betsey

    sometimes you just need a simple background…..

  15. Adam

    My first impression on seeing this was “Oooooo!”

  16. YES



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