Mist Upon The Meadow

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Most of my winter renders are full of snow but here I wanted to create a different sort of scene.   Mainly I was interested in using dormant vegetation and lots of earth tones to evoke the season rather than piles of the white stuff.    January in my neck of the woods means that grey and brown are currently the dominant colors and I wanted to try to make something beautiful using that palette.    

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25 reviews for Mist Upon The Meadow

  1. Lester DSouza

    This one is right up there with my favourites!!

  2. Molly Wakeling

    Hard to make a dead and brown winter scene look beautiful, and yet you’ve managed it! 😀 Love it.

  3. Paul Marston
    [Plus, Donor, Lifetime]

    Yeah love it. The detail is awesome (the deer !) and it’s so realistic. An instant fav !.

  4. Forrest Fuster

  5. JD Brannock
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Every once in a while I can’t help but just stare at one of your works for a few minutes and feel the emotions they provoke – this is absolutely one of those images. Simply stunning.

  6. Daniel Wiedemeier

  7. Anne Victory

    Love this! And this is definitely what winter in warmer areas like the Southern US looks like, minus the mountains. Gorgeous–thank you!

  8. Daniel Guariento

  9. Nathan Zachary
    [Plus, Lifetime]

    This is gorgeous, and has quickly become a favourite! Also, after a couple days of having it as my background, I noticed the dear in the distance. A nice Easter egg. 🙂

  10. Mark Taylor
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Love this one! Great idea with toning down the amount of snow, it still looks chilly!

    @Michael T there are multi-screen images, but they are kind of hidden. There are sub-tabs in red text under the main “downloads” tab. I personally wish those buttons were more prominent, or simply just place all four columns worth of content on the screen.

  11. Michael Taylor

    How does one get to the multi-screen renders now-a-days? Used to be able to click on them, but now no dice…

  12. Kenneth Klotzback

    That’s a meditation right there!

  13. Richard Armstrong
    [Plus, Lifetime]

    Yup, that’s January in this neck of the woods. 🙂

  14. Jeffrey Thayer

    Simply beautiful, so realistic, the detail is awesome, perfectly matches nature, Thank you Ryan

  15. Sherry Hikita

    This is stunning – thank you! I can see myself walking my dogs here! Any chance there will be a spring or summer version?

  16. Eric Stell

  17. Rick lindsay

    Hi Ryan, I have to say that “Mist Upon the Meadow” is one of your most realistic rendering that you have created. I love the balance and perspectives. Outstanding job.
    Rick Lindsay

  18. brainerd.barrios

    One of your best works, Ryan. It allows you to escape into the scene. One can almost smell the mist in the air and feel the cool and stillness and silence that you have portrayed here.

  19. Tim Edwards

    This is fantastic. Evocative and beautiful. An instant favourite.
    Thanks, Ryan.

  20. Tim Edwards

  21. Tim Porter

    It’s too real Ryan, are you sure it’s not a photograph? It is quite vwonderful and will go straight onto the PC. Thank you.

  22. Brent Ricks

    This really is one of the best I have seen in awhile and eerily realistic. I LOVE it. Totally get lost in it. Very peaceful. Thanks!

  23. Tatiana Taylor

  24. Josh Washburn

    Gorgeous scene. I love the detail of the grass, the mist, and the mountains in the background. This will be one that I return to frequently.

  25. John jlavin

    Really nice render! One thing that I would say doesn’t feel right is the deciduous trees have a little too much leaves on them for a winter render

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