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Imagining what it might look like the moment a star ignites…

360 Panorama

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27 reviews for Beginnings

  1. Lance [basicmember]

    What’s great about this is the visible wavy look that you see coming from the center

  2. Luiz Marques [liferplus]

    Having seen this in triple and single screen, I have to say single screen looks a lot better (awesome). The larger details on the center of the triple screen don’t look as cool.

  3. Luiz Marques [liferplus]

    Having seen this in triple and single screen, I have to say single screen looks a lot better (awesome). The larger details on the center of the triple screen don’t look as cool.

  4. SethEden [liferplus]

    I do love this image and especially all space images! I’d like to see another black hole image!! Perhaps with a title “Schwarzschild Radius” and a look similar to the black hole in “Interstellar”. 😀

  5. David [basicmember]

    Please do a 1080×1920 for my 6splus, please?!

  6. Michael [lifer]

    No more lossless (PNG) files? I’m not seeing the download link even for renders that previously had one, such as The Grid (2016).

    I’m looking for 2560×1440.

  7. DarthSync [liferplus]

    I’ve always had a fondness for starscapes and planetscapes – just one of those things. This render ranks fight up there with the best of your works.

  8. celmendo [nonmonthly]

    space stuff is always awesome. Love the colors. thank you

  9. Ozaawaagosh [nonmonthly]

    This is really Cool, You can see the shock waves, as if you was there and took a snap shot of it. Great Work my friend.

  10. Simon [lifer]

    Very nice! Hopefully the 2048×2048 resolution will be available soon? Really want to treat my iPad Air to this lovely wallpaper 🙂

  11. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    There’s always a beginning to everything and space scene help expand our imaginations of what might be out there, if only we could get there!

  12. Master Dex [lifer]

    I love this, and I love all of your space renders. They are why I started following DB almost 10 years ago.

    I do have one quibble though, which is a general thing rather than just this image. For Dual Screens you often favor the right side as the location of the image’s subject (like how the protostar is on the right side/monitor for this one) but I personally use my dual monitor set up such that I more often see the background on my left screen. I don’t know if that is uncommon of me but I wonder if you have ever considered offering dual screen versions with the image flipped or simple rendered differently. I can flip any image myself but it also flips the watermark and such. Just a mild curiosity/recommendation.

  13. Josh [basicmember]

    Love the angle of the dual screen. I feel like I am there.

  14. Brandon [liferplus]

    Your space renders are what hooked me on your site and they get better and better every year! Thank you

  15. Brian [lifer]

    I love your spacescapes and alien worlds, but this might be the best one yet.

  16. Jenanne [liferplus]

    So THAT’S what’s been missing this year…. 😉

  17. Littlemom [liferplus]

    This is gorgeous. Great Job!!!

  18. Glynne [basicmember]

    Brilliant – to the point where one of my computers is going to lose Singularity in favour of this one.

  19. CosyB [lifer]

    I love it!! Your space renders are always amazing 🙂

  20. Decrepit [lifer]

    Have missed your space renders. Thanks for doing this.

    It’s been a while since you did the dark matter wallpaper. Dark screenshot, lots of asteroids. I wonder what your software could do with that type of scene in 2016.

  21. BobC [lifer]

    I like it! I agree that the triple-screen is preferred. I think it’s the camera angle….

  22. Rodewaryer [nonmonthly]

    Love it, a little more colorful than I would expect and quite the rendering of such an event.

  23. Caatraa [lifer]

    I love it! however i like even more the view you get on the right side of the duel screen. could you maybe render a single screen version like this? but maybe the sun on the right?

  24. Mark [sponsormember]

    Always been a fan of your abstracts and planetscapes. More of these is good! For me, they’ve always made better wallpapers, since they’re often darker, and I don’t lose icons as much as the brighter, more busy ones. I agree with Richard below, I really like the way that the triple screen version came out, particularly the outside blue ring, looks very cool. Thank you!

  25. Richard H. [liferplus]

    Love this one!

    By the way, the central third of the triple-screen version is also really good (it’s a substantially different view from the single-screen version), and would be well worth supplying as a pickle jar alternative.

  26. Beausuff [nonmonthly]

    Love the look and the intent…..Beautifully done…..

  27. Holly [basicmember]


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