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February is a pretty brutal time of year where I live so I like to escape to someplace warm and tropical with my artwork.    Here I wanted to explore Gaea’s “Island” node and see if I could create an inviting, realistic looking beach scene.    I left out the planets in the sky this time but maybe in the night version 🙂

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11 reviews for Pacific

  1. Tatiana Taylor

  2. Randy Bisig

    Thinking this must be high tide. Not much of a beach. Definitely better there than where I am right now.

  3. Tim Thompson

    Absolutely beautiful! I can picture someone (me) sitting there with a drink in their (my) hands and not a care in the world.

  4. Richard Birnage

    Beautiful. Reminds me of time I spent on Bougainville Island over 30 years ago

  5. Nathan Zachary

    Very nice, though I personally miss having any semblance of winter. I really like the framing of the single-screen and dual-screen, and it makes me wonder what the triple-screen would look like if it was framed the same on our right but extended even farther out into the water to our left.

  6. Steve Boghossian

  7. Kevin McClain

    Absolutely stunning! Totally needed something like this for perking me up in the midst of the Illinois winter! Great work as always!

  8. Steven Ruo

    This is my favorite image you have produced in years. Thank you Ryan. Absolutely beautiful.

  9. Cathy Warren


  10. Sally Watts

    Very welcome change in view today.

  11. Joe Morris


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