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As some of you know I’ve been learning a new 3D program recently called Cinema4D.   The program allows you a few different ways to render your creations and I’ve explored a couple of them so far.   I used the built in CPU renderer for “Lacuna” and “Trypophilia” and I used the “Redshift” GPU renderer for “Class M“.   For this abstract piece I used a popular 3D party GPU renderer called “Octane” and I was very pleased to find out that it rendered the scene about 10x faster than when I tried using the CPU.   

There’s definitely a lot of relearning I need to go through to use these GPU rendering engines but I think the results will be worth it.   I hope you enjoy this first experiment!!  

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20 reviews for Arcus

  1. aylaanne

    I love these abstracts and I wish there were more of them!

  2. Michael Truesdale

    Love this one, so cool!

  3. Dan Wodtke

    Love abstracts like this

  4. Clint Priest

    I love this, very nice!

  5. Jeffrey Thayer

    Love the Colours, they just jump out right at you, Awesome Render.

  6. Jacques Swain

  7. Deci

  8. Daniel Wiedemeier

  9. webworx

    What a fun piece! Love the depth…

  10. Steven Ellison

    Love the color juxtaposition, and the helix at the center. Great effort!

  11. Scott Francis

  12. Doug Bowman

  13. Chris Stacko

    REALLY cool

  14. Richard Birnage

    Certainly different! One of your best abstracts, though I like your planetscapes best

  15. Cathy Warren

    Pretty colors, I just prefer your landscapes or planetscapes better.

  16. Suzanne Wyble


  17. Eric Liscinsky

    WOW, That color POP, just WOW!!! <3 it!

  18. Timothy Sullivan

    Lovely jewel tones.

  19. Jason Bailey


  20. Brent Ricks

    End of line.

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