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While I wait for the multiscreen version of “Endpoint” to finish rendering I thought I might share the Lightwave render I used for the celestial phenomenon. I rendered this specifically as a “background” object so it’s fairly barebones. It still might make for an interesting wallpaper though. Let me know what you think!

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11 reviews for Endpoint (Portal)

  1. Rick (Horseman) [basicmember]

    This rendering of a worm hole reminds me of the Star Trek Deep Space Nine. The texturing, colors and shadings and Ryan’s attention to detail enhances the possibility of the existence of worm holes.

  2. RadghKris [lifer]

    Ryan, this is awesome! I would like to see a multi screen version at 3840×1080. Is this something you were planning? Thanks!

  3. Ozaawaagosh [basicmember]

    I love this close up of The Portal, Great Colours Ryan.

  4. Gene [lifer]

    I like the concept, but not so much the execution. I had to look back some years, but I found the one I was looking for to compare: Celestrom, from 2003 — 14 years ago. Despite the overall growth of your work, and the newer software, this older image is, pardon the pun, light-years ahead of the current one. Maybe I shouldn’t be comparing the two, but doing so makes me think that the old is new, and vice versa. Put in other words, usually your newer pieces are better in concept and execution than older counterparts. In my eye, not this time… But hey, I like ’em both, so no big problem. Keep up the great work!

  5. SethEden [liferplus]

    It’s renderings like this that I actually enjoy the most! Plain but elegant, stylish and thought provoking!

  6. Melissa [basicmember]

    Your colour use is magnificent.

  7. Dustin Snyder [nonmonthly]

    Very cool.

  8. Ryan

    I’ve uploaded a new file which should fix that issue. Not sure how that happened but thanks for the heads up.You might have to Shift-Ctrl-R to reload the file.

  9. Mike [lifer]

    The white line is along the left side of the 2560×1440 image

  10. Mike [lifer]

    Your space images are my favorite.

    One question though. It seems like there is a solid light line along the left side of the image, just wondering if that was intended?

  11. DaveR [liferplus]

    Great render, I like the color choice. This does remind me of the wormhole in ST-DS9, and it’s also similar in some respects to your “Hidden Forces” (2008).

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