Pacific (Dawn)

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After creating “Pacific” I knew I wanted to attempt a night version for those folks who prefer darker wallpapers.   The challenge (as always) was to add some light to the scene.   I tried quite a few different approaches and the whole thing took quite a bit longer than I intended, but I like how this final version turned out.   I hope you enjoy it!

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17 reviews for Pacific (Dawn)

  1. Tyler

    There’s something off wuth this dude’s colorways

  2. Patrick Reiner

    One of my favorites!! So good!!

  3. webworx
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Definitely my favorite in this series and among my favorites overall! Great work!

  4. John Nehring
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Beautiful work, would love to see a moonlit version of this

  5. Cathi Britz

    And I love the swirly clouds!!

  6. Cathi Britz

    Love the scene and the beautiful colors!

  7. Galen Davis
    [Lifetime Plus]

    My favorite in a while! Looks beautiful even on a narrow little phone screen!

  8. Tatiana Taylor
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

  9. Vivian Mosley

    ~~ I love this & is now my new wallpaper! ~~

  10. David Darrough

    This is why I am a subscriber. Just beautiful!

  11. Peter Miller

    Wonderful! Love this night version – one of my favorites now!

  12. Jon Stewart

    Lovely work Ryan.

  13. Stephen Rees

    Ryan, I think this is one of your best ones in a long time! Great job!

  14. Cathy Warren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Very pretty and serene! It gives off a total peaceful and calming vibe. Absolutely love it!!!

  15. Mark Burgess

    Amazing! Thank you for the beautiful night version

  16. Lars-Ove Karlsson
    [Lifetime Plus]


  17. Derak Kilgo

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