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Please note that these scene was re-rendered in 2020 using Lightwave 11. I left the 1280 x 1024 version as the original so you can compare if you like.

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Scarlet Dual

17 reviews for Scarlet

  1. DirtyJerz [nonmonthly]

    i am one of those people with multiple colors that speak to me, and red is one of them. But the background colors are grey hues and i love just about anything black/grey/white as well, which makes the lady in red pop so much more. I enjoy viewing this image. Even tho i don?t use a lot of images, as i have my favorites, i love to just look at so many of them for the sheer pleasure of it. Tysm for creating these !

  2. Rhubarb [basicmember]

    Although this isn’t the sort of thing I’d put on my desktop, it really speaks to me. I would fully expect to see this in a museum! It’s simple and yet so complex, so much going on without looking like much at first glance.

  3. Zealot [lifer]

    A great artwork from you. Like it very much

  4. Nemo1024 [liferplus]

    I am so glad that you decided to put Bucephalus to the task of revisiting the old renders. There are so many gems in your collection that just scream to be added to the UHD background rotation. Maybe you can add a new “Revisit” category to the Wallpapers menu so we could find and experience them all anew!

  5. Deanna [liferplus]

    So, so, so thrilled about this update! Thank you, Ryan. It is beautiful.

  6. Ryan

    Those resolutions are available for this render now. They should be in the Dualscreen list.

  7. JB [plusmember]

    Love it, would it be possible to have a dual 16:9 at lower resolution i.e. 3840×1080 / 5120×1440

  8. Phimeas [basicmember]

    That’s beautiful! My wallpaper setting shows pictures centred against a black backround. This will look fabulous.

  9. DJ [basicmember]

    Enya? Amarantine? Anyone?

  10. Donna [basicmember]

    She is so romantic. This render is lovely.

  11. Jake

    The scale of this one is not as robust as the newer work like the valleys or city scapes, but I always, always, always (to echo Deanna) gravitate to this image. It has the way of provoking in its subtlety. I jihad a membership a couple years ago, lapsed, finally re-upped today and this was the first image I went and found.

    Widescreen would be awesome.

  12. Alex H

    Epic picture, deserves revisting

  13. Yuritau

    I’ll put my voice in with Bernd, Deanna, and Sean in asking for some updated sizes to this one!

  14. Sean

    One of my all time favorites! I love the scale and sheer immensity of the pylons versus the figure. I would LOVE to see a newer version of this rendered at 1920×1080.

  15. Deanna

    Hi Ryan,

    Any chance of a widescreen version for Scarlet? I have always loved, loved, loved this one. 🙂


  16. Bernd

    Any chance of a dual-screen version? This appears to be a chess board, so maybe just a row of lighter columns on the right?

  17. Jessica

    I really like the way this figure pops right out of the screen and helps give perspective to the columns. It’s a dramatic piece that I have always enjoyed. The figure itself doesn’t have much detail or shading however, which is particularly obvious when set against the shading details of the columns.

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