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My education with Blender continues. I’d been meaning to learn how to use the new “Geometry Nodes” for a while now and decided to follow an interesting tutorial that I found on YouTube to create this stylized “motherboard”. While I did follow instructions and use some of the supplied texture maps, I did create all the models and I feel like I’ve made the scene my own in a number of ways. I hope you enjoy the render as I much as I enjoyed learning how to make it.

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61 reviews for Motherboard

  1. Richard Martin

    I can’t believe I missed this when it first came out! I just got my computer back up and decided I needed a new wallpaper after using Overseer for 10+ years. This image grabs my attention, I love it! Thank you for all your work, Ryan!

  2. Patrick Ryan

    This is my desktop at the office, my macbook desktop and my new pixel 7pro. I love this image. Then I’ve always loved the mushrooms in general. Love your work Ryan

  3. Ian Sterling
    [Lifetime Plus]

    I set this as my wallpaper immediately after it was released, and I haven’t changed it since. This is definitely my most favorite work you’ve done.

  4. Tallis Koons
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Been a member since 2001 and this is by far and away my favorite work of yours yet! Love the creativity and intricacy of it.

  5. Adam Schubert

    This reminds me of a Borg ship. Great work!

  6. John Queern

    This is by far my favorite 3-screen wallpaper. I notice that certain sections have been rendered as out of focus. Is is possible to generate this with everything in focus? That would be awesome…. Love all the Easter eggs…

  7. Ewen Cafe

    Just love this one, the detail and colour is amazing!!

  8. Aelantha [basicmember]

    I love the motherboard, but it needs more color. So many of your recent images are monochromatic. I don’t want to look at a monochromatic desktop image. Can you mix them up, please? Loving your stuff since the early 2000’s –


  9. Aaron.S [basicmember]

    Looks great, It’s something different from what you normally do. I would like to see more.

    This would be an interesting mash-up.

  10. Ryan

    That’s an interesting idea 😀

  11. Keith-E [basicmember]

    I love this one, have it on my triscreen work monitors. Had a thought that you could charge a wee bit extra and put a company logo on the processor, might get a few new customers. My company logo on the monitor would make the Boss happy 🙂

  12. noelc [basicmember]

    Dude! This wallpaper alone was worth the subscription. I have been a member on and off for ever and man you post the best wallpapers around.

  13. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    This is one of new favorites, this is so AWESOME,,, the colours, detail, lighting and layout, make it the most fun and interesting abstracts you have ever rendered, great work Ryan,

  14. Ryan

    They are my family’s signs 🙂

  15. PJ [basicmember]

    Really love this render! Couldn’t put it up as my background fast enough. What made you pick those 4 astrological signs on the gold pieces?

  16. Jamie Durrill [lifer]

    This is one of the most amazing renders!

  17. Bill S. [lifer]

    Seriously. Never ending eye-candy.

  18. Kana [lifer]

    This is awesome! The detail is amazing. You could even do a re-brand with this photo and use it as your newest logo 🙂

  19. Gene [lifer]

    As much as I like the more “usual” DB artwork, this one is a cool deviation. I’m not always a huge fan of the “technical-abstract” images (my hazy terminology), IMO, Ryan, you’ve got a really nice one here. And it’s extra cool to see “under the hood” hardware marked with a name other than the usual suspects (you know, Intel, AMD and so on). Cool, very cool.

  20. DirkL [plusmember]

    One of my favorites, so much detail it seems almost real. Nice touch with the special scripts on the components.

  21. Original User Name [basicmember]


    I found the DB backgrounds when I was living and working in Belgium in 1998 … I’ve been a member on and off since and wanted to offer a thank you for all the amazing work you have done over the years 🙂

    This is the first time I have posted a reply for one of your pieces … this instantly appealed to me and I instantly changed to this morning (no easy feat considering I had Dispersion then Haiku as my main backgrounds for at least 5 years at one point without ever changing them).



  22. Jelle [lifer]

    I would love for this to become a separate ‘electronic world’ category! This wallpaper is awesome! It makes me look at it with much more focus and interest than usual.

  23. Aaron H. [basicmember]

    This picture awed me like nothing I’ve seen in a long time. It’s very much the feeling I remember from when you and DB were new and I’d never seen anything like, say, “Pyre” or “Psychlococcus” before.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ll continue to do!

  24. Fyrkisen [plusmember]

    Fantastic !!!

    I’ve had this on my Ubuntu desktop.

    Look Amazing !!!

  25. Ryan R. [lifer]

    When people ask me what processor I use, I’ll say DB from now on. Not Intel or AMD, but DB.

    Speaking of which, one idea you might do, Ryan, is sell metallic stickers that you can stick to your computer. Some people do this with the various Linux distributions; you might do the same thing with the Mushrooms as a logo for “powered by Digital Blasphemy” or something.

  26. Shabooboo [basicmember]

    Thank you for this. I wasn’t sure how it would look at 5120×1440 (Dual) But it looks Fantastic, really love it 🙂

  27. Ben [liferplus]

    Truly a stunning image. Going to be my wallpaper for a long time.

  28. LanceX [basicmember]

    A great new direction for you Ryan!

