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Continuing my education with Cinema4D here.   I’ve really neglected my abstracts gallery for the past couple of years and I hope to make up for that this year.   Learning to create in C4D will pay dividends in my landscapes too though 🙂

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6 reviews for Lacuna

  1. Brandon Bakker

    Serious Pretty Hate Machine vibes from this one! It’s a really good balance between gritty 90’s-style abstract and a cleaner modern render. I hope to see more abstract work in the future, since this is one of the greats IMO.

  2. Mark Taylor
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Love seeing your imagination through these abstracts!

  3. Jeffrey Thayer

    This is so awesome! Love it great render. Both are beautiful

  4. Jeffrey Thayer

    This is so awesome! Love it great render.

  5. Joseph Bernard
    [Lifetime Plus]



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