Attempt No Landing


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My very first experiments using Quadspinner’s “Geoglyph” plugin for World Machine resulted in a set of fractured terrains that brought to mind (for me) the surface of Europa. After adding Jupiter in the background I thought it would be fun to pay homage to one of my favorite science-fiction films…

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61 reviews for Attempt No Landing

  1. Elfkaristos [basicmember]

    Stunning! Definitely in my top five!!

  2. Chris [liferplus]

    Great work as usual but I am undecided if it is either the Tardis or Monolith I know Ryan refers to 2001 but ????

  3. Mike Loeven [plusmember]

    You should edit the page so it plays the 2001 theme when you zoom in on the image 🙂

  4. jimbo [basicmember]

    Very impressive image.

    I was rather pleased to spot the Monolith just in front and to the left of the Great Red Spot.

  5. Carmine Fazzari [lifer]

    That is a perfect rendition of Europa. And another monolith never hurt anybody either!

  6. Greywolf [liferplus]

    Saw the title, knew what it meant immediately and went to further check the image.

    You never cease to fail to disappoint me. 🙂

  7. Ryan

    Thanks for supporting my work!!

  8. Ryan

    Thanks for supporting my work!!

  9. Ben K [nonmonthly]

    When I saw this image, I knew it was time to re-subscribe. 10/10, beautiful.

  10. Mangoman [liferplus]

    It’s as if you’re in your spacesuit gazing upon this scene….it’s that lifelike. Either that, or you’re a Transformer. Once again, a beautiful job, Sir Bliss. This one’s definitely a ten. Wow!

  11. Mangoman [liferplus]

    It’s as if you’re in your spacesuit gazing upon this scene….it’s that lifelike. Either that, or you’re a Transformer. Once again, a beautiful job, Sir Bliss. This one’s definitely a ten. Wow!

  12. Trifid [liferplus]

    Yup, I totally see is the Tardis on Europa! Would love to see a pickle barrel version with the Tardis 😉

  13. Bryan [basicmember]

    Makes me want to get in my Tardis and hang out around the great red storm for a few days.

  14. Rob [lifer]

    Really like this one, especially the Monolith in the background.

  15. Thanasimos [lifer]

    Came back looking for a new background to try out. Knew I had found what I was looking for when I came across this. Stunning piece of work.

  16. Quark [basicmember]

    Love it 2001: A Space Oddsey; Nice representation

  17. Quark [basicmember]

    Love it 2001; Nice representation

  18. Dan [liferplus]

    This is why I love DB!

  19. garageguy (rford) [basicmember]

    I’ve always loved your work for it’s creativity and detail. What an image!

  20. Bill B. [basicmember]

    This image gives a sense of scale to what the Hubble has confirmed while reminding us of a great Sci-fi story. Stunning, and well done.

  21. Welcome_Oblivion [nonmonthly]

    Space Odyssey was a bit before my time. Nevertheless this is still a really cool scene. Enjoyable even if you don’t get the reference.

  22. Tim [nonmonthly]

    All these worlds are yours except Europa. Attempt no landing there Use them together us them in peace. Cold war then, now? I like like it!

  23. DarthSync [liferplus]

    Fantastic work. I do most enjoy your space/planet scenes, and this is one of the best you’ve done.

  24. John [liferplus]

    I love your planet work, they always turn out awesome.

  25. Susan [nonmonthly]

    I love the colours of the terrain and although they do work well with Jupiter, I actually don’t like the colour of the planet very much. However I think it’s because I’m not very fond of rust brown colours.

    Apart from that, it is a very spectacular piece and I shall look forward to seeing what else you will come up with using that software.

  26. shaldannon [lifer]

    I always liked Clarke, and I always liked the Space Odyssey series, but… shouldn’t Europa be somewhat flatter? And the monolith on Europa was enormous and lying on its side. Yeah, I’m picky.

  27. Erik [lifer]

    Awesome on my 4k, looking forward to seeing dual screens!

  28. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    Pretty hard to find a good spot to make a landing on Europa. But maybe the HAL 9000 computer will find a way!

  29. BobC [lifer]

    Very exciting, beautiful, and creative.

    DaveR is correct and the full quote is:

    “All these worlds are yours– except Europa.

    Attempt no landings there.”

  30. John [basicmember]

    I’ve always loved your space scenes and this one does not disappoint. Gazing at Jupiter I can feel the chill and the energy from the monolith that was missed in the movie adaptations. Fantastic work!

  31. DaveR [liferplus]

    This is a beautiful render, and a fitting tribute to Arthur Clarke and the 2001 series. If I might nitpick just a bit about the story aspect…

    The quote “Attempt No Landing” was from the end of the 2010 movie and book, and the appearance of the monolith on Europa was first revealed in 2061 (I think), but both of those events occurred after Jupiter was transformed into “Lucifer”, a small sun-like planet.

    All that aside, this is still a beautiful image and a great tribute.

