A New Constellation (Sandy Hook Tribute)


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Like most of you, I was heartbroken by the tragedy in Newtown, CT
last Friday. I have been hugging my own first grader extra tight
ever since.

Here is my meager tribute to the 27 victims.

The render has 20 (young) blue stars and 7 (older) red/yellow
stars forming a new constellation in the heavens.

If you would like to download the wallpaper it will remain
available in the free gallery.

May the victims rest in peace and smile down on the loved ones
they left behind.

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31 reviews for A New Constellation (Sandy Hook Tribute)

  1. jamie

    I thought this was an interesting picture at first. Then I realized “Hey, I wonder if the blue stars represent the… (1, 2, 3, 4,) .. wow.”. Then I saw your notes that confirmed the meaning of the stars and .. Mind Blown.

    I don’t have a child myself but I have nieces, a nephew and a younger sistern and —

    All I can say is, Thank you, Ryan.

  2. Cory Ham

    this pictures meaning just hit me like a ton of bricks. Powerful doesn’t even begin to describe it. Keep it up Ryan, you are the best!

  3. Beausuff

    Stars alight, some dim

    Some bright, all had a perilous

    flight, may peace find thee

  4. LillyO

    You just made me cry at my workstation. Thank you for this. The tragedy of all those lives cut short has taken chunks out of my heart (thanks for giving a piece back). The fact that you offer it for free…just.plain.amaz-a-zing.

  5. LillyO

    You just made me cry at my workstation. Thank you for this. The tragedy of all those lives cut short has taken chunks out of my heart (thanks for giving a piece back). The fact that you offer it for free…just.plain.amaz-a-zing.

  6. Shay

    Yet another reason why I keep coming back here, Ryan you are one wonderful person. Thanks for making this.

  7. Maddie

    Thank you for remembering that there were 27 who died!

  8. Pam

    This is absolutely beautiful. A loving and wonderful tribute.

  9. Phyllis

    Simple yet inspiring. Filled with love and hope. What a wonderful gift to us all.

  10. JSchultz

    What do you mean meager, your work keeps getting better and better every time I see it.

  11. Ryan

    Thanks for the post John. It means a lot to me!

  12. John

    I live about 9 miles from Newtown and everyone here knows someone (or knows someone who knows someone) who is suffering directly from this. I’ve seen pain that is unimaginable. This is another wonderful trubute. It’s great.

  13. hammiesmom

    I love this… what a beautiful tribute to lives cut so needlessly short.

  14. Michael

    Great tribute, thanks for sharing.

  15. Ryan

    I’ve overwritten the version in my gallery with a new render this morning. I’ve added small nebulae around each star. The effect will hopefully make the constellation more visible at lower resolutions and from “far away”. The original version (for comparison) is available in the Pickle Jar.

  16. David

    A very moving and beautiful tribute to 27 beautiful souls. Well done, Ryan

  17. betsey

    thanks for making this a part of the Gallery on its own–it deserves it!!!

  18. Max

    Your tribute version is absolutely beautiful. It definitely deserves to be its own picture and not just an alternate pick.

  19. zoo maven

    Love your new wallpaper Ryan. I agree with everyone else that it should be on its own and not just in the picke jar. Thankyou for a beautiful tribute!

  20. Kana

    Agreed. It should be on its own, not in the pickle jar. This is a simple, yet gorgeous tribute.

  21. betsey

    “New Constellation” is pure perfection–I also shared this on FB!!!! with the link of course!!!!

  22. Chris B

    It should be it’s own ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Randall

    Beautiful, Ryan. Thanks for doing this.

  24. James

    Well done you, what a lovely tribute.

  25. Jen

    Ryan, this is SO beautiful!!! Would love a FB timeline cover for this one! I had to share this with all of my FB friends and it’s not meager at all! Very beautiful and very touching! A wonderful tribute! Thank you for what you do.

  26. Alethia

    What a beautiful tribute. Thank you…

  27. Alethia

    What a beautiful tribute. Thank you…

  28. Akimitsu

    Absolutely gorgeous, Ryan. Such a wonderful tribute to all those innocent lives.

  29. kyahgirl


  30. Ryan

    Quite a few people felt that “A New Constellation” should be included in my main gallery so I have made the move. It was, of course, based on “At World’s Edge” and shares many qualities with my recent Christmas version.I am happy that people feel it is a fitting tribute.

  31. Chris B

    It is the just past the World’s Edge part that really makes it hit home.

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