Campfires (Happy New Year!)


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Hard to believe that it’s been ten years since I last updated my
“Campfires” series. I’ve tried to capture a bit of the aurora
around the poles with this latest version, which I rendered using
Lightwave 11.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2013 in whichever part of our globe
you call home!

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47 reviews for Campfires (Happy New Year!)

  1. Snoddy [liferplus]

    There appears to be a glitch with the lossless image file?I get a red horizontal line dividing the image..?

  2. Isaac [nonmonthly]

    The link for 2880×1800 is missing in the Pickle Jar for the Asia version. Also, I’ve always really liked these.

  3. Rick (Horseman) [basicmember]

    This piece inspires one to believe and hope for an improved more balanced and proactive 2018. Conflicts between races and cultures are very often about the conflicts within between the elders and the younger generations. ‘Campfires’ depicts the strength of light and the power of darkness which most of our world is shrouded.

  4. Roboto

    Hope you can do a triscreen for the Asia version.

  5. Alan C

    7680 x 1600 (triple 16:10) has a square on the right side that is missing stars. Very noticeable and distracting from an otherwise fantastic picture. Please fix!

  6. Karen

    I rotate between backgrounds on my dual-screen work pc, however this is the one that I keep returning to. I love that the edges are simple, allowing icons to be easily read, and the planet just looks amazing. Best of all I get tons of compliments and refer everyone here!

  7. Anduan

    What Joe said:

    “5760×1080 version, on the right side of the picture, there’s a section that seems out of place. There’s a noticeable set of lines and a resolution change.”

    The wallpaper seems unfinished…

  8. Yanthor

    Ryan, I have always loved your space wallpapers and this one is no exception. I do have one request for the pickle jar. Any chance you could make version of this for the pickle jar which does not have the planet and is just the background?

    I know that seems like an odd request, but I would love such a wallpaper. I understand you’re busy, but I had to ask. 🙂

  9. Joe

    5760×1080 version, on the right side of the picture, there’s a section that seems out of place. There’s a noticeable set of lines and a resolution change.

  10. Ryan

    I am not seeing the corruption when I download the 1080p file. Perhaps reload the image?

  11. The Guru

    1920×1080 is loading the bottom half of the picture with inverted colour and inverted left-to-right.

  12. thursday

    I love that you actually went through and did multiple versions for different continents.

  13. Joe

    I love this one, and am currently using it on my triple monitor setup but it’s another one where the 5760×1080 triscreen version has the bottom cut off. Same with Valinor. Why is this?

  14. Dustin

    There’s a glitch on the right side of this size:

    Looks like a crop of some clouds got inserted in the upper right corner 🙁

  15. Lidia

    I love how bright my little Puerto Rico appears!

  16. Rob L

    I really like this one 🙂 I mean, at first I thought it was continents on FIRE and was like OH NO! But then I actually read the description, and all was well 🙂 I never have a problem re-subbing every year

    p.s. the link to original campfires links to lost password?

  17. Ross H.

    This one is simply sublime.

  18. Chris

    Love this one, especially as a dual citizen, I love having the Europe one. I used to live in Australia, and kind of wish there was one featuring down under a little bit more, but all three you’ve made are absolutely brilliant!

  19. Chris

    Love this one, especially as a dual citizen, I love having the Europe one. I used to live in Australia, and kind of wish there was one featuring down under a little bit more, but all three you’ve made are absolutely brilliant!

  20. Eric

    Been using your wallpapers for over a decade and this is top 3 for space scenes, The triple screens have a square cloud on the right screen though, thought you should know. 1/2/2013


  21. BenC

    Hi Ryan,

    Is there any chance of getting multiscreens for the pickle jar versions?

    I tried to splice it with the existing multiscreen but it didn’t go.


    PS: Will we be returning to the Highlands in 2013?!

  22. Rob C.

    Love the Europe and Asia versions!

    We all continue to enjoy your work, Ryan!