  32. Gene [lifer]

    Needs to be cleaned up some. On the dark side of Jupiter, about 25% of the way in from the left side, there’s a swath of star field visible. Obviously, that shouldn’t be there! It’s a bit hard to see, unless you’re zoomed in on it, but even fairly muted down, it really detracts from the overall merit of the piece. Cleaned up some, this has the potential to be one of your best images. Thanks for keeping them coming!

  33. Spike [liferplus]

    This is just spectacular. The level of detail combined with the realism of Jupiter in the background… just breathtaking. Europa has always been a favored moon for me, since it has water, and possibly life. Excellently done.

  34. Keith [basicmember]

    Monolith looks a little weird to me but of course it’s the 2001 theme…

  35. Tempo21 [liferplus]

    On my 2560 by 1600 monitor this looks eerily real and bizarre at the same time.

  36. Rodewaryer [basicmember]

    …standing there, wow. What a great piece! I have no criticism, at all. Perfect, incredible actually.

  37. Lance [basicmember]

    I’m not to happy about this render. It looks like something me at 13 would create. Frankly, it looks lazily pieced together.

  38. Pat [basicmember]

    This is a great looking piece, puts your right into the scene. makes what go back and re-read the books

  39. horcruxhp [basicmember]

    I love this one. @John was right. It does give the picture perspective. I’m eagerly awaiting the multi-screen versions. I want to see who else notices…

    I must say, this is one of your finest works so far. Kudos!

  40. Joh Kinane [basicmember]

    no dual screen 2560×1024? 🙁

  41. Ozaawaagosh [nonmonthly]

    This is a Great render for a Great, and my favorite author, This is a fitting render for a great science fiction story and film. Awesome job Ryan.

  42. Yavor [nonmonthly]

    I just want to say thanks! Million times would not be enough. And not needed. Thanks Ryan! For all you do so many years for all of us out there.

  43. John [basicmember]

    …before I read your hint of the obelisk.

    It’s an impressive rendering and the obelisk helps give perspective to the picture. I am going to download the image and see who notices.

    Excellent work Ryan.

  44. John [basicmember]

    …before I read your hint of the obelisk.

    It’s an impressive rendering and the obelisk helps give perspective to the picture. I am going to download the image and see who notices.

    Excellent work Ryan.

  45. Paddy T [liferplus]

    Great stuff. One of your best space images. Really like it.

  46. Glynne [basicmember]

    Fabulous – I can feel the cold emanating off the ice.

  47. Glynne [basicmember]

    Fabulous – I can feel the cold emanating off the ice.

  48. Christopher Faircloth [liferplus]

    This has to be up in your top ten of all time. The trouble is so is a large number of all your other work, it is very hard to give them a rating as they are all great. I also liked the monolith although at fist I thought of the TARDIS but the colour is wrong 😉

  49. Patricia Anderson [basicmember]

    Love this…fun to imagine walking around the ice and taking in Jupiter’s splendor. Love the “2001 Space Odyssey” reference. Thank you.

  50. Todd [basicmember]

    What a brilliant concept!!!! The title is just icing on the clever cake (for those who get it). It’s beautiful, and very well done!

  51. Ville [basicmember]

    This is awesome! Nearly impossible (or impossible) to tell that it’s not a photo (even with the Monolith! :-).

    A render on Europa could be interesting, too… considering liquid water under ice, and the possibility of life (an indie movie to watch: “Europa Report”).

  52. Josh [nonmonthly]

    This is an awesome wallpaper that I am now going to make my wallpaper. 10/10

  53. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Very nice render Ryan!!!

  54. Ryan

    I mapped a sphere with a (enhanced) photographic texture and rendered it in Lightwave.

  55. Angelique [lifer]

    I viewed the largest version to see the detail. I really like the texture and color variation on the glacier ice. Also the planet is impressively realistic. How did you do the planet? With the same program as the terrain or another?

  56. Fancytattoo [basicmember]

    Its a real nice rendering, I would give it a 10, but unfortunatelly on the upper lefy quadrant of the rendering in space, there appears to be an eye. It is very disturbing and removes all awe away from me. I had to remove from my background as a result… :(((

  57. rcdavison [basicmember]

    Great job with this one! I especially like the obelisk standing sentinel on Europa.

    How as Jupiter done?

  58. Suzzz [liferplus]

    I don’t normally comment on your work, but I love this one. The Odyssey books are some of my favourites.

    Many thanks for this one.

  59. L. [lifer]

    This render is awesome. Love the nod to such a sci-fi classic.

  60. Martin [lifer]

    “All these worlds are yours except Europa. Attempt no landing there.”

    The entire Space Odyssey series is a favorite of mine, though “3001: The Final Odyssey” was a little weak. “2010” is a favorite film of mine; it took some liberties with the original story (notably the complete absence of the China subplot), but any film with Roy Scheider is gonna be good. Awesome render, Ryan!

  61. Zumbi [nonmonthly]

    I bet Jupiter Lander veterans from the early ’80s could still land successfully 😉

    I really like the icy ground, but Jupiter lacks of details… it feels (too) flat for me. Jupiter didn’t catch me 🙁

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