    Please continue expanding your horizons.

    Always a fan.


  29. Omar Calderon [basicmember]

    Love this one would love a red version maybe with smoke?

  30. NikB [liferplus]

    I’ve had this on my phone and desktop for the past few days now, and it’s really grown on me.

    I’m not sure what it is exactly, but the subject combination of technology and macro photography (although I know it’s a rendered image) is a winner for me!

  31. Ryan

    Lol yeah. My boys have been showing me their favorite anime this summer and we’d just finished binging “Konosuba” when I was working on the chips. I loved the show and the sentiment behind the title 😀

  32. Gabriel [liferplus]

    Is that an anime reference right here? That would be a pleasant surprise haha

    Great work!

  33. Patrick [liferplus]

    A day or so before this image was released you said something different was in the wings, and you were right. This image is both complex and simple and I think unlike anything you have done before. Maybe it is the start of a new category to come back to now and again, with lots of ideas from other members. Who knows what these DBPU’s (DB processing units) could come up with in the future? Simply superb.

  34. Timmo [plusmember]

    I love this, it’s sharp, clean and looks too real. Is it a photograph Ryan?

  35. Ryan

    Everything means something 😉

  36. Timothy [nonmonthly]

    I love this one, and I’m wondering what the meaning is behind some of the logos on the smaller components scattered about. For example some of Greek letters, others have other designs. Do those have any meaning?

  37. CynG [basicmember]

    I watched the entire tutorial and came away with a new appreciation for the amount of time and skill it takes to complete a project like this. Your personal stamp on this makes it extra special. Well done!

  38. Fid [plusmember]

    Caught my eye immediately! Love the detail, blue lighting and of course the DB mushrooms! Would love to see more like this, on a graphic card, power unit or even the whole inside of a computer tower!

  39. Hawk [lifer]

    LOVE IT!

    I hope you do a city made out of this pure circuitry awesomeness!

  40. Bill A [liferplus]

    I am really enjoying this one. I love the sharpness of the image in the center, something I always crave. I also find myself looking for Easter eggs. Keep up the good work Ryan You are amazing!

  41. Tarkan2467 [lifer]

    What a great idea for a render. Very, very nice.

  42. Heather [lifer]

    The computer geek/software engineer in me is obsessed with this one. I think it?s the best one of the year!

  43. RC Davison [basicmember]

    Really nice and imaginative!

    I think pushing the digitalblasphemy blue energy out further across the board, following the circuit board traces, would really emphasize the “powered by digitalblasphemy” logo on the processor.

  44. Tom Neely [basicmember]

    The CPU with the contrast in color to the rest of the design, gives it a powerful look. The minute details make this piece stand out. Awesome render.

  45. Ken [plusmember]

    I like the colors, and the idea of this. And when I set it as my background I didn’t have to move and icons on my desktop! Great job!

  46. moss [lifer]

    I must admit as soon as I saw this render I loved it.

    As in the title it’s epic. Congrats sir.

  47. Joshua Barker [lifer]

    Being a tech junky, this one may be my most favorite one yet! What really drives it home for me is the subtle nod to the infamous translucent mushrooms. Well done, sir!

  48. James [liferplus]

    Love it! Best yet for me. Was looking for a hidden “slender man” 😉

  49. Al [liferplus]

    As an on-site computer guy for almost 25 years, this really hits a home run with me, Ryan. Kudos, sir!

  50. Shao Lang [lifer]

    Since I have built systems and done the IT like so many other subscribers, this hits home.

    I absolutely love this render. I would love to see more along this line, now that you have put this out there for us. 10/10 for me, I would vote higher if I could

  51. Kamgat24x7 [lifer]

    That is REALLY cool, Ryan. Well done!

  52. Richard [lifer]

    I too – like many subscribers – work in I.T. and think it is absolutely superb.
    I genuinely thing you have started a whole new Category here: Electrical

  53. Chef Mike [basicmember]

    The title speaks for itself. Most of Ryan’s rendurings are breathtaking. Motherboard is mind-blowing! I love it! Anything technical. Keep it coming Ryan! Domo!

  54. Matt [basicmember]

    Another very pleased computer geek! Love the way the light reflects on the board too.

  55. Lee [liferplus]

    This just became my new wallpaper. Like Kenbro I work in IT as well so I loved it immediately!

  56. Ralf [basicmember]

    I love the colour scheme, and the isometric angle. Definitely one of my all-time favourites.

  57. drow [basicmember]

    clever pipeline of nand gates, there. but i’m kind of curious why they’re all feeding into the same capacitor stack. worried about black ice? you should look into fuchi’s new line of sacrificial eeproms for that, they’re wicked smart.

  58. Henry M [basicmember]

    This is my favorite one so far. Super clean and real looking! Bravo!

  59. Eric [liferplus]

    Well done! It makes this computer geek very pleased.

  60. Kenbro59 [basicmember]

    Ryan, your work continues to amaze me! Since I work in IT, this wallpaper brought a smile to my face this morning. Keep up the excellent work!!

  61. Omar Calderon [basicmember]

    Grey to see you are growing and still learning great job!

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