    All the best in the New Year!

  23. Rankin

    Excellent work sir. Your space themed collection of art has always captivated me and your newest delivery is true to your form. Keep up the good work.

  24. Mangoman

    Oh Em Gee. How could you have ever ended the year with anything better than this? This one is my all-thyme favorite, yes…. it’s much spicier than anything else you’ve come up with. Can you imagine travelling in space, and seeing a sight such as this? Who wouldn’t want to stop in, and have a cheeseburger and a Coke? I am so thankful to God for putting his hand of blessing on your life, and very thankful to you for seeing it, realizing it for what it is, and utilizing it to the best of your ability. I’m thankful also for finding your site and getting that lifetime subscription. Your work is always inspiring. God Bless, as you already know he has, and have a great New Year!

  25. Michael

    Happy New Year Ryan…

  26. Sylar

    Still seems to be probs with the dust cloud on the right a straight line down its side?

  27. Icaarus

    Where Is the iPad HD file?

  28. Hoverwolf1

    Love it. A cool update to a great original.

  29. david

    Love it! Awesome, awesome, awesome…now to take it and my other favs of The Gardener or overseer and drop this as the background image of those…hope thats not considered blasphemy! Keep up the great work Ryan! Happy New Year!

  30. Roboto

    More like Mystic Halo. In Google play. :)))

  31. Daron

    The Borealis are an awesome touch. Nice work!

  32. Ryan

    By Live Wallpaper do you mean like the animation I have on my movies page?

  33. Roboto

    If this could be made a live wallpaper for phones, it would be AWESOME.

  34. Ryan

    Thanks for the heads up! I have uploaded new triscreens which should fix the issue. My monitor runs a little dark though so hopefully I took care of the entire problem!

  35. Sean

    I love it!

    There is an issue with the triscreen version, though, as James said. There are a couple of spots where the image was not spliced together quite seamlessly, and it’s pretty obvious on the right, where there’s a seam running right through a dust cloud.

  36. Sylar

    Amazing, but I must second the above comment, I love your work but the edge of the cloud on the right on 5760*1080 seems very straight not sure if this was the intent Ryan? Almost seems like a rendering glitch far be it from me to question if this straight cloud was artistic licence?

  37. James

    Gorgeous wallpaper. I use the 5760×1080 variation, but one thing I found to be off is the image that is on the right monitor. In the middle of the image is a line that goes vertical.

    Hope you get what I mean.

  38. Russ

    I am not one that usually enjoys planetscape. However, this one is awesome! I agree that a UK version would be nice for our friends across the pond. Maybe the night is just starting it’s journey across the Atlantic and in the background the sun could be shining on a mostly hidden North America. Just a crzy thought!

  39. Randall

    Another great planetscape, Ryan! Thanks–just made it my wallpaper!

  40. Doug

    Sweet way to start off a new lifetime subscription. I can’t wait for the multi-monitor views

  41. suab

    Hi Ryan, great picture as always 🙂 However I have two questions:

    (1) what happened to 1600×1200 resolution?

    (2) what it be to much work to also create a “europe” version of this pic?


  42. Hunter

    Look at the detail on this! It’s amazing!

    Excellent job as always Ryan. I’d quite like to see a Europe version too (UK), but it’s not necessary 🙂

  43. Simon


    Love that you have put in some “Aurora Borealis”.

    Not to be nitpicking, but I don’t think that it is possible to have it on both sides of the planet simultaneously.

    Not that I mind, it is as I said; Gorgeous.

  44. bruceam

    Gorgeous!!! I would love to see a widescreen animated version of this one like you did the original “Campfires”.

  45. Rachael

    Love the new version, looking forward to the multiscreen versions! Keep up the amazing work!

  46. Ryan

    The multiscreen version should be up in the morning.

  47. Brandi U.

    What an amazing update to one of my all-time favorite wallpapers! Love the alternates!

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