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I’ve always been fascinated with nebulae and star-forming regions of space and over the years I’ve tried many different methods to recreate them in 3D (going back to “Cradle” in 1999).   Lately I’ve been working with Cinema4D and have been learning to use its wonderful “Pyro” fluid simulator along with the Octane GPU renderer.    It seemed like creating a nebula would be a good first project and here’s what I managed to come up with.   I hope you enjoy it!

As usual, be on the lookout for a “from the ground” render using these clouds as a sky object 🙂

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14 reviews for Cauldron

  1. Aaron Guthrey

    The pin-hole stars and dark details of these types of pieces is the reason a bought a OLED monitor. The popping detail in the dark regions are amazing and really bring the whole piece to light! Special love for these types of work that give an air of the untouchable beyond.

  2. Molly Wakeling

    WOW! These are some of the best cloud-type formations I’ve ever seen from you. Amazing!!

  3. Scott Newton

    Does anyone else see Zeus, along with a familiar spirit of sorts, lunging at a 3-headed Dragon? And that they are actually both connected to the arms of a larger, grimacing entity with it’s head tilted?

  4. Doug Bowman

  5. Benjamin Morris
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Edit to review below:
    Upon inspecting the Lossless Master it seems my suspicions were correct. There are few if any compression artifacts in the PNG. Looks awesome!

  6. Benjamin Morris
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Love the look of the nebula, however it seems there are quite a bit of what look like compression artifacts where the stars peek through or overlap the nebula. Quite distracting to me. Wonder if it is a rendering artifact or if it happens in compression. Perhaps try alternate file formats (png vs jpg) or a higher quality setting for just this wallpaper? Sorry, not trying to be too critical. I love the wallpaper otherwise.

  7. Patrick Perna

  8. James Shillington

    This reminds me of many of the images on NASA’s website. I will gladly use this fantastic wallpaper on my laptop.

  9. Digital Bliss

    Superb job! I too enjoy deep space images of nebulae from the Hubble and James Webb telescopes. Looking at your rendition is just as enjoyable.

  10. Jeffrey Thayer

    Awesome!!! Looks as if your moving through it, Love it, PlanetScapes and Abstracts Have always been me favorite, thank you.

  11. Robbie Langley

    Wow! Looks almost 3d to me (at least on my monitors)! Got me a bit dizzy!

  12. Holly McGrath

  13. Daniel Wiedemeier


  14. Timothy Sullivan
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

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