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“The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean”

Using “Beginnings” for a primordial sky. Learned a lot of about Vue’s “displaced” ocean settings here 🙂

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14 reviews for Primordia

  1. Gene [lifer]

    Do they have high-speed internet there yet? 😉

  2. James Seymour [basicmember]

    Two Worlds

  3. Lance [basicmember]

    I like the space portion of this image, but the rest of the environment looks like it came from 1997.

  4. Ozaawaagosh [nonmonthly]

    This render makes you wonder, if this takes place, if you were to have a planet side seat, and watch this as the story of beginnings took place, this is bloody AWESOME

  5. docster [basicmember]

    Excellent, Ryan. “Beginnings” blended nicely into “Primordia.” Literally fantastic!

  6. Rosemary [lifer]

    Ryan has outdone himself – again! The textures and color blends of Primordial are rich and almost tactile in their lushness.

  7. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    The green of the ocean looks so outer worldly. The cloud layer and lighting are so dramatic!

  8. Amanda Tyson [nonmonthly]

    I love that there is some context to this, a story I can weave for myself. Not such a fan of pure ‘patterns’, though I know others love them. This really makes it for me!

  9. Drydoc [liferplus]

    Like the addition of the object on the left, otherwise the reflected wave shape made no sense. Very cool.

  10. Rodewaryer [nonmonthly]

    Laying out the beginnings is very interesting, and the ancient sea is great. I do however wonder how the rest of the galaxy would look if it were overwhelmingly close on the horizon. This ancient preface to a world’s story seems a little distant from the source. Don’t worry, those are nitpicking…great one as is!

  11. Karyn McSkimming [lifer]

    Love your work, Ryan. You must love creating such beauty.

  12. Holly [basicmember]

    stunning imagery

  13. Holly [basicmember]

    stunning imagery

  14. Robert [lifer]

    I like it, but with a sea this rough I would expect some splash near the rocks, as of waves crashing against it.

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